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toilet cruising gay {part 1}

I just got back from the gay toilet, at the beach.

Here's what happened.......

I walked in the entrance, n dropped my pants...relieving my tight red dress, I had on, underneath. Then i walked in to a stall.....n waited.

Five minutes had past, when i heard someone coming. I ducked into a stall, n waited, with the door ajar. Soon he was walking past my stall....tying to peep in.....so i swung open, the door.

He looked me up n down, n i spread my legs open, showing him a nice view of my pretty panties.

He joined me in the stall, n started fondling my fake breasts. I reached for his zipper, n undid it.....shaking with excitement...I slipped my hand in, n felt about, in his boxers.....he was really hairy....n yes.....a foreskin.

I pulled his semi-hard, sexy penis out his zipper. I was so CUTE. I kissed the tip.....n then i put my wet mouth around it, and paused....

It started to grow in my mouth....but when he cracked a full, stiff, in my mouth......when we heard footsteps enter. he pulled it out, n listened....and soon an old man looked over the stall....and asked, "can i please watch?"

"Sure," we agreed......then i sat on the toilet, n spread my legs......He rubbed up my tights, n to my panties. 'Lick em,' i said....n he started licking my panties & stiff bulged penis.

Posted by dylan_jones 2 years ago
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9 months ago
so sucking erotic
11 months ago
1 year ago
mmm more plizzz
1 year ago
What a horny story, leave to read more!