woke up in shed tied to roof wearing nothing but n

i went to s****rs to cut some logs for her fire i had been there a couple of hours i started to feel tied s****r came out with drink it was warm so i drank it straight down i felt dizzy i said what did u put in drinks she just said just enjoy it what ever happens i went into shed then the next thing i woke up i was still in shed but i had been stripped and had nappy put on my legs were spread one tied to left side of shed and one tied to right side hands were tied together and they were up above head i had note left by s****r i moved top page and it said hi dwayne i have decided that i want u to be punished for being naughty boy i will come and see you at two in morning to see if my naughty baby needs changing if i find you have wet ur shelf then i will have to put you over knee spank ur bare bum until it is glowing if you have done p*o then you get extreme punishment first you will be taken to pond with nappy taken off and u wiil be told to sit in pond for twenty mins once you get out i will take you back to shed and while your bum is numb i will bend you over work bench tie you to it then you will be whipped at least 30 times then i am going to fist fuck u deep you will get to feel my fist and arm up to elbow in side you then i will let you lick my pussy and you will fuck me i want your cum inside me i got it all done to me because i did number 1 and 2 in nappy s****r is now my misress and she loves punishing me
34% (5/10)
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3 years ago
now that is short a shed with nothing sharpe in it yea right
4 years ago
awful just awful