The Plan

Holly and I spent a lot of time that week talking about her promotion at work and more specifically about the sex that surrounded it. She marveled at first at how much I was into it, and her honestly turned me on as much as the sex. She went into detail about the gangbang that sent her home to me naked and covered in several loads of cum. She drove for over an hour like that on the highway at night, and the whole story had my cock hard as diamonds.

I asked her to tell me more about the gangbang the following day. She said that it went by very fast really, and that she thought Marshall took a video of it. I wanted to see that video, and I stood in the kitchen with a raging hard on to think of watching it. Holly could see my cock bulging and said "Do you want me to try to get a copy for us?". And of course I said yes.

After a long talk with Marshall at work a day or so later he agreed to get me a copy and said he had been thinking things over and had a plan that could help us all make a little side money and have a fun time. So the end of that first week I stopped by the furniture store where they worked.

It was a little awkward at first, I showed up just before the store closed Friday night. I waited around and watched the last of the customers leave and Marshall locked Holly and I inside with him. I had made myself comfortable at a living room set and was sitting in the biggest chair in the group. Holly came back and sat down on the sofa and a few lights in the front of the store went dark. Marshall came back and had the dvd of their fuckfest in his hand.

"You want to watch it here?" he boldly asked. "We could watch it while we talk, I'll just turn the volume down." I agreed, Holly was blushing but nodded yes also. Well turns out the one living room set with a working tv and dvd player happened to be up in the front of the store by all the windows. It was dark outside and the parking lot was empty besides our three cars, and the first half of the stores lights were all out. But I imagine you could still see us pretty clearly with the light pouring in from the parking lot lights and the tv screens light.

Anyway, Marshall said as he put in the video "So, you don't mind other men fucking you wife eh? Well I think we can make some money if we make more of these films and build a website for Holly. We could use this place for all our scenes, film when the store is closed and there is like no overhead besides the cost of maintaining the website."

The video began abruptly. The lighting was dim but you could see everything clearly, Marshall had a nice video camera. Then I saw on film what I had been imagining all week, but better. Holly was on a king size bedding set in the back of the store surrounded by men. When the video started she already had cum on her face, a thick load I presumed belonged to the old man that she mentioned. Four cocks surrounded her face, three massive black ones and an average white one. The slapped their dicks hard on her cum covered face and fucked her mouth hard, sometimes two at a time. They were pulling her hair and shoving her face down on each others cocks, the white cock shot a big load all over her face and in her hair. He stayed hard though and shoved his cock back deep into her throat.

Meanwhile Marshall continued on "And she's pregnant, so it has a certain fetish appeal too. Not to mention everyone can cum in her for a while. What do you think Holly?"

Holly was still blushing, but her nipples were hard. She had on a white silk top that had a deep v cut which revealed the tops of her large milk swollen tits. "Its up to my husband ultimately, but I would be game for whatever. I know we need the money, and should get the majority of whatever comes into the site."

It made sense to me. Honestly I was glued to the video, watching Holly lower herself onto a massive black cock that had to be 14 or 15 inches and thick. She had trouble at first but within a few strokes up and down she had him in her down to his balls. Her thick white cum leaked out onto the thrusting cock, which fucked her from underneath hard and fast at times. Thankfully the volume was down for now, I'm sure she had to be screaming. An old man started licking her ass hole as the black cock thrust in and out, and the camera panned back to her face for a bit. Her make up ran dark from the corners of her eyes and she had even more cum on her face. It ran off and dripped down her chest all the way to her pregnant belly. The camera moved to her ass, and it went POV style as Marshall, who was filming, pressed his cock up against her asshole.

The man on the bottom with the big cock pulled out and Marshall pulled away from her asshole for a moment as the cock burst a thick and heavy stream of cum that went shooting up Holly's asscrack and onto her back. Marshall stepped in and used the blackmans cum as lubrication on her asshole and began to push his swollen cock slowly into her. The big black cock was back inside her again, still raging hard and he thrust up in her deeply. Marshall took deep anal plunges into her asshole and filmed as she looked back, eyes wide as her body became full of cock. Marshall continued to fuck her ass harder and harder until he pulled out and walked quickly around to her face and shoved his big cock deep into her mouth.

He was cumming deep in her throat and her eyes teared up as she gagged on his load. Meanwhile the white boy had went round to Hollys ass and had pressed in along side the big monster cock already in her pussy. When Marshall pulled out his cock from her mouth you could see her mouth was still full of cum, and then she swallowed hard and smiled. Marshall took the camera around back to her ass and filmed the while and big black cock inside her pussy ramming like pistons. There was cum everywhere around those cocks and that pussy, most of it hers, but someone had to have already came in her pussy at least once.

I looked at Marshall and agreed with his plan and asked when we would get started. He said "how about right now"? My cock had been hard the entire film and I looked over at Holly. "What did you have in mind?" I asked.

"How about something simple, maybe you and I sit next to each other and Holly can give us blowjobs and hand jobs. I can film POV style." was Marshalls suggestion. I agreed and Holly smiled as we sat facing the parking lot in the front of the store. Marshall sat beside me and unzipped his pants, I did the same and he got the camera ready. Holly had on her white v neck silk top and a black pleated skirt that came down a few inches above her knee. The camera started and Marshall called "Action" with a smile.

Both of us had our cocks out, we both were about the same size. He was probally around 8 inches or so, and I was about 7, he was thicker though. Holly sauntered up to us and knelt down in front of us and wrapped her left hand around Marshall's prick as she used the right hand on mine and began to put the head of my cock in her mouth. She went back and forth on us slowly, giving the other man a nice hand job to the same tempo her mouth and head moved at. She licked down to my balls and then down to Marshalls and she slapped our cocks in turn hard on her face a few times.

Holly continued like this for about 10 minutes before she stood up and removed her panties. She straddled my hips and Marshall filmed as she lowered her pregnant body down on top of my cock. In the heat of the moment she removed her top and I undid her bra, she was still giving Marshall a hand job as he stood beside us and filmed. After a few minutes Marshall moved on around back of her and filmed my cock and balls which were both soaked in Holly's cum. She was so horny and so wet, she was happier then I had seen her in years. Marshall sat the video camera on the entertainment center and checked the picture. The video of Holly getting gangbanged had just ended and the screen was blue until Marshall adjust the input. Now I could watch us on tv fucking my wife in real time as the camera filmed. Marshall walked up and pressed his cock against mine, Holly stopped riding as he squeezed into her pussy with me. I had never done anything like this before, and his cock felt hard and hot against mine and we began to get into a rhythm. Two pistons fucking her cunt and Holly moaned loudly without care as she came over and over on both our cocks. I couldn't contain my seed anymore, the intensity in her pussy was so much, I blew a big load deep in her cunt and stayed hard as Marshall kept pounding away. It was so wet in there now, we were fucking her so fast and hard we hadn't even noticed the mall security jeep that pulled in front of the building. Marshall pulled out quickly and got the camera and came around to Hollys face. She sucked his cock fast and hard and he pulled out blowing a load all over face. It was so hard and was so much it dripped off her face onto my chest as she continued to ride me.

I couldn't take it anymore, I was ready to blow again. So I too pulled out and helped lower her to the floor. Marshall filmed as I blew my load into her open mouth, which she swallowed with a smile. With that she waved to the camera, and at the same time there was a knock at the glass door of the store. We all turned around petrified, the man was in uniform and had a flashlight with him which he shined in on Holly's glistening face. She was topless and covered in cum, her big milk filled tits exposed and laying on her pregnant tummy. What could we do? We didn't panic, and Marshall walked over to open the door. I had enough presence of mind to put my cock back in my pants, so had Marshall. But Holly was topless and only had on a skirt. I looked around and her shirt was nowhere in sight.

"Looks like I missed the party" said the security guard. "Maybe, Maybe not" Marshall replied. "Depends on the girl."

Holly smiled. The security guard was young, maybe 20. His only job was to drive around the local mall parking lots and make sure no one was doing d**g deals or whatever. I'm sure he was nervous knocking on the door, but he did, and I think Holly liked the fact that he had the balls to do it. "Let me go freshen up" Holly said and Marshall asked the young man to go park his jeep somewhere and come back. Looked to me like getting footage for our site wasn't going to be a problem.

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