I’m standing looking down the vee of Daphne’s thighs, all the way to the silky, sky-blue crutch of her wide-legged panties. She is squatting right down on her haunches,picking the last few potatoes out of an almost empty sack, and her knees are level with her chin. My hot young cock is as hard as a gun barrel, and only two or three feet from her face as she looks up and says,
‘Aren’t you going to help me, Jimmy?’
I kneel down in front of her and begin helping to fill her bag. We’re so close we are almost touching. I can see right inside one of the legs of her panties to something black and think to myself she’s wearing another pair of pants underneath, black ones, but she shifts again and the silky material gapes a bit more and I realize I am looking straight at her pussy hair.
When she stands up I have to keep kneeling. My cock is so stiff it’s sticking out so much she must see it.
‘C’mon,’ she says, and bends down and puts a hand under my arm and pulls me up. ’ You’re a big strong lad now, aren’t you? How old are you now, Jimmy?’
‘Sixteen,’ I mutter, trying to hide the huge bulge in my pants. I’m so hot I can feel the stuff oozing out of the head of my weapon and I’m worried that it will show through my pants.
When she leaves I go to the back of the storeroom and press against a sack of the wheat stacked there and begin rubbing my aching cock up and down it imagining it is up in Daphne and that we are fucking: her breasts are pressed against my chest and her legs wide apart as she reaches down and guides my throbbing tool into her juicy open slit.
Two or three strokes and I’m gone, shooting great goutss of thick, slimy spunk into my pants – more than I’ve ever done, and still dreaming of Daphne’s panties and the black hair inside them. I’ve just jerked a load of spunk into my own pants, and I’m still burning to fuck Daphne’s cunt.
I wonder if it smells like Mrs Mac’s?
Did I tell you about Daphne? She is one of only three women working at the store. There is Mrs Mac, the old woman I have told you about; a girl about my own age in the office, who we hardly ever see, and Daphne serving at the big long grocery counter that makes up the store’s main business. She is twenty-three and getting married soon. She is nice-looking but not sensational, with smallish tits and a really lovely bum. I have seen up the skirt of her smock a few times when she bends over but never ever anything like today. I’m sure she knows I could see everything. I’m always looking anyway. I really want to put my arms around her and push up against her, and kiss her.
Sometimes she stands beside me, real close and maybe accidentally touches me and the other day she came up behind and pressed herself right up against me and looked over my shoulder as I was working. I could smell her perfume and her breast was sort of squashed against my arm.I don’t think she has ever ‘done it’ but when she does that I wonder if she has. I don’t think so though. I wanted to turn around and push my stiffie against her belly. I was huge and sure she would see it. I wanted her to see it. I want to show it to her.
I like to pretend she’s watching me when I undo my pants and reach in and pull it out, all stiff and hard, and wrap my fingers around it and pull it till I pump lovely dollops of cheesy spunk everywhere. I’m doing it now, d’you want to see?
It is nearly closing time, two days later. Daphne has come out into the storeroom and is standing beside me while I’m cleaning the bench.
‘Jimmy,’ she says. ‘Are you in a hurry to get home tonight?’
‘Ah, no. Not especially,’ I say. ‘Why? Do you want something?’
‘Yes,’ she says sort of serious, then moves in closer to me, and speaks very quietly. ‘I need some advice, and I want to ask you something.’ She takes a quick look over her shoulder, and continues, ‘It’s quite confidential and I don’t want anyone else to know. It’s about my wedding --- but please don’t tell anyone.’
I shake my head and tell her I won’t say a word.
She told she was going to work late tonight and for me to leave in the usual way then come around the back when everyone had gone and she would let me in.
And that’s what I have done. Now there is just me and Daphne in the empty storeroom. I have no idea what she wants, but I feel sort of proud that she has looked to me for advice. After all, I am only just sixteen. Of course my imagination is running wild – but I know it’s only imagination.
Daphne is sitting on a bag of wheat. She is leaning back against the stack behind her, one leg dangling down with her foot almost touching the floor and the other resting on the half-bag beside her. I can see a lot of her thigh. It is very white. One of the buttons on her smock has come undone. She doesn’t seem to care. Me neither.
‘What did you want to ask me,’ I ask, looking at her legs. I can’t help it, and I think she has moved because I can see further up.
‘Come here. Come and stand close to me.’
I stand up close, facing her, and she takes my two hands and pulls me closer to her. ‘Promise me you will never repeat anything I tell you tonight to another living soul,’ She is squeezing my two hands together, holding them in both of hers and pushing them down into her lap, all the while looking deep into my eyes.
‘You have to promise me.’
I nod and say, sort of solemnly,
‘I promise.’
‘All right,’ says Daphne. ‘And now, so that you will never forget your promise, we are going to seal it with a kiss.’
She slides off the bag of wheat and stands in front of me. She puts her hands on my shoulders and tells me to put my arms around her waist. I am holding her close to me and her hands are sliding up and holding my head and Daphne is pulling my head down and looking up into my face, and her lips are on my mouth.
We stay like that for a few moments, and I truly think I might faint, then she releases me, gives me a little pat and calmly climbs back on to the wheat sack.
‘Did you like that?’ she asks, smiling. I’m struck dumb, can say nothing so I just nod. ‘Mm. I thought you might.’ She laughs, and I love the sound of her laugh. ‘So did I!
‘But I better tell you what my problem is. I’m just so nervous I have to confide in someone! I’m worried stiff about the wedding night – you know what happens on the wedding night don’t you Jimmy?’
I nod again.
‘Now I know you’ve never had a wedding night so I’m not going to go into that, but you are a man now so you can tell me about those things … Oh I feel so silly, but I’m really frightened…the trouble is …
‘I don’t think I can do it! I think I’m too small!’
I just looked stupid.
‘You know,’ she points down between her legs. ‘I think my hole is too small for a penis to get into. I need you to have a look. And I don’t think I look right there. I think it is all too ugly for a man to want. And it’s all smelly too.’
She’s undoing her smock and opening it wide the whole time she is talking and now she is leaning back with her legs stretched out in front of her, and I am staring at her flesh-coloured brassiere and baby blue panties with an edge of lace around the legs. Her body is soft and white and I want to lie on top of her and kiss her so much I’m shaking.
‘Jimmy, will you have a look and tell me what you think? Just pull my pants down and I’ll show you. Is it all right? Do you mind? I’m so worried.
‘Jimmy, do you think my body is desirable? Does it make you want to … you know … do it?
‘Yes,’ I croak. ‘You’re beautiful.’ I can hardly talk. I don’t know what to do, and she is taking my hand and pulling me very close to her. I’m just standing there beside her and she is stretched out before me. Her legs are parted slightly and I can see her soft round bulge there. I want to pull her thighs wide apart and press my face against her loveliness there.
‘Pull them down, now. I want you to look at it. You don’t mind do you, Jimmy? It might smell a bit down there, does it matter? Tell me if you don’t like it.’
I nod and lean forward. I’m sweating as I put my fingers under the elastic waist-band of her panties and slide them slowly down. I am bending over looking at her and my cock is pointing straight at her. She has slid her hand up my arm and sort of around my shoulder and I look up at her face and see she is looking at my cock as it bulges out my pants.
She lifts up off the rough sack and I pull the pants off over the curve of her gorgeous bum and half-way down her thighs. And the warm, beautiful smell of Daphne’s lovely snatch rises up to meet my young burning face and I hear my soft moan as she opens her legs to show it to me.
‘Do you like it?’ she’s whispering.
‘Really like it?’
‘Oh, yes.’ I’m whispering too. ‘It’s beautiful.’ My face is between her thighs and less than a foot from those soft, round, beautifully curved, hair-covered lips. The smell of Daphne is filling my body and I am sucking her deep down into my swollen balls
She closes her knees together and tells me. ‘Take them off, sweetie, take them right off.’
I drag them down and she kicks them away and settles back on the bags with her legs wide apart. As her legs open the juicy swollen lips of her cunt part, with a little moist slick, like smacking your lips over something juicy – and I’m peeping inside, and it’s wet and shocking pink… she is lifting her knees up high and wide apart and her slimy snatch is wide open. It’s fantastic!
‘Can you see inside, Jimmy. Does it look awful?’
‘No, it’s gorgeous,’ I whisper. ‘I … love it.’
‘Truly? Can you see my hole?’ She is reaching down, sliding her finger between the hairy wet lips and pointing to her beautiful little hole, oozing with juice. ‘Do you think it’s too small? ‘Could a man get his penis into it? ‘What will I do? It’s so tiny isn’t it?’
It is small, much smaller than Mrs Mac’s but I wouldn’t mind trying to put my monster in it. Before I can answer, she whispers …
‘Jimmy, see if you can get your finger in it. Just put the tip of your finger in. Ah, that’s it! Is it all right? Yes? Slide it in a bit more. Yes. Yes, that’s it … mmm, it’s nice isn’t it? D’you like it?’
I am right down between her thighs with my face inches from her cunt and my finger sliding in and out and there’s a spurt of juice from her. And now she shoves my hand away and closes her legs.
‘It’s no good ,’ she says. ‘My pussy is awful; it smells, and I am just too small. No man could possibly want me for a wife.’ She looks at me then and smiles. ‘It was nice though. I must say I love you doing it to me like that. Tell me you really do like it, don’t you? Did it make you … you know ….big and stiff? I think it did from what I can see in your pants! Is that it? You know … your… cock?’
I nod. I can feel myself blushing.
‘Phew! It’s big enough. Huge, from what I can see! It would never go in, that’s for sure. And I wish it did. Tell you what! I ‘ve just had an idea. Why don’t we see if your cock will fit in? Let me see it. Show it to me sweetie!’
The next minute she’s undoing my belt and pants. She is still lying on the wheat sacks ad I’m standing up at her head. She drops my pants and my big thick cock is at half-mast and while she’s staring at it, it starts to rise, growing bigger, getting stiff and hard before her eyes, inches away from her mouth, and she is wrapping her fingers around it, looking up at me …
‘Jimmy,’ she says. ‘They say if you can get it in your mouth, you can get it in your thingo…shall we try?’
My fat rod is really big now, and she is holding it with both hands. her lips are just touching the hot blue/red tip and now she’s letting them slowly part as she slides her sweet hungry mouth down over the knob to close softly around the flange. She’s gently sucking at it, but for only a moment, then her mouth is sliding slowly all the way back to the top with her mouth following the contours – and slowly down once more – then back, so slowly I am nearly screaming and all I want to do is plunge it down her throat and pump my fresh young spunk into her… and she stops. Just in time…
She leans back against the stack, sitting up, and draws her knees up high and wide apart. She is still holding my rigid, throbbing cock in one hand and pulls me in close to her. Her fingers are wrapped around the jerking shaft of my cock and she is watching as she brings it up to just kiss the lips of her open cunt.
It’s amazing. I am standing there with my pants still down around my ankles and my cock, looking massive, all blue and red and angry with the veins thick and knotted, is poking out in front of me and Daphne is holding it and looking at it and touching her cunt with it … she is sliding the big ugly head of it up and down in the cleft between her lovely, hairy cunt-lips. Her cunt-juice is all over my cock!
Daphne lifts her face up to look into my eyes, still holding my cock in place while she pulls my face down to hers and kisses me on the mouth. It is so beautiful I feel giddy.
‘Do you like my…cunt?’ she whispers. ‘Can you smell it? Do you like it?’
‘Yes,’ I nod.
‘Do you know what it needs?’
I don’t know what to say so I shake my head.
Daphne’s mouth is against mine. ‘It needs a big fat cock,’ she whispers against my lips. She lies down, lets go of my cock. ’Take your pants off, Jimmy and get on top of me and fuck me, sweetie. Would you like that, sweetie? Ooh, c’mon, c’mon!
I climb up and lie on top of her and she puts her arms around me, and her pale legs open and my hard, technicolor cock finds its own way to her warm, wet, impatient pussy and the tip of it slips in and she arches her back, tilting that hot eager cunt up to take my big fuckstick, and she growls deep in her throat, ‘Ahhfuckme … shove it in, shove it straight in! FUCKme! Ram your big fucking cock right up my slimy cunt and fucking FUCK me!’
And it’s so easy. I feel the sweet succulent walls of her fabulous CUNT parting, opening to take it as I slide it in like a hot knife in butter. And she lifts her legs bending back, wrapping them around me holding me in tight. ‘Lovely,’ she says. ‘Lovely big cock in me.’ And now we are fucking and the smell of cunt is filling the room, exploding in my brain, and I am cumming, the thick strong spunk blasting from my bursting cock way way up inside her glorious body …and she is screaming, and biting into my chest as the never-ending wads of spunk cum boiling up from deep down in my young fruitful, bulging balls, and…, and
‘Don’t move. Stay there,’ she commands. ‘Stay inside me. Leave it there. Let it soak, lover. I want to feel it grow big and hard inside me, and we’ll do it again.’
And so we did.
And still, all these years later, whenever I pass a Daphne bush and inhale that sweet sexy aroma, my mind goes back to that sweet smell of the Daphne I knew … and I pull my cock out


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3 years ago
Great story. I love fucking at work too.
3 years ago
Damn, that was so fucking hot. I am as hard as a rock. Thanks.
3 years ago
great story .. love it :)