New Year's Eve

On New Years Eve Marie and I helped our good friends throw a party. We all got pretty d***k. Sometime after the party was over we left. We were in my little Fiat Spyder. No sooner than we got in the car Marie was unzipping my pants and reaching for my cock. She started sucking on me and I didn't want to but made her stop and sit up because the police were doing a driver check. Once we got through the check we headed to a bar. Marie unzipped me again and started sucking on my still hard cock. I pulled into the parking lot and parked in the only space left. It was in the back of the bar. Marie continued to suck my cock. I reached behind to put my fingers in her pussy and discovered she wasn’t wearing panties anymore. She had worn them to the party because I watched her put them on as we dressed together when we got ready. I started fingering her pussy and it was very obvious that all the juices in her dripping pussy were not just from her blowing me. I had also looked for her to dance a couple of times during the party and could not find her. She was moaning as she sucked on me when all of a sudden a guy came staggering around the corner of the bar and stopped right in front of us. He watched us for several minutes and I remember telling her about him and she kept right on sucking my meat. After a minute or so of him watching us he started rubbing his cock through his pants. I could see the outline of his tool as he rubbed it. I motioned for this guy to come around to my side of the car. I rolled down my window, reached out and felt for his cock. He had a nice thick one. I unzipped him and pulled it out of his pants. I pulled him closer until I could get his swollen dick in my mouth. He was only about 5” long but thick. I took his cock head in my lips started sucking on him to match what Marie was doing to me. As she would take all of me down her throat I did the same to this mystery man. She would suck on my cock head and I would do it to him. This continued for about 10 minutes until he started to cum. I took his first large spurt then I pulled his cock out of my mouth and he finished cumming with four or five smaller spurts on the side of my car. His cum was sweet and I wished I had let him cum more in my mouth. After he finished I took him back in my mouth and started sucking on him again. I blew him for several more minutes until he was hard again. He started fucking my mouth real fast. With each thrust he would bury my nose in his hair. He fucked my mouth for several more minutes until his tasty cock started to swell and get stiffer. He started to cum again and this time I let him cum in my mouth. He shot 4 large sweet gobs of his wonderful cum down my throat. I swallowed every drop and kept sucking on him until he softened and slipped out of my mouth. He just turned, walked to his car, got in and drove away. By now I was ready to cum and filled her mouth. She never missed a drop. Once I was soft we fixed our clothes and went in. We saw some friends and sat down and had a drink. I remember the lady said something about being late and Marie just casually said that she was giving me a blowjob in the parking lot. The whole table just laughed. They thought it was funny and didn't believe her. When we left I started fingering Marie's still wet pussy. She pulled her dress up around her waist so I had complete access to her dripping pussy. She leaned over and started sucking on me again as I rammed three fingers in and out of her pussy. We were almost home and I told her that but she lifted her head long enough to say "keep driving until I'm done." So I did! She sucked on me for about 15 more minutes until I came again in her mouth. One thing I could say was she sure loved me to cum in her mouth while we drove around. Then we went home and fucked. Once in bed I started eating her pussy and she plainly asked me how it tasted. I told her it was a little salty but good. I knew what cum tasted like not only from eating her pussy after I’d cum in her but also from sucking cocks and having then cum in my mouth. I knew then that she had fucked someone that night at the party. That's OK I fucked her hard anyway!
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