Cock Tease Taken at Party

Cock Tease taken at party

My wife and I had been married 4 years when the following incident happened. We have been married for 30 plus years now. At the time Sue was a lovely sexy woman, a lovely wife and a mother of one c***d. She was 5 ft 7 inches tall, roughly 130-140 lbs, 36C breasts and a redhead. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.
I was attending a technical school and getting ready to graduate. A fellow student, Tom, was having a party at his apartment. Tom shared the two bedroom apartment with his girl friend (at the time, they later got married) Anne. So the party was a mix of Tom and Anne's friends. My wife Sue and I knew less than half the people at the party.
The party was a mix of several married couples, several unmarried couples (such as Tom and Anne), single men and women. My wife loves to party and tease guys while she does it, thinking it is harmless because at the end of the night she will be going home to me. I have told her many times that she is a cock tease and one day she will have to pay the piper. She also does it to turn me on since we have fantasized about her getting conquered by another man or to have a sexual encounter with another woman.
As the party eased thru the night several groups of people were congregating in different parts of the apartment. Anne and a group of her friends were in her bedroom having a somewhat private party, non-sexual but with recreational d**gs/liquor, another group in the living room playing party games and a group in the kitchen. I was in the kitchen with a clear view of the living room talking with several guys that I did not know. I think they were Tom and/or Anne's friends. All were single so you can imagine the conversation: sports, drinking, women and sex. Sue was in the living room playing the party drinking game "quarters". Quarters is where you try to bounce a quarter into a glass of beer/liquor. If you miss you have to drink, if you make it you get to choose who drinks. Most of the people at the party were 20-30 yrs old with an older gentleman who was controlling the "quarters" game who looked to be 40 or so.
Everyone who was invited to the party was asked to bring a bottle of liquor, some beer or contribute a donation of $20. Apparently some of the people invited took it upon themselves to invite others but forgot to explain the party request. Which led to more people than liquor for the party to last thru the night.
Sue was only one of two women in the "quarters" game. She was good at bouncing the quarter into the glass but so were some of the guys. The other gal was d***k relatively quickly. I was in and out of the conversation in the kitchen but the gist was the guys were trying to figure out how to get into the d***k gals pants. When my wife was the only female in the game the other guys ganged up on her trying to get her d***k as well. They had a rule in the game where a person could not be made to drink to drinks in a row, this way no one should get d***k too soon. One of the kitchen conversations included one guy telling another that he would love to fuck the redhead. I looked around and didn't recall seeing a redhead at the party other than my wife. The conversation got pretty graphic sexually. They did not know that the redhead was my wife. Bob told Don how he would love to have that cock tease redhead dancing on the end of his cock, he would teach her a lesson. He told us everything he would be doing if given a chance ending with fucking her in her virgin ass then leaving her with his cum dripping out of every hole for anyone to see.
My wife does fine drinking alcohol as long as she does not mix her drinks. Whatever she starts drinking she has to stick to for the night otherwise it gets to be a mess. As the quarters gam progressed Sue was starting to get a little d***k. When my wife starts getting d***k she is quite flirtateous and gets horny. Around midnight the party had run out of beer and needed someone to make a beer run. About the same time Sue had lost or was made to drink twice in a row. I was trying to convince her that had enough to drink and it was about time for us to go anyway. Also, she started saying things like, "Honey, if you want to be the father of our next c***d you better get in this game", and telling the guys in the game that she gets real horny when she drinks.
Tom asked Bob and Don to make a beer run. Don said OK but Bob hesitated saying he was getting ready to go himself. So Tom asked me to go with Don. Don was driving and I figured we would drive to the store that was 2 blocks away. When Don drove past the store I asked why and he said that there was a liquor store where he got a discount a couple blocks away. When we finally got back to the apartment was almost an hour later. I immediately started looking for my wife and saw her no where. The older gentleman in the drinking game said she needed to clear her head and went to the bathroom. There were two, one for each bedroom with the master bathroom off Tom's bedroom.
I went to Anne's bathroom looking for Sue and she wasn't there. The other gal in the game had passed out on Anne's bed. When I looked into Anne's bedroom the gal was naked on the bed with two women having a good time sucking on her breasts and licking her pussy. Apparently the gal had come to enough that Anne was over her mouth with the gal giving her pussy a good licking too.
I went to Tom's bathroom looking for my wife and it was locked. So I went to the bedroom door and it was locked too. I tried the bathroom door again and someone unlocked it as I tried the handle. There was one guy in the bathroom but he wasn't using the facilities, he was looking thru a small opening to the bedroom door from the bathroom. I turned the light on and he quickly swithced it off but not before seeing who I was. He apologized, made some comment under his breath that he thought I was Don and quickly left the bathroom. I was curious as to why he would be looking into the bedroom. ThenI started to hear voices coming from the bedroom. I thought I recognized one voice, Sue. The apartment was on the ground floor and had a patio with some light coming thru the patio door blinds. I was getting ready to open the bathroom door to the bedroom when I heard my wife say "I can't I am married".
My mind starts racing. She can't do what because she is married. So I peeked thru the door opening that the guy I surprised in the bathroom was looking thru.
In the faint light I can see my wife and Bob standing close to one another next to the bed. Bob is kissing Sue, giving her his tongue and she is not putting up much of a fight. When Bob breaks the kiss Sue is panting like a bitch in heat. Sue had wore a summer dress to the party. I did not see the undergarments she chose to wear. The dress buttoned up the front. While Bob was kissing Sue he was unbuttoning the dress. Bob started kissing Sue's neck and caressing her back and bottom. Sue kept pleading that she shouldn't be doing this because she was married saying, "Please don't. Stop, I am married". Bob stopped kissing and caressing Sue. He reached for the front of the dress, opened it and pushed it off her shoulders. Sue acted surprised when she asked Bob what was he doing. Sue standing there in lacy black bra and panties. This was the outfit she wore whenever she wanted sex, it never failed to arouse me. Standing in the faint light of a strange bedroom with a strange man she looked sexy beyond words.
Bob stepped forward pressing his body against Sue, kissing her neck and the tops of her breasts as he caressed her ass covered by the black lacy panties. He kissed and licked up her breasts and neck until he pressed his lips to hers again. Once again she did not put up much of an argument. I was beginning to wonder if Sue thought she was in control of the situation and would leave another man frustrated with a hard cock. As Bob kissed Sue he was fondling her breasts thru the bra, reaching in the top to pinch her hard erect nipples. He pulled away from the kiss and Sue leaned forward as if searching for his mouth his touch.
I think Bob knew he had her but wanted to really set the hook and land this redhead cock tease. Bob said. "You are right. You are married. This is wrong. We better stop." Sue stepped forward and pressed her lips to Bob's whimpering, "A little kissing harms no one." I sensed Bob was smiling. Little did he realize that Sue was a masterful cock tease. After kissing and tonguing Bob for several passionate minutes Sue stepped back to put a stop to the situation. Sue had met her match in Bob though. While they were kissing Bob had unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor at her feet. Her breasts fully exposed nipples hard and erect. Bob started pulling, rolling and twisting Sue's nipples which seem to have a direct line to her pussy. Her pussy juice runs like an open tap when her nipples are aroused and touched. I could hear little moans and whimpers coming from Sue's lips. She started begging Bob to let her go again saying, "Please don't. Stop, I am married". Instead he crushed his lips to hers while he kept the pressure up on her breasts and nipples. While his mouth and left hand were kissing and sucking on her breasts, his right hand worked its way into her panties spreading her wetness over her pussy lips. As he did more moans and whimpers escaped Sue's mouth. The begging and pleading with Bob, "Please don't. Stop, I am married" became more a cry for help. I felt sorry for my wife and was getting ready to stop the whole thing until...
Bob was massaging her clit and Sue responded by humping her pussy on his fingers. Bob started to withdraw his hand from rubbing her pussy but Sue grabbed his wrist looking into his eyes begging him to continue. Bob said he had a better idea, told Sue to remove her panties and lay back on the bed so he could lick her pussy. Sue loves getting her pussy licked almost as much as she loves getting fucked. Sue slid her panties down her legs to pool at her feet before stepping out of them. Bob kept fingering her pussy to keep the fires stoked finally thrusting two fingers into her pussy then withdrawing them to show her how wet they were covered in her juice. Sucking her juice off his fingers made her lay back on the bed and spread her legs. Bob moved forward licking up her legs to her inner thighs, licking around her pussy mound being careful not to touch her pussy lips. Sue was begging and pleading with Bob to PLEASE PLEASE lick her pussy as he promised. She spread her legs wider to give him better access. Slowly Bob flicked his tongue across her pussy lips making Sue jerk. As he slowly parted her lips with his tongue he reached up to continue playing with her nipples. Sue placed her hands over Bob's hands on her breasts. Bob licked Sue's pussy from bottom to top pressing his tongue more f***efully against her clit causing Sue to jerk even more. Sue was well on her way to an explosive orgasm.
Knowing her like I did I knew she was probably figuring that getting her pussy licked was still a victory if she could walk out of there leaving Bob with a stiff cock. Bob must have been thinking along the same lines because as her body started to shake he stopped eating Sue's pussy and stood up. Sue asked him what was he doing? While kneeling at her pussy Bob had undone his pants and let them drop to the floor exposing his hard cock. Sue had a look of shock on her face. Bob was turned slightly away from my view so I could not see what Bob had exposed to her. Pulling her by her legs Bob slowly pulled Sue off the bed until her feet hit the floor. Standing her up Bob kissed her hard on the mouth. Sue does not like the taste of her own pussy but she grabbed Bob's face sucking and devouring his tongue as if she could not get enough. Then putting pressure on her shoulders f***ed her to the floor on her knees in front of him. Bob had turned slightly to give what he thought was a better view to his friends in the bathroom but instead it was me. I must have had a look similar to Sue's as I looked upon Bob's monster cock. Bob's cock was at least 10 inches long and thick as a coke can topped by a big menacing cock head. You could see the veins running the length of his monster cock.
Sue looked at the cock before her with awe. She kept looking from the cock up to Bob's eyes. Her eyes questioning what to do, what was he wanting her to do with all that cock meat. Bob grabbed a handful of hair and brought Sue's mouth to his cock. Pressing his cock head against her lips, waiting for her to open them. When Sue opened her mouth to say something Bob f***ed his cock into her mouth. Bob moved her mouth back and forth over his cock, telling Sue what to do. Realizing she was not going to get out of this without blowing Bob she started getting more enthusiastic in her sucking. She started jacking Bob's monster cock with both hands as she mouthed the cock head. Sue enjoyed sucking my cock but would never complete the task. She always would stop before I could cum in her mouth. She even hated the taste of the pre-cum, sometimes refusing to blow me if I was leaking any pre-cum. Bob let her play her game because he had other plans for his cum load. Still grasping a handful of her hair Bob pulled Sue's mouth off his monster cock. Leaving Sue gasping for breath her eyes again pleading with Bob.
The bed consisted of a box spring and the mattress on the floor. This provided the perfect height to fuck Sue doggy style. Bob turned Sue on her knees towards the bed. Sue looked at him questioning what he planned to do. Bob dropped to his knees behind Sue, rubbing his cock and enormous cock head through her pussy lips. Teasing her mercilessly, he would pull back and let her move her pussy around searching for that monster cocks touch. All the time Sue would remind Bob that she was married pleading with him over and over "Please don't. Stop, I am married". Bob finally had teased her enough and shoved his big fat cock head into Sue's pussy. Sue kept muttering"Oh my gawd" again and again. Bob told her he couldn't resist sticking his cock into her tight pussy. The front of Sue's legs were pressed against the bed so she had no where to run and Bob could do whatever he wanted at this point. Bob slowly started pushing his thick cock into her tight clenching pussy. Feeding it a few inches at a time. Sue was pleading with Bob to stop, reminding him she was married. Bob kept pushing a little more of that long thick cock into her pussy until he had stuffed a little more than half of it into her pussy. Letting it sit for a few minutes and after listening to Sue whimpering "PLEASE DON'T, Stop! I am married" Bob started to slowly withdraw his monster cock from Sue's tight super wet pussy until just the head remained at the entrance. Time seemed to stand still but it was only a minute or two that Sue dropped her head between her arms resting on the bed, started whimpering "PLEASE DON"T STOP! PLEASE FUCK ME!" as she slowly started sliding her soaked pussy onto Bob's cock.
Grinning Bob waited until she had the six inches or so he was feeding Sue before. When she got to that point Sue started sliding forward again. As she slowly slid her pussy on and off the monster cock building to an earth shattering orgasm, Bob asked her if she wanted ALL of his cock. Sue whimpered "YES". Bob grabbed hold of her hips and slammed the last few inches into her cunt. Sue's head jerked back with her mouth open but nothing coming out. Bob started to vigorously fuck Sue's cunt slamming the full length of his monster cock into her cunt and pulling back out to the extremely large menacing cock head. Bob asked her, "How does that married cock teasing cunt feel with my big cock fucking it?". Sue resigned to her fate replied, "Shut up and keep fucking me. Just don't cum in me. I don't want to risk getting pregnant with your bastard c***d." Bob started fucking her harder until she started whimpering, " Oh Gawd! Please don't stop! I am almost there, I am getting ready to cum." Bob repied, "So am I, should I pull out now?" Sue looked back over her shoulder, biting her lip torn between wanting to cum and not wanting Bob to cum in her. She hung her head saying, "Just fuck me!"
Bob smiled triuphantly as he again plowed the conquered cock teases cunt with the full length of his monster cock. Half-dozen full strokes and Bob was bellowing, "I am cumming, I am cumming, take my bastard c***d cum slut! The blast of his cum set Sue off too. "Gawd, I am cummmiiinnnggg. I'm ccccuuuummmiiiinnnngggg, Gawd it feels so good!" I could tell by the clenching of Bob's ass that he was dumping load after load into Sue's pussy. After their orgasms subsided a little Bob pulled his big cock from Sue's pussy soaked with their combined juices. Bob climbed onto the bed next to Sue, sucking on her breasts and then giving her a very passionate kiss. The he moved his big cum soaked cock to her lips, wiping it across her lips until she opened her mouth, sliding it in telling her to lick it clean. After Sue had sucked and licked his cock clean of their juices he pulled it from her mouth saying, " I had better stop now before I have to fuck that married sloopy cunt again." Bob then got up, got dressed leaving the bedroom door open as he left with Sue laying on the bed with her pussy leaking their love juices dripping onto the bed.
I entered the bedroom and shut the door before anyone that was left at the party walked in to see Sue laying there. I walked to the bed and started rubbing Sue's legs. As if by sexual instinct she started rising to her knees expecting Bob to shove his cock back into her pussy. Taking advantage of the situation, I shoved several fingers into her messy cunt and then moved them to her mouth telling her to lick it clean. Sue didn't hesitate, we repeated this several times until she finally looked up and seeing it was me she started sobbing. I just leaned over and whispered into her ear, "I told you your cock teasing ways were going to catch up to you one day, today you paid the piper." I then helped her from the bed and helped her get dressed.
Most of the partiers had left. Tom was passed out on the living room couch. The old guy was sitting in a recliner sipping a beer. He raised it, giving a knowing nod as if he knew what had happened in the bedroom. Sue had left her purse in Anne's room, so we went to get it. Anne was eating out the pussy from the d***k gal and by the sounds of it doing a very good job. I whispered to Sue, maybe she will do you next but you might have to reciprocate. She gave me a look of disgust saying, "You are a pig! Take me home, I feel sick."
However, that is for another story...

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1 month ago
fuck me.... that was an awesome story, love to hear about slut wives that cock tease and end up being fucked,i had a great wank reading it....
4 months ago
Brilliant story. Would be honker if it were true