S.I.L Travel Trip

I was between business trips and had a long weekend to kill and instead of going all the way home I figured I would visit my b*****r and s****r in law for the long weekend. I arrived on Thursday night late s****r in law Debbie was sitting out on the porch waiting for me husband was fast asl**p had to work in the morning. When I pulled in driveway she came out and gave me a big hug and kiss on the lips that she held for a couple extra seconds and then let go. She was so excited to see someone from the f****y except her mom who lived a couple towns away. We sat on the porch and talked for about an hour then Debbie moved in close like I was an old boyfriend and started to rub leg and at that time I knew something was going to happen tonight. She leaned in and I did not even flinch when she kissed me I was thinking how far I can go. While she was kissing I slipped her some tong and that is all she needed. Debbie grabbed my cock thru my pains and it was half hard. She kept rubbing it as I started to rub her breasts, her nipples were rock hard. She undid my zipper and pulled out my cock and she had a little hesitation. Then she engulfed three quarters of my cock and did not even gag she kept it up for about 10 minutes when I blow a load in her mouth she swallowed all of it.
Debbie sat up took a swig of her drink and looked at me and asked how long before I’m ready to go again. I told her the more she played with it thee quicker it would be. We went into the house up to the spare room that is when I picked her up and placed her on the bed removing her shorts and thong. She was complete shave/waxed. I figured I owed her so I went down and played with her clit for some time and I eased in two fingers and brought her to an orgasm she grabbed my wrist and would not let go of it. I figured she was mid-way thru it so I wiggled my fingers and that is when she squirted all over me. She told me to stop and get up and lay on my back. She then took my cock completely in her mouth all seven and a half. She got me rock hard again and got up and rode me cowgirl until I let my second load of the night fill her up. She collapsed on me kissed me and said thanks. She kissed me and went to her bed.
The next morning she came up with a cup of coffee and sat on the edge of the bed. She said that Lance was gone until 5pm. My mind was rushing what could happen until 5. Debbie just got up and went back down stairs like nothing happened the night before. I went in and took a shower got dressed and went down stairs for some breakfast. It was around 9am and the phone rang it was Debbie daughter my niece asking if I arrived. Debbie handed me the phone to talk to her. We made planes for dinner that day.
When I hung up the phone and turned around Debbie was walking towards me and removing her bathrobe and PJ’s. I knew it was round two, as she came closer I picked her up and placed her on the counter to her surprise. She was eye level with me at this point. I parted her legs and started to rub her clit while sucking on her nipples she threw her head back with pleasure while I was working on her first orgasm. I lowered my shorts down and slowly started to f**k her she was digging my back with her nails thru her second orgasm of the morning. I picked her off the counter and went and sat in a chair and she was on my lap bouncing like I was a bouncy ball. This lasted about another 15 minutes and she was filled with her first load of the day. We kissed and she then wet in the shower.
About 3 hours later Janet arrived and she was like a k** in a candy store she was excited to see me almost as much as her mom. We sat and talked for a while waiting for Lance to come home. I was on my laptop doing some emails when it got quite in the other room. I slowly got up and walked in the other room to see Janet and Debbie making out and pinching each other’s nipples. I just walked back in the other room as quick and quite as possible.
About 30 minutes later the phone rang it was Lance saying he was on his way home that was the first time I saw the two of them. They both went into the bathroom to freshen up before Lance came home.
The four of us went out to dinner and had a couple of drinks and then went to the local bar to play pool and listen to a band. The pool area was dark except the lights for the tables. It was hard to see 2 tables away Janet was getting pretty tipsy along with her mom. Janet sat next to me as Debbie and Lance went to dance. She started rubbing my leg and telling me how great it was to see me. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips holding the kiss a little longer than normal. Lance and Debbie came back and we headed home. Janet and I sat in the back and she kept rubbing my leg and getting closer to my cock with each move. When we got home she asked if I could drive her home and Debbie said she would come for the ride and lance went in the house and we left. Janet was in the front and Debbie was in the back Janet kept up her antics until I grabbed her hand and placed it directly on my cock she did not pull away she rubbed it a couple times and I put my arm around her shoulder and pushed her towards she did not even hesitate. Janet did not even care that mom was in the back I figured she wouldn’t after what I saw earlier. She was almost as good as her mom. Debbie was looking over the seat and pushing Janet’s head down for her to take more. I was not going to last too long and when I did cum she took it all and sat up and kissed her mom and they swapped cum for a good 5 minutes before she swallowed what was left. When we arrived at her apartment she wanted us to come in I told her we needed to go home. On the ride home Debbie sat close to me and she was playing with my limp cock that is when I asked her how long her and Janet have been a couple she stopped as if how did I know. I told her that I saw them kissing that afternoon. She told me they have been doing it for about 4 years ever since Debbie caught her with another girl on her eighteenth birthday.
She was telling me that Lance does not even know about Janet’s sexuality Debbie say that Janet is Bi but leans more toward women and has a couple they play with on a regular basis. (Another story)

Debbie blew me again on the way home. When we went in Lance was out cold for the night and I said I needed to crash. Sunday was a laid back day Debbie would play grab ass and make out but that was it due to Lance being home.
Monday Lance was off to work and my flight left at noon, I was up early made coffee and was reading the paper when Debbie came out in her birthday suit. She walked up and sat on the end of the table and said breakfast is ready that was my hint that she needed one last long slow f**k. I played with her clit until she was fairly wet and I stood up and removed my close and slowly f**ked her. I then pulled her off the table and bent her over and did her from behind. I was playing with her a**h**e and she did not even flinch that was my time to do her in the a**. Gave it a couple of spits and then I slowly pulled out and placed my c**k head on the sphincter and slowly pushed in stopping every few inches until she was comfortable with what I was doing. I was about ¾ in when I paused and slowly pulled out until all but the tip was out and then I gave her all in one shot she gave a little moan and a few more pumps and o gave her an anal cream pie.
We cleaned up and I had to head off to airport.

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8 months ago
what a trip...
8 months ago
That was a great story! Wish I had a willing sister in law to do that!