fuck s****r for birthday pres

we are on hols from school mum and dad have left me at home with s****r because b*****r as hurt is shelf they had been gone twenty mins when s****r stood up and said she had special gift for me if i wanted it she said i am going for bath so you will have to come in bathroom to get it so i went up after her she let me in then locked us in there now she is doing strip tease now she as got in bath and said come on get ur clothes off and get in here with me i got in bath she said stay stood up so i did she started playing with my cock then she started sucking it then she laid down in bath with legs spread and said come on get i in here we were fucking in bath theg she said lets do it on carpet she was on hands and knees so i started lick both holes she started moaning so i laid he on her back and with one thrust my cock was deep inside her i was there fucking for twenty mins she said go on give my pussy ur cum i was doing her for ten mins when i came inside her she said she had morning after pill friend had given her i was getting dressed in bedroom she shouted dont pull ur boxers or jeans up i said why then she came into my room with her pony whip and send bend over she whacked my arse 30 strokes i got i kissed her and said thanks babe
35% (9/16)
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Posted by dwayne38
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4 years ago
Wow! I've seen a lot but no punctuation whatsoever? Impressive.
4 years ago
I just hope he keeps on fucking that little bitch while he learns to spell.
4 years ago
OK I have had a look at your profile and I know where you come from! I must say I thought south London but it seem's I was wrong! Even though you come from England you can't be English god I hope not!
4 years ago
maybe she is 13 or 14 yrs old, and she needs to study more spelling in school
4 years ago
So pleased someone else feels this way,,,,it seems to have been written by a 12 year old.
4 years ago
man learn how to spell and write stuff before you post something