the gym

i'm a white male. about 35 at the time,and i was at the gym. it was after work and after my workout so it was around 9;30 when i was done. i went to the locker room to change,and heard someone on their cell phone. i didn't really think anything of it,and went to my locker to change. after i changed i sat down on the bench to put my sneakers back on,and i realized the guy on the phone was actually right across from me,still on the phone. when i looked at him,he was pacing back and forth talking into his phone,and he was buck naked. he was a 6 foot tall,175lb dark skinned black man. he had a body like an Adonis. what was more impressive was the how far down his tremendous unhard cock hung. ever time he paced back and forth i would see it swing in the air,and i tried to time every glance. with every bounce and swing i felt my cock get harder,and harder. i thought to myself my god,whoever gets on that cock has got to be the luckiest person on the face of the earth. after glancing at him for like 5 minutes,i just found myself totally drawn to his cock and no matter how hard i tried,i just couldn't take my eyes off it,and that's when he noticed me staring at him.

as i sat there just gazing at his massive meat,unable to look away,and barely even able to blink,i noticed him now pacing his way over to where i was sitting on the bench,still talking on the phone. i couldn't make out anything he was saying,i could only see his amazing COCK. finally he paced his way all the way up to me,and his cock was less than 6 inches from my face,he says into his phone "i gotta go,call you later" and hangs up. i still had my eyes on his manhood,unable and not wanting to look away,and after he hung up he says very loudly,"can i help you with something?" i was speechless,had no words,but still couldn't take my eyes off his massive dick. he said it again "can i help you with something?" i finally managed to look up at him,but still couldn't muster any words. i was just stuttering. he then said " i know what it is,you want this big black cock don't you?" i was totally dumbfounded,but also felt a rise in my pants. he told me to prove to him that i really wanted to give him a blowjob by licking,kissing,and sucking the head of his cock right there. i was very nervous about this cause my wife also used this gym and had some friends here,and i didn't really want her to find out,but when would i get another chance at a cock like this. the place didn't seem to crowded,so i figured what the hell. i grabbed his cock by its base,licked his balls a few times,and plunged it down my throat. his cock immediately grew to the most massive cock anyone could imagine. he was convinced that i wanted to suck his cock,and said ok,you could stop now,and we'll go out to you car so you could finish. but i didn't stop. i kinda knew he'd be ok with it being he made me do this out in the open already. i went crazy on his cock,sucking it like there was no tomorrow. my cock meanwhile was on fire and would explode with just a single touch. i kept on his cock bobbing my head up and down,stroking his shaft and playing with his balls. i felt his beautifully shave,and veiny cock start to throb,and tremble in my mouth and i knew his seed was coming. he even warned me that it was coming,but that didn't make me unmount my mouth from his cock and he just exploded in my mouth. i felt him squeeze of like three times completely filling my mouth with his manjuice,and i just swallowed it down like a good cock sucker.
92% (12/1)
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4 months ago
please elaborate
5 months ago
Yes SEXY BABE,a in a adult book saw several and my self sweetie,in 1983 a SEXY BBC GOD took my sissy boi cherry,that was the first ,sweetie
5 months ago
you ever watch a white guy suck a bbc...
5 months ago
HELL YEA AWEOSME SEXY,sweetie,love it baby sweetie,worship the SEXY BBC GODS,sweetie
11 months ago
there's more also. i only sucked this guy off a few times,but there's more. a lot more.
11 months ago
My dream come true