another great camping trip <3

This is another true story that happen last week. please enjoy. I did ;-)

Last week I packed my car a headed to sequoia national park like I do every year. as most of you

know I am always up for some fun. I got up there Friday afternoon and set up camp next to me was

a camper but I did not see the person/s in that spot. On the third day there I saw my neighbors two

good looking guys sitting around in the morning cooking breakfast. I waved and said hello to be

friendly. Later that day I ran into them again at the lake they were set up not to far away from me

so we started talking and soon we were like old friends laughing and joking around. Then while in

the water swimming around and splashing each other two of us bumped into each other and jokingly

said that his friend would be jellos of us touching each others body. I said he could always join

us if he wants. I wanted to see if it would go off as a joke or not. Lucky for me I got the

response i was hoping for. Martin(33) said that he was very sure that Bobby(35) would love to join

in on the touching. I then took it further and said we could always do more back at camp if they

wanted. They both said that it was a good idea. we made a date to get together and have dinner

together in their area and with that i told them i was going to head back to camp so after

launching at the lake I went back to camp to. I got to camp to rinse off with my solar shower,I

heard a whistle and looked over from where it came from and it was both Bobby and Martin, so I

gave them both a little show by getting all soaped up and teasing them by lowering my swim trunks

just enough to get their curiosity up. the walked over to get a better view. now to clear things

up a bit, there were like six other campers around use and pretty spread out so nobody was near

us. I smiled and said that they should join me and with that I dropped my shorts and gave them a

full view as I began to rub my dick. Bobby was first and quickly striped and joined me Martin

looked around then got undressed. they said that they never did anything outside and I smiled and

said it is going to be great. we started kissing and fondling each other and then Martin dropped

to his knees and took mine and Bobbies cock in his mouth and started sucking good and hard. Bobby

and me continued to make out and i kissed my way down his neck to his nipples and then i started

sucking on them and pinching them. Bobby went crazy and started moaning loud. Martin got off his

knees and moved over to the table and sat on the top part of it. I garbed his legs and threw them

over my shoulder so I could rim his tight ass. Bobby sucked Martins cock and them got into a 69

with him I asked if they had lube and Bobby got up went to the trailer and came back with some.

I grabbed the bottle and told Bobby to get back up on Martin. I spread some all over Martin's ass

And slowly inserted my cock deep into his ass as he let out a nice long moan as i let him get use

to my cock and as Bobby sucked his cock. I picked up the pace and started fucking him faster as

Bobby got up and shoved his cock in Martin's mouth. we started working Martin over good we were

all moaning a groaning loud. We were out in the open where anybody could see us. it was so

sexually hot and nasty that we were fucking and sucking like nasty freaks. I was about to cum

after fucking his ass so i started pumping faster and harder grabbing his ass and slapping it.

then I threw my head back and moaned that i was cumming. That set off Bobby as he took his cock

out of his mouth and shot loads all over Martin's face who was stroking his cock wildly I went

down on Martin and sucked his cock until he unloaded in my mouth. I swallowed some and then got up

and bent over his face and let the rest drip on his face and nipples. Afterwards we all rinsed

off and had dinner. We talked and laughed as Bobby told me he told Martin that he hoped I was gay.

I said the same thing about them as well. After dinner and a few beers Bobby looked around and

said round two. and with the fire going good we got up and striped off what little we had on.

This time we went straight to fondling and nipple play. This time I got on my knees and worked on

Bobbies cock and Martin's too. After a few minutes of sucking their cock and playing with their

asses I got up and told Bobby to bend over the table as I got behind him and Martin got behind me

in a hot three-way. I slid my cock up his ass and started fucking Bobby and then I felt Martin

licking my ass sliding his tongue in my ass as I shoved my ass in his face. then he got up and i

felt him lube up my ass and slide his cock in me deep. It was bigger than it looked and it hurt a

little but felt so damn hot. He started fucking my ass as I fucked Bobby I was slamming back and

forth between these two hot men. slapping my balls against Bobbies ass and Martin doing the same

to me. then after about 20 minutes we switched as bobby fucked me and Martin fucked him. with the

fire near us and all the moaning we were doing it must have looked like one hell of a scene.

they must have been close to cumming because they got up ripped off the condoms and said we

should all suck each other at once, which i gladly said ok to. we laid down ad grabbed a handful

of cock and started sucking we inserted fingers into our asses as we sucked on a cock. then

almost at the same time we started moaning louder and face fucking each other as we shot our

loads. First it was Martin them me And them Bobby filled my mouth. After cleaning our selves we sat

in our chairs naked and had a few more beers. After a while I saw Martin start to rub his cock

and I set my beer down and knelt in front of him and asked if he wanted help with it. Not waiting

for the answer i started to deep throat his cock as I sucked him off Bobby got up after stroking

his cock for a few minutes he slid deep into my ass and started to fuck me nice and slow.

It was about 10:30 and was getting chilly so Bobby said we should finish inside the

trailer. He left my ass with a nice pop sound as we walked inside and continued our fuck fest. He

slid back into my ass and Martin gave me his cock to suck. we lasted a lot longer so we switched a

few times making sure we sucked and fucked each other twice before cumming. When it was time to

cum and we could not hold back Bobby got a cup and said we should all cum in it. he started by

jerking off in the cup shooting his load draining his cock good, then passed it to Martin , but i

was ready to shoot first so Martin held the cup as I shot my load in it making sure not to spill

any the Martin unloaded his yummy goodness in it. Then Bobby took a spoon and mixed it all up and

then drank some and passed it to me i gladly drank my share then Martin finished it off. We kissed

in a three way and tasted our cum as our tongues swirled around. we were pretty tired by then so

we decided to get some sl**p so I was invited to stay in the camper for the night or longer as we

laughed as I jokingly thought about it. they had a large bed so we all got in as I was in the

middle we said our good nights and also said if anybody got a hard during the night that they

could chose an ass or mouth to use, just make sure the person you use is awake. then we fell

asl**p and in the morning we had a god fuck before breakfast. good to say that i was in their area

for the remainder of my stay. We fucked and sucked each other out doors as much as we

could even in a few historic cabins and a few streams too. we exchanged numbers and said we should

camp again soon and maybe with a few more buddies they have. when that happens I will gladly

share it with all of my sexy hot friends. Until then I love you all. <3

100% (9/0)
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6 days ago
I am always ready for a camping trip. and i also have a two person sleeping bag. and a eight person tent. ;)
8 days ago
when and when is your next trip? I have a double person sleeping bag
5 months ago
That was 'motivating'...!
5 months ago
Fuck I got so hard reading this! Congratulations!
5 months ago
I am always available
5 months ago
I nheed to find some camp buddies