Camping trip

In the early 80’s my wife and I were camping on the Colorado River. We had been going to the same place for a couple of years. We were fixing dinner one evening when a van pulled up in the site next to us and three young guys got out. They were setting up their tent and one on them came over and asked to borrow a hammer so they could put the tent stakes in. When they finished he returned it and my wife invited them over for a drink. They came over a few minutes later and we sat around the fire and talked. They were from Canada and were “touring the west.” We all were wearing shorts and several times I could see up their shorts and noticed that they were not wearing anything else. I am sure my wife noticed as well. I went to go pee and as I was going back I noticed that one was rubbing his cock and it was visible to my wife. When I got back to camp he crossed his legs so I couldn’t see it. After several more drinks we were pretty d***k and headed to the bathroom before going to bed. On the way back my wife said something about seeing his cock in his pants. She then told me they had invited her to their van. About 3:30 I woke up and had to pee. I noticed that my wife was not there and thought she might be at the bathroom also. When she did not come out I started back to our tent and before I got there I heard them in their tent. I looked through their screen window and saw them fucking. My wife was on all fours getting fucked as she was sucking and stroking the other two. One guy had a small cock, maybe 41/2 inches long. The other guy she was sucking was about my size, 6 inches. She would suck on one and stroke the other as she was being reamed from behind. She would swallow each cock whole. I watched for almost 15 minutes until the guy fucking her moaned and started to cum. He pulled out to cum and I saw his cock. It was over ten inches long and curved to the left. He shot 4 very large gobs of cum on her back and ass. No sooner than he finished the 6 incher replaced him and started fucking her hard. My wife started sucking on the 3rd guy and he started to cum. She swallowed all of his spunk and kept sucking him. The 10 incher put his cock in her face and she swallowed it. She bobbed up and down until she had most of his cock in her throat. About this time the guy that was fucking her started to cum and pulled out. He came with several gobs that shot almost to her shoulder blades. The smallest guy replaced him and started fucking her. He only lasted about five minutes and came on her back. She stopped sucking the big boner and said that she had to get back because I was getting up early to go fishing. I hurriedly went back and climbed in the sl**ping bag. She came in a few minutes later. I got up about an hour later and went fishing. I got back about noon and she was still sl**ping. She finally got up and staggered over for a cup of coffee. That evening we were sitting around the fire when the three guys came over with some beer and a bottle of Beam. They said it was a thank you for letting them use the hammer. We sat around and drank for a few hours and then they said good bye and they were leaving early. When I got up the next morning their van was gone. My wife and I just lazed around all day. That evening as we were drinking and talking I started getting boner that was sticking down my leg. I pushed my pant leg up so my cock was out for her to see. She reached over and started stroking it. After several minutes I asked her if she enjoyed doing that to me as much as she enjoyed doing it to the three guys last night. She stopped and asked how I knew and I told her what I saw. She said that she woke up about an hour after we went to bed and went to pee. When she came out of the bathroom big dick was waiting for her. She said they talked as they walked back and suddenly he reached over and started rubbing her ass. They stopped and started kissing and he then started feeling her pussy and even stuck a finger in her. She told me that she was so d***k she couldn’t help herself and started rubbing his cock through his shorts. She said it was the biggest cock she had ever felt and wanted it in her pussy. When they got back to camp he bent her over the table and fucked her from behind for several minutes. One of the other guys came out and stuck his cock in her mouth and she started blowing him as she was getting fucked. She fucked and sucked them for several minutes until they both came, one in her mouth and the other in her pussy. She then told me the guy that had fucked her didn’t get soft and they went into the tent and he started fucking her again. My wife fucked and sucked all three until they each had cum three times and she had at least a dozen orgasms. She was still stroking me the whole time she was telling me this. I started to cum and she covered my cock and I came in her mouth. The next morning we headed home. During the three hour drive home she sucked on me for over an hour and a half and made me cum four times. I told her that I knew she had been fucking other men since 2 months after we got married. I told her one afternoon after work when we were fucking I had tasted cum in her pussy. She told me that she still remembered that guy and had fucked him at work. She also told me that he had fucked her for over an hour non stop and that he had cum 2 times, stayed hard and came a third time before he got soft. He had come in the tailor shop she worked at and as she was measuring him she felt his fat cock hanging down his leg. When she rubbed it, it started getting hard. He then took out his cock and she started sucking on it until he was fully had. She also told me that he was only 19 and his cock was over 9” long and about 2 inches across. I was hard again and she blew me again until I came in her mouth. My wife fucked this guy for over 4 months until he finally was move out of town.
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2 years ago
Fucking loved this, I was hard the whole time!
2 years ago
I loved your story!
3 years ago
Hot. Would love to hear about her other encounters. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
oh my what a terrific slutty wife