peeping on school boys in shower

I went to an all boys school... The gym toilets had a gap in the door, that

looks straight at the showers......

So after gym, I'd quickly shower, n dress, then go to the toilet stall, close the door, close one eye, and peep though the gap...

Not all showered naked... but a few was Johnny.... John pulled his swimmers down, n there it was.... oh his floppy dick was so nice....he had a foreskin (unlike me) He turned the shower on, n water tricked over his floppY cock...

I could never get this good of a look if i was in the showers. I'd hate to get cought looking at a mates dick...

I unzipped my pants, to pull out my massive erection; As the fat k**, Andrew came into focus....he was totally pubeless....n he had a tiny little cock......n no balls.....but I'd ofter wanted to put my hands down his pants, n saying, Don't tell any one....or ill deny it, n put it back on u.

A few weeks later, i asked him over....for a sl**p-over. at night, i pulled out
some porn mags, n showed him a look. he'd never such a thing. I asked if he
wanks yet....but seemed oblivious.... so i showed him how easy it was.

I pulled my pj bottons down....n started stroking in front of him, my already hard cock. ' this...spit on your hand, n it feels great. You try it's a mag..'

Afer reading the mag for a bit....he pulled his pj down n there it was...a hard little stiffy....i couldnt look away....till i said, 'Are you doing it right'

Andrew replied, 'I think so.'

'Well let me see, n i put my head near his waist..... i was breathing heavy...n wanking when i said.....'you know what's the best of all? Close your eyes.' I put my mouth over his penis, n dove mouth watering, i sucked the cute thing, till he was moaning, then shaking..........

His first my mouth...i wanted to hump his bum now, but id pushed my luck far enough.

So then told him he had to return the favour....but he wouldn't kiss me on my he said he'd toss it instead...

I spat on his hand, n put it on my cock.....sooo horny i rolled him over on his stomach n pulled hid pjs dowm, layed on him n humped his chubby bum.....'oooh is it in...' but that was that...i had the most intense orgasm....

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6 months ago
another great story dylan. made me wish i was coming in your mouty
12 months ago
fantasticly erotic story always the best when it the first blow job
2 years ago
Young fresh cock is so sweet to awaken and taste! Next stop should be in his tight boycunt.
2 years ago
3 years ago
great story :)) i wish if it had been more :P
3 years ago
very good is there more?