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When i was youmg, 14, i went to see some soapy stars, at the shopping centre.

There was a huge crush of mostly young girls... n i found myself cruch in the back of this short girl, who must have been years ypunger. slid my hands on her bum, slowly, but durelly, till my hands were cupping her bum.

This caused my dick to swell, pushed between her tight bum. I smelt hrt hsir, but soon i got csrried away... i eadged my hands on to her stomach... i stsrted humping her... She gave me a couple of looks... but i started to throb n i jizzed my pants, pressed into her bum.
Posted by dylan_jones 2 years ago
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1 year ago
ooooh sexy
1 year ago
I did somethng similar at the opening to the amusement park. We were all lined up to get in for a new roller coaster and when they opened the gates everyone was crowded and surrounded by the gruop. we were pushing and shoving trying to get in and I felt this kid next to me and his hand was on my cock. I reached over and groped his and before we got through the gates we both need to go to the restroom to wash out our shorts and underwear. I followed him in and we both went to a stall to suck each other off