First time with a couple (part I)

Every summer for a few weeks, when growing up, I would go to visit my aunt and uncle. They were rich and had never had k**s, so it was always fun for me, however they were a bit eccentric. I guess I got use to it and never paid it much mind. One of the things I enjoyed about their home was the huge pool behind their house. I could go out there and workout and swim. Sometimes after a good workout, I could just lay on the float and get some sun.

It was the summer before my senior year in high school, as I laid out in there pool in bike shorts after a vigorous work out. I lathered some oil on me, and stole some beer from fridge and basically passed out on the float. I began having this naughty dream about my aunt sucking my cock, and it felt so real. When I came to I realized I was still on the float in the pool and my cock was being sucked. It felt wonderful. As I put my sunglasses on to see through the sun, I looked down and it was my uncle of all people. He'd pulled my shorts far enough down to expose my 8.5 inch young cock. He was totally nude and stroking his small cock under the water as he did this. I wanted to protest, because I wasn't gay, but it felt so good. My uncle was short, chubby, smooth and tan. He was actually shorter than my aunt, and even when I was several years younger I could take him in basketball or a wrestling match. So I guess I didn't feel threatened physically but just emotionally. Not only was this a guy but my own uncle.

Yet somehow my a****l instincts kicked in. I felt good and my mind was set on pleasure. I called him a 'sick fuck' but grabbed the back of his tan bald head, using it for leverage, as I pounded his throat with my thick cock. He would gag and spit up all down my shaft and balls. Then he'd rub in that spit and go right back to work causing me to shoot a hard, thick load getting it everywhere from his mouth, face, float and pool. I panted to catch my breath and feet as I got out of the shallow end and walked towards the outdoor shower. He smiled at me and walked inside.

As I lathered my body with soap in the outdoor shower, he came walking back outside with his wife's (my aunt) bikini on. I nodded my head and told him that he was messed up, and that we can't let anything like what just happened, happen again. He pressed up against me in the shower, and rubbed his bottom against my cock. I looked down and had to admit his ass was looking father feminine. Thick, round, tan, with no hair. And the fabric of the bikini was swallowed up in his crack. Soap and water began to fall on it. It was so close to me, and my young cock began to grow again. I rubbed my mushroom head and shaft along that ass, and crack trying to consider any consequences. I pushed the fabric to the side and f***ed my cockhead into the entry way of his asshole. Fuck, it was tight! Yet it swallowed it up as I could watch my cock go further in.

His hands were across the patio table as he lay face down on its glass taking my young, eager cock in his bottom. I fondle his ass, slapped it, and used his hips for leverage. We were enjoying ourselves so much, when all of the sudden we heard a voice say, "What the fuck is going on out here?!" I turned to see my aunt glaring at us......To be continued
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