Movie Time

My wife and I went to the movies one night. This place had a smoking room and about half way through the moving we went for a smoke. She was wearing her blue jean dress that buttoned up the front and nothing else. She never worn a bra and when she worn this dress never worn panties. We were standing in the back of this small room that had no chairs. As we were smoking I reached around her and started feeling her ass. I soon had my hand under her dress and was playing with her pussy from behind. She was getting wetter by the minute and when I slipped a finger in her she let out a small moan. I fingered her for a few minutes until she came. We finished our smoke and then went back in and sat down. A few weeks later we went to the movies again and about half way through we went for a smoke. This time she wore her shape pants, the ones that outline her pussy so well. Once we lit our smokes I started feeling her pussy and within a few seconds she had unzipped me and pulled out my cock. She stroked me as I rubbed her pussy the whole time. When we finished our smokes she stuffed me back in my pants and we went and sat down. She gave me a great blowjob on the way home and I came in her mouth just as we pulled up the drive way. Several weeks later we went back to the movie. When we went in to smoke and another guy came in. My wife said to me that she went to school with him and rumor was that he liked dick as much as pussy. I said this could be interesting. We were standing in the back and my wife was wearing her blue jean dress again and had unbuttoned the last three buttons. After he lit his smoke he dropped his bic and bent over to pick it up. My wife shifted her legs and he could plainly see her bald pussy. He stared a few seconds and she spread her legs a little more. I asked him if he liked what he saw and his reply was very much. I then said wait to you taste it. If you want to meet us after the movie is over. After it was over he met us in the parking lot and my wife said follow us. On the way there I started fingering her juicy pussy and she was rubbing my cock. She said that she would like to watch him blow me and if I was up to it I could blow him while he ate her. We got to our spot and my wife open the door and got out. I came around the truck and stood there. The lite went out and she sat back down on the seat, spread her legs and told Steve to eat her. He started licking and sucking her pussy and clit until she had several small orgasms. She sat up and told him to drop his pants. He did and his cock was hard. He was only about 5 inches long and straight as an arrow. She knelt down and took him in her mouth and started blowing him. I told him to sit in the truck. When she started on him again I went behind her and slipped my cock in her pussy. I was fucking her hard as she blew Steve. We did this for several minutes until he started to cum. She took the first spurt and then stroked him until he finished cumming on her hand. I was still fucking her and started to cum and shot my load in her pussy. She had started sucking him again and after I came she got in the seat and straddled his face so he could eat my cum from her pussy. He never hesitated and started sucking my juices from her freshly fucked pussy. She then leaned over and started sucking on him again and after several minutes was on the verge of cumming again she stopped and told me to take over. I started sucking on his cock and after a few minutes he started getting hard again. He ate her for about fifteen minutes and she came several times. I kept sucking him until he stiffened and started to cum again. I moved my mouth and she covered his cock and he finished cumming in her mouth. After they recovered my cock was semi hard and I asked him if he wanted to try to make me hard again. He quickly swallowed my cock and started sucking on it. I leaned back on the seat and was really enjoying the blow job when my wife said that she wanted us in a 69 position. I straddle his face and started fucking his mouth as I blew him. After a few minutes I raised up and she started sucking him again. I kept fucking his mouth and was burying my cock all the way down his throat until his nose was rubbing my balls. Within a few more minutes I started to cum and filled his mouth full. He swallowed all of it and kept sucking on me. He groaned and started to cum. This time my wife took all of his spunk and swallowed it. Afterwards she squeezed his cockhead and a large drop came out. I bent down and licked it off and swallowed his cock again. He continued to suck on me until I was hard again. I got off him and spun my wife around and entered her pussy from behind. I fucked her hard and fast for about 15 minutes until I started to cum once more. I filled her pussy full again. When we finished we all got dress and drove home. We've been back to the movies several times and have never seen him again. Once while in the smoke room I slipped my dick in her pussy and she sat on it the whole time we were smoking. When we finished our smokes we went out and watched the rest of the movie.

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Good story