my little b*****rs mate TIm

My b*****r mate was staying at our house for the week, whilst his parents were on holiday.

My b*****r was at basketball, so Tim and I were playing the playstation.....

I had to take advantage of the time i asked if he'd seen any porn...'not much, just a few mags, my dad has...'

well check his out....i gragbbed a porn dvd "Hairy teens", and we sat back on the couch.....soon the girl was taking her panties down. My cock started to get i asked Tim...'do you like the porn?' 'Yeah!' Tim said. 'Well, you know how to toss off, don't ya?' 'No'

'No, well here I'll show me....' I unzipped my pants, pulled my undies down, n pulled out my stiffy right in front of him.'ok, spit on your hand, like so, n stroke it, like this, as your watching porn.'

'Go ahead, try it.' and he did....i watched as he unzipped, n out came this cute little cock...... Tim was the same age as my b*****r, only 11 years old. so he still had no pubes, n a tiny little dick, with a nice foreskin...

it was so sexy.... I just had to suck it.....his little hard-on has right i lowered my head, and said, 'Do you like this?' and i dove my face opn his penis....he resisted a little, but i held him down, till he gave in, n let me at it.... oh it was so soft....i peeled back his skin, n when to town.

Then i sat next to him, grabbed his hand n put it on my wet i fondled his little ball sack.......'will u return the favour?' 'ok', he said....what do i do. Just lick it a little, n kiss it......
it was too much.... i grabbed him, rapped his legs round my neck, n mouthed his whole cock n balls....oooh it was so nice.... i laped my tongue over his nice little penis and balls, till he started humping, n shacking......then i laid him down, n kissed his bum cheeks....i laid on top of his white little bum, n started humpimg his bum cheeks...

this made me cum so hard....all over his cute bum......I'm telling u it was so sexy.......

"don't ever tell my b*****r we did this...ok."

81% (15/4)
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10 months ago
so hot and fantastic did you do this again in the future
2 years ago
Oh v hot
3 years ago
Short and sweet, hot story x