For Rent (part III)

After the last episode with my landlady, I was now officially single thanks to her. She'd run off my first true love, Haley, who probably thinks I'm just a perverted, cheating freak. Part of me hated my situation and my landlady, but another half of me was strangely turned on. She was a bitch and treated me like shit; but the raw, unapologetic sexuality of it was turning me into something else.
"Rent" was not even due for several more weeks because of the last episode, so I thought I wouldn't see the bitch for a while. I was minding my own business in my room after finishing up a paper. I laid back on my bed to watch TV, to find the "Feeling like a Criminal" video on MTV that was popular at the time. I began getting a little aroused, and took my shirt off and feeling my cock through my gym shorts. All of a sudden the deadbolt on the door moved, and in walked my bitchy landlady. Her hair was up in a ponytail, and she was wearing a black bikini that looked a little too small for her thick bottom, and heavy breasts. She looked at the TV, and then stared at me in a condescending fashion. "You are one pathetic, filthy fucker," she stated. "You could be out working a job like other college k**s to actually pay for this space I've leased you, but your in here playing with yourself to MTV." I was a little ashamed of her evaluation of me, so I told her that I had to make good grades and focus on that so I could get a good job one day. This seemed to only piss her off. She told me that my good grades had done nothing for her bank account since I'd lived on the property. I told her that I thought we had worked something else out. She laughed and said, "Yes we sure did, and you owe another installment today." She commanded me to get off my ass and follow her up to her pool.

With no time to spare, I quickly slid off the bed and followed behind her up the stairs as I gazed at her bubbly, mature bottom swallowing her bikini as she lead the way up the steps and out to her pool. She said she needed some sun, and demanded me to lather her up with oil. I put some on my hands and her back and began to work it in. She made it clear that it should be applied everywhere and in massage fashion. My cock twitched freely in my gym shorts as I rubbed the back of thighs and up to her bottom. She turned over to see the tent I had pitched and told me to take my shorts off. As I did, she laughed and said, "The sunlight really shows your farmers tan off out here, fucker. Why don't we trade clothing? You need more sun in more places." I blushed and handed over my gym shorts in exchange for her black bikini bottom. My cock wouldn't seem to fit in the little bit of material her bikini thong offered me. She pulled the bikini up further on me, causing my ass to swallow the string and forcing my thick, mushroom headed cock out to the left along my thigh.
As I stood there in my mature, landladys thong feeling vulnerable, she stood up and pulled an inflatable raft out of the pool and onto the sidewalk. She began to cover it in oil until it became slick and messy. Then she ordered me to lay on the oil covered raft and wallow in it like the fucking pig that I was. I couldn't help but laugh. Certainly, she couldn't be serious. That's when she gripped my balls, and reminded me of the rules. I then laid down on the raft and closed my eyes, rolling and basking myself in the oil on this raft. She told me I couldn't touch myself with my hands.
After a few minutes, I looked up to see her in the lounge chair watching my every move and rubbing her clit. I stared at her nicely trimmed, pouty pussy as I began to hump the oily raft. She then began rubbing herself down with oil. This is a vision that still drives me out of my mind. I could hardly take it any longer, so I got up and laid on top of her as she motioned me over. Our bodies were so slick against one another, as I pushed my cock inside her. She grabbed my ass, as I picked up momentum grinding my young cock deep within her mature cunt. I longed for her and wanted revenge against her all at the same as I watched her beneath me. In the heat of the moment, I went to place my hands around her neck wanting to feel in control. However, this seasoned slut would not be tamed just yet. She slid her finger in my ass, as she slapped my face with her other hand and then pushed those fingers in my mouth. Her power and confidence caused me to shoot a thick, warm load deep inside her as I melted right back into what she wanted me to be.
"Did you just cum in me, you fucker?", she scoffed. "Did I say for you to cum?" I had to think fast, so I slid my face in between her legs and began tongue fucking her sloppy cunt. As I rubbed her clit, and pushed my tongue inside I could taste the mixture of our cum oozing out. As I collected a little mouthful, I could see the lust in her eyes. "You filthy fucker you! Are you gonna swallow that for me?", she asked. As I showed it to her on my tongue, and nodded yes, she pulled me to her and we actually kissed.
This sharing of seed was almost like an aphrodisiac for both of us, and before we could swallow it all down, I was ready to go again...
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2 years ago
Awesome babe thanks for posting
3 years ago
Good series. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
not that busy if one session = 7 weeks rent?
3 years ago
she has been keeping you busy since march of last year very good