MRS COPPIN'S PANTS ...cuntinued

Each week I would deliver her groceries, leaving them on the kitchen table, and then slip into her bedroom and make straight for her underwear drawer. It was like a smorgasboard of panties, bras, suspender belts and roll-ons. Sometimes, she would have dropped her dirty ones on the floor and sometimes not. This day I had to make do with her pretty clean ones and I was a bit disappointed -- but still excited as I took my pants off and softly rubbed the crutch of a pair of beautiful peach coloured scanties up and down my aching young cock -- god, it was lovely -- just like what I imagined fucking would be like. I was being very careful because I didn't want to leave any trace of my doings.

My cock was so big and stiff and I desperately wanted to shoot my load -- but it was so lovely touching her things. I took a lovely satiny pair panties out of the drawer and pulled them on.I nearly shot as I pulled them up my thighs and over my bulging cock so stiff it was quivering and looked at myself in the mirror -- fantastic! I had to hurry now. I couldn't stay too long or there would be questions at work, but I had to have more! I lay down on the bed and put her pillow between my legs, pretending I was her and loving the feel of her pants tight against my cock and balls, trying not to cum and ...

Mrs Coppins was there. Standing at the side of the bed looking down at me. She was smiling! She took the pillow away and tossed it somewhere behind her then bent down and kissed me on the mouth. I had never been kissed before and the world was spinning. I could tell she was doing something while her lips were pressing against mine and when she straightened her skirt was gone and her blouse undone as she shrugged out of it. She stood there in her bra and panties with the suspenders poking out of the legs and her tan stockings high up her thighs.

She reached out to me and dragged her scanties off me then swung her leg over and squatted down on my cock, pressing her damp panties against me, working my hard cock into her slot, squirming and making it fit into the still pantied crutch of her open, very wet cunt, then gently moving back and forth,fucking me with her pants on.
She leaned back and reached behind undoing her bra and took it off. She smiled at me, and leaned forward, brining her breasts down to touch my chest and at the same time pushing her pussy hard against me -- and I coiuldn't help myself.The cum just burst and boiled out of my gorged cock in great wads of fresh young spunk as she squashed her cunt hard down rocking, riding me like a bucking horse, throwing her head back and screaming at me 'Yesyesyes,Give it to me. Ooohoo. Give it -to-me-e. Luvly,luvly,luvly. You made me cum. I've cum all over you... and I've still got my pants on! They're full of cum...

She hopped up and slid them down, holding them up to her face and sniffed at them.'Mmm,' she said. 'You'll like these, and... goodness! Look at you! That great big thing of yours wants more. Ahh! It's so lovely ...
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very good
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Well that was great now what do you have instore for me now thanks
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That was hot you made me cum with her thanks