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Siblings molested

On a walk, I saw a boy, with his pants down, in the bushes. I hide n watched him....He had a pair of panties on...and soon he took out a dress....His little penis was so stiff....I crept as close as I could...and watched him get into the summer dress....Then stockings, and he sat on a tree stump n was humping it....I walked up to him....n he froze....I dropped my pants....n told him I do the same....He confessed, he'd stole them, from his s1ster....I opened his legs....n kissed his panties......Then pulled out his smooth little penis....Licking n sucking it....till he shyly asked if he could p... Continue»
Posted by dylan_jones 8 months ago

caught girl pooing in public

i walked down an alley, and their was a girl, pooing, and i stopped n watched her.....these thick logs, pooing out, like soft-serve ice-cream...she wipe her pooie bum, with her panties, and as she stood, she saw me....and she huried off.....i knelt and picked up a log and put it in mu mouth!

Posted by dylan_jones 8 months ago

[Story] nightclub spy

I also went through a big peeking stage that i am not proud of. I used to go to a nightclub with mixed sex toilets, one of the cubicles had a crack in the joining wall where you could just see through a crack to catch glimpses at first and eventually when i worked out the positions get incredible views of the girls in the club a lot of which i knew lifting up their skirts or pulling down their trousers to expose their young pussies and asses. I had no interest in the peeing etc, but it was a way of seeing these girls exposed and i still find it obscenely horny!

The first one I watched wa... Continue»
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First experience.

At the age of five, i had a friend, an adventures girl, also five. my fist memery is the two of us, behind the shed. She pulled her pants down, and showed me her beautiful little fanny. i then pulled my pants down, giving her a good look at my penis. then we were busted.......

next time, around at ny house, we hide under my bed. She pulled her pants and nickers down, and i started to examine her hairless, plump little gina. i totched it, then curious, i spead her lips. i remember seeing a little seed, witch must have been her clit.

then she said 'my turn, so i pul... Continue»
Posted by dylan_jones 3 years ago

HORNY at the beach

I went in to the change-room / toilet, at the beach.....dropped my pants....and slipped on a pair of nickers, I'd stolen, from some girls clothe-line.....Tucking my dick n balls back, b/tween my legs.....and makeing a bald fanny, w/ the skin, left over. Then slipped on a pretty dress...and put a t-skirt over it!

I covered the remaining dress w/ my beach towel....and i was ready.

I walked out....and went 4 a walk, thu the bushes behind the beach....It felt so sexy...n when no-one was around, i dropped the towel...Showing my dress....n walking sexy...like a girl. I ducked into the bushes.... Continue»
Posted by dylan_jones 2 years ago

[Story] School---boy, caught tossing.....by old gay, n get

After school, when i was twelve to eighteen, I'd go into the bushes, by the beach, on my way home. I'd find a opening in some bushes, by the walkway. And as the girls walked down the path, I'd drop my pants n toss my stiff young dick!

On one afternoon, I heard a twig snap, n turned, to see an old man, who must have been 60 odd, watching me!

I quickly pulled up my pants....as he approached. when he got close, I saw he had his zip, undone, and his floppy old cock was hanging out. He was doing the same thing, i thought. He said, 'It's okay, i just want to watch you, that's all... Continue»
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[Story] When a girl meets a flasher OMG!

If women were honest, we would admit to enjoying a bit of voyeurism, a rogue wanker in the bushes, shooting as you pass him, nothing titillates a girls libido more, than a stolen glance at a man in full flow, especially something so sexual and in your direction.
I have had more than my fair share of stolen moments, partially because I hold no fear of men doing it in public, and because it turns me on, yes, I get an instant wetness between my legs, knowing a little response from me will make him cum.
If you study most of the videos in here you will see girls watching, making sure before they ... Continue»
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[Story] my best mate.......& his three sizters, in the

I made a new friend at 'skhool,' Paul, who was years under my year.....year 7.....I was in year 9, but had no mates my age.....! On this, a scorching summers day, Paul asked me over for a swim, in his pool....So we went straight to his place after school.

He went to his room, n i followed his into his room. He handed me a pair of shorts & a towel....and i saw Paul turn, to face the wall. Would he change, right hear?

Yes...he did...he dropped his 'skhool' school pants, then slipped off his undies. As he was facing away, I could get a good look at his bum......it gave m... Continue»
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toilet peep holes

I know this toilet.....w/ the best peep holes.......u can see the girls face, as she closes the toilet door!

I love seeing the girls face....then, I switch to a lower peep-hole, n watch her pull her pants down......Most girls have really cute bums.....then squatting over the toilet.....i can see her pussy start to drip pee out her ofter hairy vagina!

Drips turn into gushing......and i can hear it hissing, as her pee squirts out her pink flaps.....and then back to a dribble, she stands up straight, n whips her pee soaked fanny.....all whils... Continue»
Posted by dylan_jones 2 years ago

Walking the beach, i wee my shorts as girls pass.

I love walking alone the beach. horny as, i find a bench, and perve on the girls. As the walk down the path, toward me, i concentrate, an pee. trickles of warm pee, dribble down my balls. my shorts fill with pee, and spill out down my leg. To anyone else, it looks like i just had a swim, and my shorts are wet. I know, im pissing myself..... my pee trickles over my balls as girls walk by.
Posted by dylan_jones 3 years ago

[Story] my little b*****rs mate TIm

My b*****r mate was staying at our house for the week, whilst his parents were on holiday.

My b*****r was at basketball, so Tim and I were playing the playstation.....

I had to take advantage of the time alone.......so i asked if he'd seen any porn...'not much, just a few mags, my dad has...'

well check his out....i gragbbed a porn dvd "Hairy teens", and we sat back on the couch.....soon the girl was taking her panties down. My cock started to get stiff....as i asked Tim...'do you like the porn?' 'Yeah!' Tim said. 'Well, you know how to toss off, don't ya... Continue»
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[Story] peeping on school boys in shower

I went to an all boys school... The gym toilets had a gap in the door, that

looks straight at the showers......

So after gym, I'd quickly shower, n dress, then go to the toilet stall, close the door, close one eye, and peep though the gap...

Not all showered naked... but a few did....one was Johnny.... John pulled his swimmers down, n there it was.... oh his floppy dick was so nice....he had a foreskin (unlike me) He turned the shower on, n water tricked over his floppY cock...

I could never get this good of a look if i was in the showers. I'd hate to get cought looking at a mat... Continue»
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[Story] gay meeting

i went to a gay toilet-meeting spot. sat on the toilet, pulled out my dick, and waited.

soon aft a 70 yo walked in, and stopped in fount of my cubical. i started to strock my chub, as her stared at my young cock. i sayed, 'lets see yours... so he opend hes fly, and pulled out a floppy cock. i felt it, playing with the forskn. then he drove toward my croch, moaning, as he mouthed my rock hard dick. his hands felt my bum cheeks, as he felt, fingers exployed my bum hole.

... Continue»
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[Story] Gay tiolet

I got this guys no. from the toilet wall, so i dropped my pants in the middle of the restroom, and took photos of my naughty penis, w/ my phone, and sent him the pics…

That night I was at my mates, wearing stolen panties, when I got a pic back of an uncut, sexy member, w/ an invite… so I grabed my keys an headed to a car park, down the beach.

Id been thinkng about cock heaps. A couple of times, I found a guy in the toilets. One Indian man… I let him suck my dribbling dick… till I asked to see his willy. He pulled out this black little uncut cock, I moaned as pulled bk the skin. ... Continue»
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[Story] Teen pussy of 18 years in bathroom stall masturbat

Certain noises merge from a closed bathroom stall door which you well know are only from a girl pleasing herself, so it was no surprise to myself, a shemale, who uses the girls room very discreetly, to hear such moaning 2 days ago in the bathroom stall of a store in the local mall. And since i jack my cock off in those stalls also and spurt my jizz, it is always a thrill to hear another girl moaning, even so slightly, with pleasure as she fingers her wet pussy. Thus, i literally stood next to the door and wham, it was not locked, guess she wanted to be watched, so i went in and she just smiled... Continue»
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My Ex invited me over for a catch up, and i knew what she wanted. She due the next day. i arrived and she led me to the bed and grabbed for my cock. i was so turned on. ive alway want ed a preg. chick. i ran my hand over her stomach, then to her titties, witch were swollen n all floppy. she puled my tingling penis out my pants and gobbled my floppy dick in her mouth. i cracked a hard stiffy in her mouth.

Then lusting to lick her vagina, we pos. she shead her legs open, revealing a hairy chubby vadge. it smelt stronly and had white vadge juicces dipping all down her flaps. I hadnt had and s... Continue»
Posted by dylan_jones 3 years ago