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My wife is made to keep a wealth female customer h

After a long week at work Sara and I were just getting ready to go out for dinner when the phone rang, it was Nicola a wealthy client I had been closely working with for just over a month. She had been so demanding at every little stage of the process and I had been spending a lot of time with her while designing new interiors for her chain of restaurants. Now she was contacting me at home and it would be some insignificant thing that could wait, but she was paying a huge sum of money so I had to bend some rules.

That had meant some late nights at the office in many long meetings with Nicola we had been working closely for about six months. So of course we had got to know much more about each other and had often settled disputes over several bottles of wine. This had led to heated debates about society, ethics and of course sex; which in turn had led Nicola and I share some of our experiences and fantasies.

Nicola was about ten years older than me putting her in her late forties, she was a very fine looking curvy woman, with a lovely firm ass and ample breasts, which she had caught me looking at on more than a few occasions. Nicola's gorgeous voluptuous body was always d****d in fine fabrics contouring her hourglass figure and she never failed to wear stylish high heel shoes. Nicola loved to dress in the fifties film star look, teasing people with her stocking tops.

Luckily for me she had clearly taken my lustful stares as compliments and I had noticed she had started to dress even more provocatively each time we met. Showing more cleavage and criminally revealing skirts, taking care to expose her body at every opportunity. There was the day she insisted on climbing the step ladder in her skirt the view of her firm stocking clad legs made me shake as she looked down at me smiling knowing I could see up her shapely legs to her firm thighs.

On the phone Nicola explained there were some changes she wanted to make to my drawings which I had sent over to her today. Nicola was her usual demanding self and said it couldn’t wait till Monday and demanded I come over to fix the problem. Reminding me she was paying for a premium price and that she deserves a premium service.

Sara had heard me say that I would be there in twenty minutes "Oh Lee your joking I thought we we're going out?" moaned Sara as she adjusted her thin tight strapless dress, her pert firm breasts having no trouble holding up the light weight material, Sara's nipples were hard and pushing though the dress, her long black hair cascaded over her shoulders and petite frame.

"Look it will only take a few minutes then we'll carry on to dinner, if your with me it will make her hurry up." I explained and we took a taxi over to Nicola's. Sara clearly wasn't happy but she knew Nicola was a rich important client for me, so I knew Sara would act warmly towards her.

Nicola looked fantastic when she answered the door she had a tight black dress on which showed off her beautiful breasts perfectly. I could see Nicola's smile fade a little when she saw Sara next to me but she greeted us warmly inviting us into her expansive house.

"Hi Nicola this is Sara my wife, we were just leaving for dinner when you rang, so I though I'd introduce her and take a look at the drawings at the same time and then we will go on to dinner". I spoke softly and smiled warmly hoping Nicola would take the hint, that I wanted to be quick.

"Lee you never said you had such s beautiful wife, would you both like a drink?" Nicola offered as she waved us down the hall giving me a frown as she passed by her thin opaque dress clung to her curvy figure I could see suspender straps and the many hooked back of a corset pulling Nicola's waist seductively tight. I was sure she had been planning on something more than just altering the drawings, my mind raced with how I could turn this to my advantage.

Nicola poured large glasses of wine for the three of us and invited Sara to look around the house, while Nicola and I sorted the problem on the drawings. Sara smiled and thanked her before filling her glass up and walking around the ground floor and gardens of the Nicola's large house. Detouring back through the lounge to fill her glass a couple of time as Nicola and I discussed and debated her changes to the design, which had taken a lot longer than the planned 20 minutes. As I put the drawings away Nicola poured some more wine.

"You have a lovely house Nicola" Sara said as she wandered back into the room walking back through the conservatory. By the look of Sara she had drank a little more wine than I had, as she dainty but unstably climbed the few steps leading up to our level. Sara looked amazing in her high strappy shoes, her thin dress clinging to her body the shape of hips clearly visible as were her still erect nipples.

Nicola showed us into her bedroom which had a huge four poster bed in it "What a fantastic bed I bet you can have some fun on that" Sara exclaimed with a suggestive tone in her voice.

“Get on its really comfy" Nicola said to Sara, Sara climbed into the middle of the bed and flung her arms out.

"Oh my god it's got a mirror above you, hmm very kinky" Sara laughed.

"Well a girls got to have some fun." Nicola replied as she opened a draw in her bedside table and took out some ropes, she threw a couple to me.

"Come on Lee lets show Sara how she should use this bed" I didn't need to be asked twice and grabbed a rope and Sara's hand and slipped the loop that was in the rope over her wrist and pulled it tight, Nicola was doing the same thing.

It took Sara a moment to realise what was happening by this time we had the ropes round the posts of the bed and secured them tightly. Sara was struggling

"Come on let me out please a jokes a joke". Sara asked.

"Sara come on lets just tie your legs up so you get the full effect" I said as Nicola looked at me for permission and we grabbed Sara's ankles putting loops of rope over them and tying them to the bottom posts. Leaving Sara powerless with her legs spread apart, she struggled to get loose but we had tied the ropes to tight.

"Wow that looks so good Sara, we could do anything I wanted to you now" I said.

"Ooh yes she does look sexy like that" Nicola said licking her lips.

"Well why don't you do something to her then Nicola" I said. Sara began to struggle again

"No Lee just untie me, please don't" Sara pleaded. Nicola looked over at me

"Go on Nicola do what ever you want to her, she knows she has to obey me" I said as Sara continued to struggled in the ropes. Nicola reached over and felt Sara's breast sliding her hand into Sara's dress and squeezed her nipple Sara shuddered.

I pulled Sara's dress up to her waist and I got a surprise to see she didn't have any underwear on her neatly trimmed pussy looked wonderful her lips glistened with juices. Nicola looked down and smiled.

"Hmm what a dirty bitch! It looks like she was planning to give you a good time tonight" and she reached down to stroke Sara's pussy.

"Right you've had your fun let me go please" Sara asked as she wriggled, I slapped her thigh hard Sara yelped as my hand made contact with her skin

"You know I'm in control so stop moaning and lie there, go on Nicola carry on, Sara will do as she's told" I ordered, Nicola had jumped at the sound of the slap. Nicola smiled and f***ed two fingers inside Sara's pussy, Sara gasped.

I moved round to where Nicola was standing and unzipped her dress revealing a corset, suspenders and stockings; she looked like a sexy slutty burlesque star. Nicola pulled her fingers from Sara and licked the juices off them before wriggling out of her dress and took her bra off her large breasts looked so sexy when they swung down as they were released.

"Hmm they look nice" Sara gasped at the sight, as Nicola's breasts were a lot bigger than her own,

Nicola turned back to Sara and squeezed her heavy breasts together, she reached over and grabbed Sara's dress and ripped it open from the hem all the way up to the top leaving Sara's naked body exposed.

"My dress" Sara screamed.

Nicola rammed her fingers back into Sara's juicy pussy and knelt on the bed so she could lick her. I pulled Nicola's black lacy panties down taking them right off before gently stroking her wet and juicy pussy, Nicola opened her legs and my fingers slipped easily inside her. In her open drawer I could see a large thick dildo; I lent over and got it out, Nicola looked round.

"Give it to me" she asked I gave it to her and she pushed it firmly into Sara's pussy, Sara moaned with pleasure as Nicola began to rhythmically pump it in and out of Sara.

Kneeling behind Nicola and parted her ass so I could lick her juices as they dripped out of her pussy lips, she moaned some encouragement to me as we shifted position so Nicola and Sara could kiss, Nicola's large breast rubbed against Sara's hard nipples. Nicola's shapely body writhing on top of Sara looked so erotic I thought my cock was going to explode. I moved in between Nicola's legs and slowly sunk my hard swollen cock into her hot pussy.

"Oh yes fuck me hard, while I fuck your slut wife with this dildo" Nicola said as began to ram the dildo deep inside of Sara's cunt, Sara groaned I could tell Nicola was causing Sara a little bit of pain with how rough she was being.

Sara was struggling in her ropes again as she tried to ease the pain although judging by the noise she was making I knew she was enjoying it. They were passionately kissing through the groans and moans they were both making I looked at Nicola's hand ramming the dildo hard into Sara.

I continued to fuck Nicola's pleasing tight cunt rhythmically increasing the speed and the f***e the more turned on I got; Nicola's pussy was filling with juices which I could feel dribbling out between my thighs and her ass. My cock getting stiffer and hard as the pressure in my balls built. Nicola shuddered as I shot my hot cum deep inside her, I could feel her cunt pulsate against my cock as she orgasmed.

As I pulled my cock from Nicola I could see our mixed juices as they oozed from her lips, I watched as Nicola moved her head down to Sara's clit and started to lick and nibble it until Sara began to shout "Oh my god oh my god" as an orgasm pulsated through her.

As we untied Sara and she sat up rubbing her wrists smiling and removed her tattered dress, Nicola looked at Sara and said "Right you're going to lick Lee's cum from my pussy" Sara shifted in the bed and Nicola led on her back her large breasts spreading across her chest, Sara lifted one bringing Nicola's nipple to her mouth.

I knelt on the opposite side to Sara and stroked Nicola's free breast with one hand while using my fingers on the other to rub her juices over her clit and pussy.

"Lee there's some more toys and lube in that draw" Nicola said.

I got another thick dildo out and passed it to Sara as she climbed on top of Nicola in a 69 position her mouth immediately dropping onto Nicola's juicy cunt.

"Hmm I can taste Lee's cum all over you, hmm its so nice" Sara gasped from between Nicola's legs.

Nicola had grabbed Sara's hips and pulled her down onto her own greedy tongue. I carefully pushed the other dildo inside Sara as Nicola's lapped at Sara's lips, as her juices flowed out. Nicola's hand took over on the dildo and I opened the lube smearing it over my now erect cock, I also rubbed some into Sara's anus slowly pushing my index finger into her tight ass hole.

Sara asked for the lube and she began to slide her fingers f***efully into Nicola's ass both women were moaning loudly. I knelt nearer to Sara and held her still by pushing her hips further down onto Nicola's face before placing my cock at the entrance to her ass, pushing harder I felt her anus open up as I slid inside.

Sara gasped as my hard cock pulsated in her. I could feel the dildo that Nicola was using to fuck Sara, rubbing through Sara's pussy wall onto the bottom of my cock I thought I was going to cum but managed to hold it. I heard Nicola groan suddenly and her fingers dug in to Sara's thigh as Sara rammed a dildo hard into Nicola's ass, from the way Sara's arm was moving it looked like Nicola's ass was getting the same rough treatment she had given to Sara.

I fucked Sara's ass with long slow deep strokes both women continuing to moan together both sounding on the edge of an orgasm. Sara was the first to cum as she pushed her cunt and ass deeper onto my cock and Nicola's dildo. Then Nicola began to scream as Sara furiously fucked Nicola's ass and fingered her pussy, I pulled my cock out of Sara's ass and Nicola grabbed it and began to bite and suck it bringing me back to the verge of cumming.

I moved away from both women and led on my back and put a pillow under my ass to raise my cock up.

"Right Nicola I want you put my cock inside your ass and Sara I want you rubbing your hot cunt in my face". Nicola leant across me her heavy breasts felt hot against my skin, slowly she lowered herself onto my cock. Nicola's ass hole well lubricated and stretched by Sara, but it still took a little wiggle of her hips to let me slide inside. As Nicola sat up I could feel my cock being gripped as her anus tightened around it. Sara stood over me with her back to Nicola, she stood there stroking her pussy and spreading her lips with her fingers,

Nicola picked up a dildo and pushed inside Sara's pussy, Sara's backed arched as the dildo slipped in she rubbed her clit hard, Nicola picked up the second toy and firmly rammed it into Sara's ass, Sara gasped with pleasure, with this fantastic view I grabbed Nicola's thighs I rocked her ass hole up and down my cock. Sara said she was about to cum and Nicola took the toys from her and Sara lowered her dripping pulsating cunt onto my mouth her juices tasted fantastic as they flowed from her pussy.

Nicola's was fingering her own pussy at the same time and her anus began to squeeze my cock almost painfully as she had another orgasm, I couldn't hold on any longer and shot my cum inside her ass. We all collapsed on the bed, Sara and I stroking Nicola's breasts and pussy, while we all gathered our breath, Sara smiling at me I knew she had enjoyed herself and I had satisfied my customer.

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