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Road Trip Day 4

Thursday morning found Holly sore all over. Her ass hurt, her pussy and her insides were all sore from the fucking she took at the hands of Todd's monster cock. She could take in a big dick, but he was in a whole different league.

She went into the Virginia furniture store and struggled through the day best she could. Denise, Todd's young wife and fellow sales associate, called out sick both Thursday and Friday. Holly's day was pretty normal and it wasn't until her and Marshall got back to the hotel that her site got its daily update.

By the night time she felt a lot better and Marshall took her out to a local pool hall they saw when they came into town. She wore a short black dress with a deep U cut neck that clung to her pregnant body tightly. She didn't wear any panties, or a bra, and the dress was semi-sheer and in the right light you could see right through to her dark nipples and dark pubic hair down beneath her pregnant belly.

The pool hall was pretty crowded for a Thursday. It had a bar in it over by the bathrooms, all but 2 of the dozen of so pool tables were being used and the bar was surrounded. Holly and Marshall went in and Holly went over to one of the empty pool tables and sat down on a stool next to it. It was hard for her not to flash anyone with that dress on, and she thought a few men across from her caught sight of her cunt as she took her seat. Marshall went to the bar and ordered a beer for himself and a soda for Holly.

They had been posing as husband and wife a lot during this trip and tonight was no different. Holly sported her wedding ring proudly through all her adventures. When Marshall returned he started a game of 9 ball with himself, Holly didn't shoot because of her belly, but sat and surveyed the place. Marshall had brought in his laptop in a backpack that Holly took to the table for him. She got it out and set up the camera all by herself and the sight of the computer turned several heads at first, being a bit out of place for the pool hall.

Holly saw a group of young college students not far off, 5 guys and 2 girls. At the next table was a group of 4 big black men that were shooting team matches against each other. At another table was an older man with a late 30 something wife that was very attractive, they had 2 other men with them - none of which were attractive to Holly. The wife over there looked bored and the men around her weren't good at all at pool and spent most of the time telling jokes and laughing. The one mans wife wasn't laughing, just occasionally smiling artificially and surveying the place much the same as Holly was.

About a half hour went by and Holly and the 30 something wife across the way had locked eyes more then once. She was about 5'7", 120lbs, dark haired and had great tits. A large and full D cup to be sure, shapely legs that she revealed generously in her dark blue mini skirt. She had on a white low cut top. Her bra pressed those big tities up and out the top and her cleavage could hold a beer bottle in place if it was required to.

The black men not far away had spotted both Holly and the other woman and Marshall noticed they checked out both of them quite often as they made comments to each other. Marshall and Holly both had ideas going through their heads, as did I'm sure the black men and the dark haired wife not far away. Another hour passed before anyone did anything, and it was Holly that made the first move.

As the other wife's glances increases they eventually exchanged a knowing smile to each other. It was then that Holly slowly spread her legs in the woman's direction, giving her a nice long flash of her pussy. The other wife stared at Holly's cunt and wasn't a bit shy about it, but more then just her had seen the flashing. A few of the college boys saw it, and all of the black men did. It didn't take long before there was a 6'5" athletic built black man approaching Marshall.

Holly caught the next exchange on video brilliantly. The man asked Marshall if he's be interested in playing some pool. Marshall agreed and the table of black men merged with Holly and Marshall's table. Holly still made eye contact often with the other wife in the room and flashed her pussy once more in her direction before introductions at the table were made. Before the first game started Marshall left out to get some drinks for everyone, leaving Holly alone with the other men. They took advantage of the opportunity and all struck up conversations with her. It was a lot of "when's the baby due" and "how long have your two been married" types of questions. Holly played along as Marshall's wife perfectly.

One of the black men asked about the laptop and why she had it in the pool hall. To this question she decided to just be honest. The evening was getting later now and she wanted to see what would come of all this sooner then later. She told the men about her website and what she did for extra money, and how she was filming here hoping for something worthwhile to happen. "So is that why you flashed your pussy at everybody then?" asked one of the men. "Exactly" answered Holly. Soon after Marshall returned from the bar bearing drinks.

"Well, we might be able to make some thing special happen for you tonight then Holly" said one of the men. "So what's up first then guys? You want to play a game for money"" asked Marshall as he returned. Holly noticed the other wife had taken a major interest in what was happening with the black men and was watching everything intently. Holly also realized she forgot to close her legs several times while she answered the mens questions and explained the laptops presence. She had been flashing her cunt around the room constantly.

"We can play for money man, hows $100 dollars sound?" answered one of the black men to Marshall. "$100 it is then, I'll rack 'em" said Marshall. And so he did, and Marshall took on one of the men head to head while the other lingered over by Holly. One of the men couldn't tare his eyes from Holly's tits, and she noticed the man was rock hard and very large from the looks of it. He wore soft baggy pants so there was no hiding his erection once it set it, nor did he care to try. The other wife across the way noticed it too and was now totally ignoring her company, her husband and his 2 friends.

Now, Holly knew by then that before the night was over she was going to have at least one black cock in her. She had never had a black man before and the thought of it made her pussy juicy. Her lip glistened with her wetness in the pool hall's intense lighting whenever she would part her legs, and she ached to be on with it as the pool game carried on in front of her. In what was a quite one sided victory the black man that challenged Marshall won and Marshall pulled two $50 dollars bills out of his wallet to hand over.

"I tell you what man, I'll let you keep that money if you let me take you wife somewhere and show her what a big black cock feels like." said the man. It seemed bold to Marshall since he had no idea Holly had informed the men already about her website and the rest. But in a moment Marshall agreed - so long as Holly was alright with it. Of course she was, and her eyes lit up when the man outstretched his hand to her. "Where to then?" she asked. "I don't want to leave my boys waitin long .... follow me."

"Mind if I bring this along?" Holly asked of the laptop which was steady sending a live feed to her site. "Not at all baby, come on". And off they went leaving Marshall and the other 3 men behind. Their journey took them to the men's bathroom which was down a short hallway next to the bar. The man opened the door and took a quick look around to see if anyone was in there. It was empty, and Holly and the black man entered in. She set the laptop down on one of the shelves over the sink. There were 4 stalls and 2 urinals in there, and the place was probably clean a few hours ago but not so much anymore.

She checked the filming angle and came out in front of the camera, which was pointed at the urinal area, the main open space in the bathroom. The black man brought his leather jacket with him and laid it on the dirty floor, offering something for Holly to kneel on, which she did before the large swollen area at the crotch of his jeans. He unzipped his pants quickly and pulled out his large black cock which was rock hard and laced with large veins and throbbed with excitement. It had to be over 12 inches long and straight as an arrow, and she grabbed hold of its length and stroked it slowly before placing the massive head into her wide open mouth.

She sucked his cock and stroked him right there in the middle of the pool hall mens room, and as one might expect it wasn't long before they had company. The black man had pulled out his big balls from his pants and Holly was licking them lovingly when one of the men from the other wifes group came in to piss. It was one of her husbands friends and he took in the sight on Holly and the black man with his cock laying across the top of her head. With wide eyes and a certain nervousness to him he entered a stall and f***ed himself to piss. He lingered there though and Holly caught him peering through the crack in the door to watch her working this massive prick.

Was he stroking his cock in there she wondered? The thought of this not very attractive 40 something man stroking his little cock in the stall while she mouth fucked this man turned her on even more, and she positioned herself so that the man in the stall had a better view of the action. He stayed in there for the whole time and Holly was right in her assumption that he was masturbating. A few more minutes went by before one of the black mans buddies came in to the bathroom, followed shortly behind by the husband of the other wife.

"Look at this bitch" said the black man that was just entering. "You look like you like that big cock, you want another baby?" Holly reached out her left hand as if asking for the other black mans cock in her hand and the man whose cock she was sucking now grabbed her hair and began to fuck her face a bit harder. She gagged on his cock and the makeup around her eyes ran from the tears brought on by him forcing his big cock down her throat.

The other wifes husband entered into the bathroom just has the second black mans cock reached Holly's eager hand. There was no way of him clearly knowing what was happening from his vantage point so he entered another stall two down from where his buddy watched the action with his cock in hand. Before long the other husband also was watching through the door and rubbing his penis to the sight now of Holly's pregnant body being bent over, her ass facing the first black mans cock that won the pool game. She took the second black cock into her mouth, he was big as well, close to 10 inches and fat. He supported her arms as she sucked him hands free and the first black man pulled up her black dress to expose her ass and furry little pussy from behind.

He pressed his big black cock head up against her soaking wet pussy and the other black man began face fucking her slowly. Slowly this massive black rod slid into Holly's depths and inch by inch she moaned openly. She would cum quickly the first time, the anticipation of a hard black cock in her for over an hour had her cunt ready to explode. A few deep and slow strokes in her legs quivered as did the inner walls of her pussy as she came hard on the black cock within her. The pace of her face fucking increased, as did the pace of the black mans cock inside her. They found a rhythm together and fucked her steadily rougher and harder as the seconds passed. Her cum was easily visible on camera and from the hidden spots within the stalls as it formed thick and white around the black shaft of the man fucking her.

Before long there was another person entering the men's room. Holly was really getting nailed hard when in sauntered the other dark haired wife. She strode in and stood there for a minute watching the action by the door with delight in her eyes. Her husband was in there, but she didn't know that. Most likely she thought him and his friend were at the bar since she had been ignoring them all night and watching the scene unfold at Marshall and Holly's pool table. Holly looked over at her excitedly. Holly knew the womans husband was in a stall only a few feet away most likely stroking his cock like his friend.

"Looks like this might be our lucky dad Reggie" said the black man fucking Holly as he looked the other wife up and down. I couldn't see her on the video, she was behind the laptop and off screen when she pulled up her skirt and tugged her panties aside. Her pussy was smooth and looked barely used at all for her age, and she rubbed her clit as she leaned on the bathroom door watching the fucking Holly was taking.

Before long Holly was moaning so loudly someone hear her over the noise by the bar and informed the bartender. He made his way to the mens room and pressed against the door but found resistance. It was then that the dark haired woman swiftly strode into a stall in between where her husband and his friend still stood in hiding. In came the bartender on the second try at the door and just missed seeing the dark haired woman scampering into the stall. He saw Holly getting nailed and smiled. "I'll lock the door behind me folks, you can still get out but no one else will be coming in. Just hurry it up in here alright."

With that the man left and the black men both laughed aloud as they were now given a free pass so to speak to continue their work. They traded positions and the second black man found no trouble entering Holly's soaking wet cunt after the first mans pounding. The other wife opened her stall door to watch the action as she sat on the toilet legs spread and up on the inner walls. She rubbed hard and fast on her clit with one hand as three fingers of her other hand found their home deep in her shaven cunt.

"You like this shit lady?" asked Reggie, the second black man to enter the fuck session, as he looked right at the other wife fingering herself in the stall. "Mmmmmm yes I do." she replied. He husband, only a foot or so away on the other side of the next stall, may or may not have clearly known his wife was who Reggie was speaking to. If he did he didn't say anything or make a move to reveal it. "Why don't come over here and give this girl a hand then" said the first black man to the other wife. "Don't mind if I do" she replied and walked out of the stall with her mini skirt up on her waist, pussy and fat shapely ass out for all to see.

Her husband now had to have no doubt it was his wife, and his friend who I'm sure spent many a night undressing her in his mind now saw for himself her naked glory and one can only think he wasn't disappointed. "Holy shit, look at that ass, fuck yeah!" said the first black man as the dark haired wife walked out toward them. She came over and stood next to the man fucking Holly and wrapped her hand around his shaft as it pumped in and out. The black men exchanged glances, they had to have known the men in the stalls at least knew this other woman. Since they hadn't made a move to stop anything the black men took things a bit further.

"God damn that feels good, you gonna make me cum lady" the man fucking Holly said to the other woman who held his cock and rubbed his balls. He pulled up her top over her big tits and she unhooked her bra to left her natural set of D cup titties loose. The man fucked Holly harder and harder until he began to make loud sounds that gave out the impression his cumshot wasn't far behind. The woman stroked the exposed area of his shaft hard as it darted in and out of Holly until he sank all of his length deep within her and lined her inner walls with his seed.

As he pulled out the other woman dropped to the floor and pressed her lips to Holly's hairy cunt just as a flood of semen ran out. Her husband would have had a clear view of his wife eating another mans load from this pregnant womans cunt, but yet he made no move and said no word. In a moment she had eaten most of what came out and her face glistened in cum as she removed her face from Holly twat. Reggie was fucking Holly's face still, and the first black man's cock never went soft as he helped the other woman to her feet and bent her over facing the urinal. He pressed his freshly relieved monster cock head up against her shaven pussy lips from behind, and the other black man turned Holly around and got her to bend over the urinal next to them in the same fashion.

Due to the other black mans girth it took several minutes before he could go more then a few inches deep into the tight shaven cunt of this other woman, but eventually he was in deep, and then deeper still and she moan exceedingly loudly and pressed her ass backwards to receive more and more of his cock. One would guess perhaps she had never been fucked by suck a big cock, and if she had it had to have been very long ago. Holly's moans joined hers as the other black cock buried itself in her soaked pussy, pressing out the rest of the cumshot too deep to escape Holly's hole on its own.

Knowing the other womans male companions to be in the stalls behind them, the man fucking the dark haired woman turned her around and picked her up into his arms, his massive dong still inside her. He bounced her in the air as he held her, her ass now facing her husband so he could clearly see this huge black cock stretching her cunt and thrusting over a foot deep into her. The woman came hard in this position, and her cum ran thick and heavy down the big black rod to the mans balls before dripping to the floor not 5 feet from where her husband stood hidden.

Familiar grunts and moans came from the man fucking her and he bounced her harder and harder as she moaned incredibly loud, so loud in fact everyone in the pool hall by now knew that sex was taking place in that bathroom and the word was spreading like wildfire. The man fucking Holly was ready to explode, and he turned her around as he pumped his raging cock. She dropped to her knees instinctively and prepared to receive his cum load all over her face and in her mouth. Hollys big pregnant tits were out over top of her dress and the other womans massive tits bounced wildly with her body as she got fucked intensely by her black lover. The man in front of Holly threw his head back as he came, a huge load that took several seconds to complete. Each squirt of his massive prick laid a thick white stream of hot cum across Hollys face, in her hair and on her tits and dress.

The other man could no longer hold back either, and the hidden husband of his fuck mate had to have been watching as he went balls deep into her and loaded her full of his black seed. He held her in the air a while longer as his cock softened and the load began to run down his own shaft for her companions to witness. Lowering her to the ground she had a huge smile on her face. Cum continued to flow out slowly from the depths of her pretty shaven little pussy as she prepared to return to her party out in the pool hall.

Holly was getting ready to clean off her face in the normal manner she preferred, scooping it all into her willing mouth to be swallowed down. But Reggie stopped her. "I tell you what, I don't know how long we been at it in here, but I bet our 2 friends out there with you husband wouldn't mind a go with you too. And since I'm a freak I tell you what. I'll give you $50 bucks to walk out there just how you are, cumfaced and everything, and just sit down like nothing happened for a while."

Holly was thinking it over, this wasn't her first cumwalk this week, but in the hotel pool area there were alot less people. She had no hope of going unnoticed with this huge load on her face, plus her dress had cum all over the front of it too. The man who shot that load on her chimed in "I will kick in another $100 if you fuck our friend Rodney out there by the table. He's been lookin you over all night. We can stand and provide a little bit of privacy for you guys. Not much, but hey .... so what do you think?".

Holly and the other woman left the bathroom followed by the two black men. The one womans cunt was still dripping cum a little bit and she had given her panties to the black man that fucked her as a token of thanks. Holly strode out into the pool hall, her face glazed in thick white cum that was still quite warm and ran down to drip from time to time off her chin onto her cleavage. Her black dress was obviously splattered in cum too, but none the less out she went.

A little more then an hour had passed since they went in the bathroom and the pool halls capacity had doubled since then. Word had spread of the sluts in the mens room taking black cock, and when then women emerged followed by the black men not a few flashes went off. Several men took pictures of Holly's glistening face and ruined outfit, and she walked blushing back to where Marshall and the other two black men were still playing pool and now quite d***k.

Holly took a seat on her stool and the other woman returned to the other two of her husbands friends that seemed ready to leave. They had heard the rumors around the place but didn't suspect she was the one in the bathroom, but she had been gone so long and where was her husband at the other friend? They snuck out later on, one by one returning with in the next 10 minutes once they were convinced the coast was clear.

Holly sat and filmed herself covered in cum and looked around at the pool hall. She was the main attraction, there was no doubt. People all around were looking her way, some still took pictures from far off. Part of her wanted to leave, but another part of her was turned on again by all the attention. That was the side that won out, and she reached over and grabbed Rodney's massive hard on through his pants much to his surprise. The other men hadn't bothered yet to block the view for them, and Holly figured what was the use at this point. She pulled Rodney close and pulled his waistband down allowing his monster cock to flop out into public view.

There were people everywhere and once that big dick came out the flashes were going off everywhere, as well as d***ken cheers of encouragement from the crowd. Holly spread her legs and Rodney slid his massive cock deep into her pussy right there on the barstool for all to see, and the other wife a few tables over watched excitedly and in envy. She hadn't even noticed her husband returning to gather his things. He grabbed her arm and roughly tugged her towards the door much to her disappointment.

Rodney had noticed Holly before any of his friends that night and had been wanting to fuck her pregnant pussy hard for almost 2 and a half hours. Now he was doing it and doing it well. Holly came from the overwhelming power of his thrusts and the pool hall voyeurism surrounding her. Rodney came hard in her cunt but never broke stride and just kept fucking her, his massive load running out all over the stool and the carpet, forming stings of attachment that stretched from his pubic hair back to Holly's with every thrust. Harder and faster he went, and he picked Holly up and sat her ass down on the top of the pool table as a cheer and applause went up. Someone, presumably the bartender, yelled out "Watch the felt!" , but Holly and Rodney never heard the warning over their own pants and the sounds of wet flesh smacking together.

The other black man didn't want to be left out altogether, so he got on top of the pool table in grand style and pulled out his cock. It was bigger then the rest and shaven clean with massive balls. He must have been hung over 16 inches, and he smacked his fat cock down on Holly's cum covered face before pressing it into her mouth in front of everyone. Rodney had come again and was still going strong, cum leaked out onto the pool table felt.

Just then someone slipped a piece of paper into Marshalls hand from behind him before being rudely pulled out of the building. It was the other wife, and the note said "Have her call me please" and gave her cell phone number. Marshall smiled at the thought, not knowing yet about what exactly happened in the bathroom a little bit ago.

Rodney came one last time deep in Holly cum drenched cunt, and the other black man blew his massive load all over her face and exposed tits, which had been bouncing so hard she leaked a bit of milk out to join the rest of the white fluids that could be found all over her body now. Flashes went off near and far, Marshall filmed it all and the other black men took their own pictures with their cell phones. She was completely covered in cum now and begin helped off the pool table to applause and cheers when someone yelled out ř.0!! The cops are here!!". Marshall took Holly's hand and they darted off through the crowd with the laptop. The black men broke off in a different direction and the crowd milled wildly around at the thought of cops entering the scene.

But Holly had fans there, one of them the bartender who caught Marshalls attention and showed the two of them another back way out. "I'll be expecting a bit of a payback" the bartender responded to Holly's thanks. She winked and smiled, glistening in cum, as they made there way towards Marshall car and got away.

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