mixed stories, an intro to my perverted adventures

My first orgasm happened, as t climbed a football goalpost. i reached the top.....n m legs started tingling then my hole body, n my legs started frog-strock as i hung t the top.......afer that, id climb poles every lunch break......all the girls would tease me, sayin, 'hes mateless, playing by himself.'

Years back...i use to encorage my best mate to go for a nude swim.....& ofter, when d***k....i got such a good look at his penis, as we dropped our pants. we ran into the ocean.....i let him go ahead of me, so i could see his bum.....i got a massive errection.....i was so horny! I just wanted to tackle him, hump his bum, whilst feeling his floppy little dick!
instead i stroked my dick under the water.

Another day beach i was showering, in this outdoor shower....when 3 asian women walked past.....I dropped my shorts. I was naked, & they could see my shaven flacid penis & swollen balls... As they looked at me, I looked down at my tingling penis, & they all started giggling n pointing. It was so hot... my cock got hard, real fast.

ANOTHER TIME, i went swimming, in the surf...... i dropped my shorts.....so i was naked below the white-wash.....Girls were just a few meters from me.....as i got a massive erection, perving on the girls bums n breasts....

A few years back, i ran out of petrol w/ my g/friend and her best friend (Lora).....While we waited for help.....Lora suggested we kill time playing truth or dare...

I went first, n asked to see her nipple.(she has huge boobies)... n shes hot. Then to my surprise Lora dared me to show her my cock...

I agreed, n pulled my pants down. "Nice" she said, looking at my flaidid dick. Seeing her look at my naughty bits made my cock harden, right in front of her....till i had a stiffy...I wanted her to touch it bad. She knew all about me.....my g-friend told her...i like watching women pee. So when she needed to go....she said don't watch....n she squated b/tween the doors.......i couldnt see, but i could hear her squirting, n hissing....

My ex-girlfriend, i hadn't seen in years, was real d***k at this party....making a fool of herself.....so i didn't speak to her much!

LATER...that night, I found her, crashed out in the back room. I tried to wake her....but she out to it.... So I lay next to her, spooning her.....My cock was getting real hard, as i pressed it against her bum. Ater feeling her tities, for a bit, i slid my hand under her shirt, to undo her belt, then...her top button....i slid my hands down, into her panties...and felt her pubic bush....

I started dry humping her bum, softly. My cocks head was tingling n thobbing...i was so stiff.... i unzipped her pants, to get a better feel, then pulled my cock out...n sharted rubbing it on ber chubby bum cheeks.....precum was dripping off my cock. I pulled my fingers out her panties, n sniffed my fingers..... mmmmm then licked them. till my tingle turned into a throbbing, and i started to cream, all over my self....so much.... i had to sneak out, n leave the house....quick smart.

Hi Girls, 't'girls.....n guys, WITH FORESKINS!!!!!!
I'm Sofia when I cross-dress. I love to dress in sexy womens clothing..It make me feel sooooooooo sexy.I sometimes n drive round in a skirt.. I tuck my man bits away... n make a vagina clit between my legs.... i were panties n stockings n squat when peeing....
I love peeing my panties... and rubbing my girlie fanny. My cock gets stiff, but i sit on it, n it slips between my bum cheeks.

I would love to have hot sex with a lesbian or a shemale....she could lick my cute little vagina. Ive stolen panties off my housemate, n off some clothes-lines.... its really hot wearing real girls panties CHUBBY GIRLS ARE so so SEXy!!!! The last girls i had the pleasure of humping was so chubby n sexy.... i loved it.... after i licked her deep, chubby, dripping fanny for an hour.... she mounted me... n started humping me.... . I just watched her fab jiggling...

I love uncut cock.... Foreskin gives me a massive stiffy. I've sucked a few cocks, n really liked it....cumming uncut cocks make me hot n horny.... Shemales are so naughty...the best of both worlds....sexy girl w/ naughty little penis...oh my.... i met one once, n she was a gorgeous girl...I'd never kiss a guy....but she was so pretty, we tongued in the ladies toilet.....her mouth was so big... then i pulled out her girlie penis, n made love to her penis, w/ my mouth

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