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For Mr & Mrs B

Having chatted to Mrs B for sometime over the net, telling each other what we wanted, and her describing how wet she got when Mr B came home to read our chats in the day, Mrs B admitted that she couldnt wait to meet.

She said she could only do in the daytimes, as she wanted to meet me alone without Mr B at first.

Slightly confused by this, as we had always discussed a threesum, I still readily agreed.

Days went by and I kept imagining her sexy body in my arms, how good she looked in lingerie and doing all of the things we had chatted about.

The day of the meet eventually came along, and we agreed to meet in the hotel bar at twelve midday, have a glass of wine each and see where things led. She pushed the fact that she wanted to book the room herself, and we agreed that I would settle up with the hotel when i got there.

Arriving early I paid for the room and took the key off the very attractive receptionist. The room was fine, big bed and clean nice bathroom. I took a deep breath and took the lift down to the hotel bar.

I ordered a bottle of crisp dry white wine, with two glasses, took a seat in full view of the rest of the rom and waiting nervously.

She spotted me straight away, coming right over. I stood and kissed her cheek, hello Mrs B were my only words.

She smiled and replied hello, my eyes couldnt keep from staring at her chest.

As agreed she arrived at the hotel wearing a long black overcoat, undone to the point where her cleavage was visible, and looking down I gathered that the stockings i had requested were being worn.

I offer her a glass of wine which she duly accepts, only asking if she can borrow the key to the room, just to freshen up.

Of course, and I hand her the key. Give me five minutes and bring the wine up why dont you? she says cheekily.

I watch her walk away, my cock already rock hard at the thought of getting her into bed, i didnt even know her first name!

A long 5 minutes passed, so i went up to the room, the door slightly open.

As I push it open she points me to the side of the room and says why not put the wine there. I do, not noticing the bathroom door was shut. I turn to face her and without speaking she undoes her coat.

My cock twitches and my eyes stare at her, as I see her stood there in a sheer black bra (nipples hard and showing through), suspender belt, stockings and heels. 'As you requested i believe' she says smiling

We kiss and embrace and she undresses me as quickly as she can, my hands running all over her divine curves as she does so.

Pushing me onto the bed, she pulls down my tight boxers and moans as she takes my hard cock into her mouth. My god i think, she can really suck cock

Falling back on the bed as she sucks me, she then climbs on top me and teases my cock with the wet entrance to her pussy. She whispers not yet and carries on sliding up my body, her wet pussy now inches from my face. Please i beg and then she lwoers herself down, riding my tongue, letting me taste her juices.

Grinding on my face she starts to cum, and cum hard, graspi9ng the headboard as she tries to control her screams.

I lap up her flowing juices, moaning with delight at the taste of her.

Calming down she just whispers now, and lowers herself on my cock, i watch in awe at her gorgeous tits as they bounce in time with her fucking me.

Getting close to cumming myself my eyes close and my head turns to one side, and all of a sudden im surprised to feel something pushing into my mouth. My eyes open with shock to see a man stood naked and hard pushing his cock into my wanting mouth.

I look back to mrs b, 'say hello to mr b' is all she says, as he pushes his cock deep in my mouth and i start to suck.

@fuck i love watching that' Mrs B screams as she cums once again.

That was the start of the horniest afternoon of my life.

anyone want part two, then leave a comment please.

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1 year ago
Hot story!
2 years ago
Ca'nt say too much.....
HAVE to get to part 2....
ha ha
2 years ago
Yeah that was HOT!!
2 years ago
part two on the way
2 years ago
Would like to read the rest pls
2 years ago
yes please part 2 would be good
2 years ago
part 2 please