[EAGERTO] As a strapping young lad my first job was delivering grocery orders to householders in the neighbouring district. I rode a bike with a huge basket on the front, and an equally huge erection in my shorts. It was a marvellous job - I was young and strong and very virginal, with a cock that was always pointing up, always ready, but untouched by human hand, other than my own! And i was constantly jerking off -- even the sight of a woman's pants on the clothes line was enough to make me spunk in my pants.God knows what I smelt like, cause I wore them every day, and without underpants in those days!
And I lived for a glimpse of a woman's panties. There was no television or porn(that I knew of) so you were constantly on the lookout for a skirt to blow up or a woman sitting 'carelessly' showing her stocking tops - suspenders - PANTS ...aah they were lovely. I can still remember some of them even today -- the parted thighs and the soft curving flesh above the stocking top leading right down ( or up!) into the gorgeous gusset and the unseen hairy mystery inside ... how I would love to kneel in front of her and touch those silk-clad knees and gently open them, parting her legs, opening them, spreading them wide -- and stick my head up her skirt and just BREATHE. That would be enough! Just to smell it, breathing it down deep into my lungs, my BALLS...
The terrible shame of it is that as I know now, I was getting plenty of chances to do that and a great deal more but I was too young and inexperienced to know. Ah, the waste, the waste!
Then came the day when I had to leave the groceries in the kitchen. The lady of the house would be out but the back door would be open. It was. I did. And crept up to the bedroom, trembling, shaking with - fear .. anticipation, and... Her drawers were a gold mine -- panties, stockings, suspender belts, roll-ons, bras, all neatly pressed and folded. I was too nervous to do much more than look but my cock had to come out and i had to smell them, had to touch the brassiere to my aching prick, rub the bulging head of it inside the sweet scented cup so that when she put it on her nipple would be there - right where my cock had been ...
But more than that. There, on the floor beside the bed, just lying there, her simple white cotton pants - her DIRTY white cotton pants. I was trembling when I picked them up - held them out in front of me - opened them up -- to see the the thick yellow stain in the gusset - Mrs Coppin's cunt perfectly outlined, and I sucked Mrs Coppin's cunt smell in to me - and I touched my tongue to it, tentatively at first then taking it, licking it and sucking -- tasting Mrs Coppin's beautiful cunt. It was glorious! I wrapped those dirty, pongy, beautiful cunt-stained pants around my stiff, young, beautiful cock and the thick hot spunk gathered and burst -- pumping out of my purple-headed prick in a great steaming arc -- it went everywhere, all over the carpet, the bed and some of it on her pillow.
I cleaned most of it up, but I just had to leave some on her pillow -- right where her face would be -- her mouth ...
I would see a lot more of Mrs Coppin's pants in the not too distant future ... And of Mrs Coppin.
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2 years ago
Great story, thanks. Nice, healthy sexual encounter. ...ohh yes more more !Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Nice way to grow up thanks
4 years ago
dude write more of that story its amazing.
4 years ago
That was sooooo hot you made me cum just reading you story thanks