After work delight

My wife and I were on the way home after work one Saturday and were buzzing as usual. We drove through town and headed for one of our favorite very secluded places. She had her buzzer next to her pussy and was leaning back in her seat when all of a sudden she moaned and said her buzzer slipped in her pussy. She raised her shirt and all I could see was the top of her toy. After we got there and parked she removed her panties and was rubbing her clit as her buddy was massaging the inside of her pussy. Her juices were on the seat. I was hard and was stroking my cock as my bubby buzzed against my balls. Our blue bag was close and I grabbed it and gave her her purple 9" buzzer. She turned it on, removed her small one and quickly inserted it in her soaked pussy. She fucked herself to several orgasms. I got out to pee and when I got back in she was still buzzing. I watched her for several minutes as I was stroking myself. She leaned over and started sucking my cock. After a few minutes I came in her mouth. After we recovered we straightened our clothes and headed back home. We had gone about 200 hundred when we saw 2 guys walking down the road. It was almost hunting season and they were "scouting." We stopped and talked for a minute when one of then said that they sure enjoyed the show and were on their way to see if they could join us. In fact he still had a boner that was showing thru his pants. He then rubbed it a few times. It looked like he had a nice fat dick. My wife looked at me and said "Why not." They climbed in the back seat and we headed back to where we were. As soon as we stopped they were undressing. My wife followed suit and was soon getting in the back. The first guy had a dick almost the size of her purple and she immediately sat on it swallowing the whole thing in her still soaked pussy. She fucked him for a few minutes and then leaned over to suck on the other guy's six incher. They repositioned so she could suck him as the 1st guy could fuck her from behind. She sucked on him for about 20 minutes as she was getting fucked very thoroughly by big dick. He was fucking her so hard and fast that her juices were spurting out of her pussy with each thrust of his massive cock. About this time the 2nd guy said he was cumming and came in her mouth. She sucked on him for a few more minutes and when he didn't get hard again she told him to move so she could suck my dick. I sat down and she swallowed my cock and was expertly blowing me. The first guy fucked her for a few more minutes until he groaned and came in her pussy and kept fucking her. To her surprise he did not get soft and kept fucking her with fury. The 2nd guy was standing next to me stroking his cock trying to get it hard again and after a few minutes my wife said for me to "help him with that." He pushed it closer until it touched my face. I opened my mouth and he slid his cock in my mouth. I started sucking him and after a few minutes he was fully hard. Each time she would swallow me I would swallow him. I was matching what she was doing to me. I sucked him while she was sucking me as she was getting fucked by the 1st guy. About 10 minutes went by and I started to cum in her mouth and the 2nd guy also started to cum in my mouth. I swallow his cum and kept sucking him. She swallowed every bit of mine. Big dick was still fucking her and after 5 more minutes finally came again. Once he was soft and slipped out of her he walked around and stuck his soft cock in my face. My wife had been sucking on the 2nd guy and he was now semi erect. He got behind her and slipped his dick in her well fucked pussy. I started sucking on big dick as the 2nd guy fucked my wife. By now he was fully hard again and was really ramming her good. Big dick was getting hard again and I kept sucking him. I sucked him for another few minutes until his dick stiffened and he came in my mouth. The guy fucking my wife kept fucking her until he finally came again several minutes later. Afterwards they got dressed and walked down the road and we got dressed and drove home.
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3 years ago
Very hot. You are so lucky to have a wife who enjoys uninhibited sex like this.