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toilet peep holes

I know this toilet.....w/ the best peep holes.......u can see the girls face, as she closes the toilet door!

I love seeing the girls face....then, I switch to a lower peep-hole, n watch her pull her pants down......Most girls have really cute bums.....then squatting over the toilet.....i can see her pussy start to drip pee out her ofter hairy vagina!

Drips turn into gushing......and i can hear it hissing, as her pee squirts out her pink flaps.....and then back to a dribble, she stands up straight, n whips her pee soaked fanny.....all whilst I'm right next to her: inches away, on the other side of the wall wall, wanking my cum soaked dick!

She'd hear me, if i tossed it too fast, or moaned too load, as i see there privates![/video][/video]

Posted by dylan_jones 2 years ago
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9 months ago
no but I spy on guys in public bathrooms and have even sucked a few cocks there
2 years ago
I have done and am not proud but found it a huge turn on!
2 years ago
Love to spy and watch them pee
2 years ago
Anyone else spy on girls?????????