your nudist roomate

I'm a 23 year old bi male who living in Florida. I was in need of a new place to live, so I began seaching the ads for an apartment or a room for rent.
Luckily I found a couple that were in my price range, the cheapest were the rooms for rent. So, after looking through I decided to call about one of the rooms. A guy that sounded around my age answered the phone, and we agreed on a time to meet at his place so I could see it.

I arrived wearing tight black shorts and a slim white tee. After knocking a quite attractive young man answered, and said his name was Sam. and he let me in to see the room for rent. I was impressed and I told Sam that I defitely would love to rent the room, and we sat down and signed the lease. After signing I asked Sam if he minded that I am bisexual and sometimes I like to stay naked inside the house, like a part nudist. Sam laughed a little bit but said it wouldn't be a problem. We were both excited and i said I'd be over in a little bit with my things to move in tonight. Sam seemed happy to get it rented to quickly to me.

When I arrived I used my new key to enter the house, and I didn't see Sam anywhere and thought he might be in his room. So instead of bothering him I went to and set my stuff down in my bedroom, and then went to the bathroom to take a shower. After I showered I was out and drying my wet body off. I was bent over drying my feet off when suddenly I head the bathroom door swing open. I slowly looked up and see my new roomate staring directly at my wet smooth asshole as I am bent over in front of him drying my feet off. I smiled up at Sam and he smiled back at me. Then all the sudden I see his stiff cock start to poke through his slit in his boxers, as his eyes were locked on my butt.

Still bent over I say to him Hi roomy I'm almost done drying up here, You can use the bathroom if you need to. I continued to dry my naked body off in front of him and he seem hypnotized by my naked butt swaying back and forth as I dried off. After a minute I tell my roomy he has a nice cock, I can see it poking out of your boxers, as I point to it. He seemed a bit shy and tried to hide his rock hard cock. I walk over to him smiling and I tell him he doesn't have to be shy. I ask if he wants to take his boxers off, and he quickly takes them off , now naked with me. I slowly turn back around and bend over again for him and I feel him start to rub his hard cock head on my smooth asshole. MMM felt so goood. I told him to keep doing that and he was moaning and I could feel his precum oozing and coating my asshole. He was gripping and squeezing my butt cheeks, and I asked him if he liked my ass. He told me he loved it but was a bit shy becuase he had never been with a guy before.

After a few minutes of teasing, I suddenly felt him push forward and his cock head popped inside of my ass. We were both moaning, and he said it was the best thing he had ever felt. So tight and wonderful, as he gripped my waist and start to pump my butt slowly going in and out. MMMM it was amazing feeling Sam's rock hard cock pumping my ass. I felt Sam hug my naked body tight from behind as he start to pump faster and faster uncontrollably. I was moaning feeling his tight balls hitting against me as he fucked my ass. Within about 5 minutes he was saying he could not hold it anymore. I asked him if he thought he was going to let his cum shoot inside of my ass. And as soon as I finished the sentence I started to feel his warm cum shooting and spurting inside of my ass as he starting moaning loudly. He was caressing my ass cheeks and as he let his orgasm finish inside of me. My butt filled with my new roommates cum we both slid down onto the bathroom floor and starting kissing passionately.

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6 months ago
hot story
6 months ago
Nice story.
6 months ago
I fucking loved it more please
6 months ago
A nice way to work off the rent ;)
6 months ago
I want to read more!!
6 months ago
oh yeah dude!!!! glad there's more to CUMMM