School---boy, caught old gay, n get

After school, when i was twelve to eighteen, I'd go into the bushes, by the beach, on my way home. I'd find a opening in some bushes, by the walkway. And as the girls walked down the path, I'd drop my pants n toss my stiff young dick!

On one afternoon, I heard a twig snap, n turned, to see an old man, who must have been 60 odd, watching me!

I quickly pulled up my he approached. when he got close, I saw he had his zip, undone, and his floppy old cock was hanging out. He was doing the same thing, i thought. He said, 'It's okay, i just want to watch you, that's all. Just keep doing what you we're doing.'

I reluctantly let me school pants drop, round my ankles and pulled down my underpants. The man sat in fount of my, n said,"oh that's so cute....whats your name?" 'Dylan.' i replied. n he spat on his hand n started playing with himself, as he stared at my semi-stiff, moaning.

He stood up, n dropped his pants.....n showed me his fully erect penis....."you like that?" He said. 'I guess.' I shyly replied. then he knelt infront of my dick, 'Can i touch it?' Um...ah....sure....' And he gently started fondling my balls, n then my now, rock-hard erection. Hes face, getting closer, with every stock. and he was breathing heavily, when he lent in n kissed it up n down, till he grabbed it, i stuck it in his moaning mouth.

It was a little weird, at first, but then he took my whole dick in his wet mouth, and it felt so good. He slurped my little boy-dick, loving every second.....n turned me round, n dove into my bum cheeks, kissing n licking my bum....

Then he asked, 'Would you suck me off, Dylan? Can u return the favor?' 'uh....sure, I wanna.' He lay down, n told me to kiss it....n when i did, he started tossing n squirting cream out his cock....n over my he fiddled with my cock.

It was so sexy....I put his wet cock head, in my mouth, to taste it. I was so he lay me on back, n sucked my dick.....he held it down his throat, n i started to tingle and throb, in stages.....till it built up all over my body. i didn't cream at that stage, but it was the best orgasm.....i was shaking, n moaning in delight, n so was this very excited old man.....

90% (55/6)
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5 months ago
great story. hope there are more after you started creaming
8 months ago
so fantastic
1 year ago
sooo hot
1 year ago
I know how you feel, I sucked a 60 year old man when I was 13 which led me to many sexual adventures with him and his old school boy cock loving mates
1 year ago
sexy storie
1 year ago
nice story Dylan!
1 year ago
lucky b`stard...
1 year ago
A dream come true for an old man and you!
2 years ago
Nice...very hot!!!
2 years ago
Nice job, very erotic.
2 years ago
Good but needs more
2 years ago
What a great horny experience!
2 years ago
yummmy storie weens the next chapter honey
2 years ago