renting a movie...

While looking for a movie to rent you suddenly feel hands on your ass and another pair on your tits, and hear a whisper of "Hello you fucking slut"...
Your smile grows wide as you feel a 3rd pair of hands undoing your pants and reaching inside your panties groping your shaved wet cunt. Then the whispers are this slut is shaved and soaking wet, her nipples are rock hard too, check out this naked whisper back "I'm a horny cockslut who loves to be gangbanged and I think you guys need me too"!
With that you turn to walk out the door past the clerk and other patrons who are staring at your pants that are wide open and the spreading wet spot from your juiced up cunt, not to mention the top that now is up over your tits or the 3 large men with boners following you like a bitch in heat!!!
Your laughing as you tease them on the 2 blocks back to your place, stopping to bend over and wiggle your naked ass on the sidewalk and turning around pinching your nipples while you tell them how much you want to suck their cocks and balls.
Your finally at your front door and trying to get the key in the lock when they slip and hit the floor, you bend over to get them and you feel a hot throbbing cock sliding into your cunt! Your teasing has gone all the way to pleasing now and your so ready for cock!
As your impaled on this thick cock your neighbor opens her door and see's you there with 3 men one of who has his cock plunging madly into your wide open cunt and the other 2 are openly stroking theirs. She gasps in surprise and then joins you in the hall, she takes your keys and opens your front door allowing you all to pass inside, one of the men gives her a hug as he passes and she gropes his throbbing 10" cock and follows him in.
After the door is closed and locked she sees you now bent over the couch still being fucked from behind by a monster black cock and you have another cock in your mouth. All she sees is you enjoying so much cock and she wants to share some, the 3rd guy lays back on the couch a starts to stroke his cock while smiling at her and asks if she has ever had a 12" black cock before. She nods No, and begins to strip her panties off, the next thing you know is that your prim and proper neighbor is on her knees moaning around a thick monster black cock that she is trying to stuff down her throat while she is busy with 3 fingers in her soaking wet cunt.
Your so enjoying your 2 cocks stuffing your throat and cunt, and getting to glance at your neighbor. She has always been so aloof and cold towards you and now you see her as a wanton horny cock slut without regard for what others might think. She has her fingers working her hot wet gash like tomorrow wont come and she's trying desperately to suck all that monster down her throat, head bobbing faster as the hand on the back of her head f***es her deeper till she gags on the throbbing manmeat buried in her fucking face.
You hear a moan and look over in time to see her begin to squirt around her fingers as the mad stands above her jacking his cock furiously. You see him cruelly twist her head and her mouth opens wider so that as he begins to shoot his cum on her face her tongue is trying to catch all the hot flying spunk. She get's some across her nose and between her eyes, another big glob lands on her forehead and still more on her chin and now he's rubbing it in with his cock and she is greedily slurping up all he shoves into her mouth.
She is begging for one of your monster cocks to be shoved into her pussy now and the one in your mouth pulls free. You watch as your neighbor mounts his throbbing cock and shoved her hips down to the bottom of the 10" monster you just had in your mouth.
You are watching this new neighbor in facinated anticipation, you know that while she is riding that monster your going to lick her clit while your being fucked and your waiting for your chance to swoop down on her and make her your fucking whore this afternoon!!!
You reach out and grab a titty, and begin to pinch her nipple, she moans and begs for more. Your only to happy to oblige her, so you move forward a bit and grab both her nipples and pinch them harder and twist them. More moans and begging, so you tell the man to turn on the couch and turn her around so she is facing you, they both move as told and now she is impaled on a throbbing monster right in front of you with her legs spread wide.
Your seeing her clit bobbing as the cock plunges her depths and you reach for it with your tongue. As you make contact she begins to have a massive orgasm and begs you not to stop, so you lick her harder and faster while twisting her nipples.
She's now getting rammed by a frenzied horndog cock, his balls slapping your chin as you lick her, the cock pounding your cunt has his balls slapping your clit in furious fashion as your feeling another orgasm just seconds away.
The pounding cocks and slapping balls are driving both of you women crazy with your orgasms and you both explode with massive orgasms, squirting and shaking, moaning and cumming on and on as the rampaging cocks continue to assault your wet willing cunts, those big cum filled balls slapping out a terrific tempo as the men are about to cum.
Nobody stops, no one is willing to have this great fuckfest end yet!!!
Finally after what seems like hours you feel the cock harden and thicken and his breathing changes as you know he is going to explode, you scream "cum on my fucking face, treat me like the dirty whore I love to be".
He yanks his cock out of your gash and grabs your ponytail twisting you around to his cock, and you feel his hot sweet spunk spatter your cum hungry tongue and continue across your face, more blasts of cream follow, coating your face in hot sticky sweet cum for you to enjoy.
You suddenly feel a tongue on your face and you see and feel your neighbor licking you clean, she surprises you by the deep tongue kisses with you where she swaps the hot cum from your face to your tongue and you both enjoy it.
After wards you chat and she tells you she wants to do it some more and you invite her to stay all afternoon with your chocolate lovers......
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3 years ago
Well what are neighbors for thanks what a great orgy
3 years ago
very good more details