The Visitor part 2

The next day I went over and helped him with the trees. When we finished we sat around and talked and had a something to drink. I asked him if he had enjoyed fucking my wife and his reply was that it was great but what he also enjoyed was the blowjob he gave me. He also said he had also wondered what it would be like to suck a cock and once he taste mine he knew he was going to like sucking more. "You've never sucked a cock before?" I asked and he said no he hadn't and then stated that he wished his hadn't waited so long to try it. The Jeff really surprised me by saying "Can I suck your cock again?"
I dropped my pants and sat back down. Jeff walked over and got on his knees. He took my soft cock in his mouth and slowly started sucking me. Within a minute I was fully erect and he was really bobbing up and down my swollen 6" member. For only his 2nd time at sucking cock he was really good at it. He knew how to use his tongue on my shaft, his teeth on my cockhead and most importantly how to swallow all of my 6 inches.
After sucking me for a several minutes he stopped and started stroking me. I stood up and finished taking off my pants. I told him to do the same. We were both completely naked at this point. His cock was hard so I leaned over and took it in my mouth. He really tasted good and I liked the feel of his cockhead as it hit the top of my mouth and as it slowly slid down my throat. He was moaning telling me how good it felt. After a few minutes I stopped and we sat on the couch and he started sucking me again. I said that we should get on the floor so we could both enjoy a cock at the same time. We were laying side by side with him sucking me and me sucking him. He was swallowing my whole cock with each bob and within a few minutes I was really close to cumming. I felt my cum building and after a few more of his bobs I spurted the first of five ropes of cum in his mouth. He eagerly swallowed each. After I finished he held me in his mouth until I was soft and let it slip from between his lips.
I was able to concentrate on his cock now. I bobbed and sucked on hi. After several minutes I was able to take his whole cock down my throat. "Just like your wife" he said as I raised up from his cock. Slowly I started swallowing him again until I swallowed the whole 8 inches again. It really felt good in my mouth. I sucked him like this for a few more minutes when I felt his cock stiffen. He started shooting his cum in my mouth just as I lifted my mouth to his cock head. Seven spurts in all. Boy he sure could cum a lot! His cum was more sweet than salty and was really pretty tasty.
"You've never sucked a cock before?" Yours was my first and I enjoyed it enough that it probably won't be my last." My cock was almost hard again and I lifted it and said "well try it again." He leaned over and started sucking me some more. After I came again I got dressed and as I was leaving told him that I am sure that all three of us would get together again and I was looking forward to it.

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7 months ago
great stories,thanks
1 year ago
also waiting for part 3
1 year ago
waiting for part 3