fun time in the park

one day I was driving around and saw this park I use to play in as a k**,so I parked and decided to walk around to see how it has changed. I noticed a lot more trees and bushes around in the back area of the park with a few guys hanging around and as I walked closer I noticed that some would go into the bushes and not come out for some time. With a grin on my face I walked on over and sat on one of the benches there. Soon an older guy comes up to me and makes small talk i love older guys so I chatted with him for a while and after some time I noticed a bulge in his pants which made my cock start to grow which he noticed. Being bold I lean forward and garbed his cock it was solid as I started to rub it through his pants,he reached for mine as I moved closer to him. I told him we should go some where out of site and started to walk to the bushes. He followed me and soon I had his pants down and mine too as we played with each others cocks and balls. As we played I looked up and saw another guy looking at us and rubbing his pants I motioned him to come over and he did. I told him to remove his pants so we could see and play with his cock. After some time I dropped to my knees and started to suck the old mans cock it was a little bigger than I thought but I got most of it in my mouth as he moan and held my head. the other guy wanted his suck so I layed down on the ground and told the old man to kneel over my face so I could suck him and he could suck the other guy. sucking and slurping loud I was sure we were going to get caught,but I did not care I was in heaven. then the old man moved off my chest and got on all fours and begged to be fucked, so me and the other guy looked at each other and I stuck my cock in his mouth and the other guy slowly inserted his fat cock in the old mans as, and started to fuck him fast and deep. He did not last to long and was ready to cum after just a few minutes,so I told him to come over so I could jerk him off. Him moved to me and I took hold of his cock and started to stoke it slowly. getting him close then backing off until he could not stand it anymore. he shot load after load all over the old mans face and my hands getting every last drop out of his cock. I made sure he was dry so I sucked his cock deep until he was could not stand it. I was fucking the old mans face hard and faster until I moaned I was ready to cum. the old man wanted down his throat so I did just that I shot so much cum in his mouth that I thought I would not stop. finally I did making sure every drop was out of my cock. I lean over and took the old mans cock in my mouth and after the fucking we gave him he was close so it did not take too long with him. I felt his hips moving so I sucked faster until he let his hot yummy cum shoot in my mouth, now this was the first time any man has cum in my mouth, but since I was so horny and turned on I did not care and let him shoot loads of cum in my mouth as I tried to swallow every drop which did not happen Some was dripping off my chin, which I scooped up later. afterwards we got dressed and hugged and said we need to do this again as we left the bushes I saw two more guys head in to the bushes both older so I sat back on the bench as the other guys left and waited for a few minutes before I headed back in to the bushes were the two older guys went so I could watch and maybe join in on some more cock sucking fun.

until next time keep those cocks hard you never know what could happen. :)
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4 months ago
10 months ago
That's a hot story!
11 months ago
I would go from bush to bush, begging for cocks to suck, and semen to gulp!
1 year ago
love it
1 year ago
Got me hard as HELL! Awesome story...
1 year ago
this was so erotic and hot Have never done it in tyhe park in bathrooms yes and restareas but never in the park tythanks
1 year ago
yummmm story
1 year ago
I would love to meet any of you in a park and suck cock and have mine sucked and so much more. if you live close by hit ,me up so we can have fun in a park or somewhere else.
1 year ago
I love having sex in the park. There is something so erotic about being naked in a park at night and having complete strangers use your body for their sexual pleasure.
1 year ago
I want to meet you in a park and suck you off and swallow your cum
1 year ago
1 year ago
Sounds like fun. Would like to hear more.
1 year ago
What a great experience. Good story.
1 year ago
Yum. Loved it.
1 year ago
Hot story.
1 year ago
I will write them as they cum.;)
1 year ago
That was hot would love to read more