My first glory hole blowjob

My first glory hole visit was very interesting to say the least. I had stopped on my way home to pickup a few things for my wife and to watch a few movies before I headed out on my almost 2 hour drive home. I thought I'd first watch a movie and jerk off the tension that had built up over the last few weeks of being away from home. I stepped into the first booth that was opened and fed a few dollars into the machine. The movie that came on was showing some guy sucking an average sized cock. I unzipped my pants and started to jerk my cock. I noticed the hole on the side wall and as I looked there was a man's finger sticking it through it. I stood up and pushed my 6" cock through the hole and felt a nice warm mouth engulf my tool. Ever so slowly whoever it was started sucking me and after a few minutes and several attempts had swallowed all my cock. Man that felt great. With each bob my cock would disappear down his throat. He kept this up for over 10 minutes when I felt the urge swell deep within my balls. It's as if he could tell I was almost ready to cum because he stopped for a minute or so and just licked my shaft. He started sucking me again and after a few more minutes I was ready to cum. Only this time he kept right on sucking and bobbing my cock. When I shot my first of several spurts of cum I could feel him swallow. He then timed it so he would swallow another load in between my spurts. I shot seven ropes of cum into his eager mouth. When I had finished cumming he just sucked on my softening cock getting all the remaining cum that oozed out. What a fantastic blowjob! Shortly after that I heard the door open and close again.
I leaned back in the chair and fed another few dollars into the machine and another movie came on. This was about two guys fucking some lady. She was sucking one and fucking the other. About this time I heard the door next to me open and close again. The next thing I knew there was a fat cock about 4" long sticking through the hole. Now I've never sucked a cock but had often thought what one would feel like in my mouth. I reached up and stroked this one a few times and it started to cum. He was quick to the draw. He soon pulled out and I heard him leave. A few minutes later someone else came in and almost immediately a nice cock was sticking through. This one was about 6" long and about 3/4" thick. It had a slight downward curve on it starting about mid shaft. I once again reached over and started stroking my second strange cock. The more I stroked it the more I felt like this was the time to see what it was like to suck my first cock. I licked the pre-cum off the head and slowly lowered my mouth on what turned out to be a very sweet tasting piece of meat. I licked his shaft and took a little more into my mouth. I was really beginning to enjoy the feeling of having a cock in my mouth. I slowly started to bob up and down and would stop when I had about 4" of him in my mouth. I took it out completely and noticed that his curve might make it easy to swallow the whole thing. So again I started to swallow his shaft. Little by little I was getting more and more into my mouth. After a few more minutes I pushed harder on his cock and it went in a little further. Another push and I had swallowed his entire 6" cock. I have to admit it felt really great! I backed off and swallowed him again and again. Each time I swallowed him I was taking his whole cock down my throat and I was loving it. I sucked and swallowed his cock for what since like an hour but in reality was only about ten minutes. I felt his cock stiffen and start to swell so I knew he was ready to cum. I raised up until just his head was in my mouth and started stroking him. He came in several short spurts and I never thought about anything but swallowing his sweet cum. I continued to suck on his cock as it deflated. He pulled his cock back through the hole. I heard the door open and close again. A few minutes later I left the arcade. I enjoyed sucking that cock so I am sure that won't be my last visit.

97% (40/1)
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2 months ago
4 months ago
Love my memories of those days in the arcade. Got my start just like this one.
4 months ago
4 months ago
nice story and welcum to the fun of the GH's!!
6 months ago
mmmmm I wanna visit
6 months ago
horny fun that
7 months ago
wow!!!! awesome man, glad you tried sucking, I love doing it as well as being suck, 69 mmmm my favorite
7 months ago
that's was great, pls tell us more..
7 months ago
Great story wish that could happen to me.
7 months ago
so hot