Young Discoveries

by Dutts Stadler

This is a true story I WROTE about growing up and discovering your body a it
changes and matures. This is an innocent and awkward experience I had along the way, not unlike what most of us might have experienced;

When I first started to learn how to jack off I would lock myself in the
bathroom and jack off on the floor. The first time I shot sperm from my
cock was when I was only nine years old and in the 4th grade! I'd been growing a small patch of coarse dark pubic right above my dick for about a year, and was plagued with had hard-ons all the time. I'd seen my b*****r jacking off
and wondered what it was all about. I would get a hard-on and
would jack on it forever, but nothing would happen. I did this allot.

After swimming one day, I was in the mens public dressing room and saw
a k** about my age sitting completely naked on a towel with a boy size hard-on. He was holding it in one hand, and rubbing the under edge of 'the head' with the other. It was a crowded hot sunny weekend day, and was
real crowded, with men and boys in various stages of dressing. Allot of
full grown hairy cocks swung, mixed in with different sized cocks on boys of
every size and age. He looked intensively focused on all the naked men's
penises, and showed no sign of apprehension, but just kept rubbing with a real determined look on his face.  Apparently no one had ever
shamed him not to play with his cock around other people, and all those
naked penises really turned him on. He may have never shot any sperm from his
penis yet, but looked close as his toes pointed, and stiffened legs lifted off the bench slightly a couple times as his body grew rigid.
Occasionally, he would wipe his hand under his arm pits, then sniff his body odor in a big whiff.

I kept trying to keep him from seeing me starring at him, as my boy penis immediately stiffened through my wet swim suit. His rubbing intensified, as his ribcage
filled with deeper and deeper breaths. His legs continued to lift and stiffen, as a red flushing began subtly washing over his face and upper chest. I slowly walked over to him holding my towel so no one could see
my concealed hard cock and whispered; "go over to the
toilets and I'll show you my cock". I slid my towel to the side and showed
him my erect penis as he glanced down without missing a beat. He  
nodded yes, as his rubbing made him shudder when he saw it was hard just like his.

As I walked across the dressing room with my towel down around my waist, I turned to see him following me completely naked with his stiff penis sticking straight up swinging back and forth with every step. I continued around the corner past the urinals to a toilet stall way in the back that was empty. I was only 10 and he looked about my age, or maybe a year
older but had a little bigger patch of hair over his cock. Growing hair on my cock had always embarrassed me. But before long I learned
it was part of becoming a man, and that soon I would be ejaculating clear sperm all over my stomach, so I figured it was

I nodded him into the stall latching it shut behind us. He looked a little confused as I whispered, "do you want me to show you how to make your cock feel really super good?" Then I pulled my tight swim suit down around my knees as my
penis sprung from the elastic waist band standing straight up like his. His eyes got real big and he began to rub the under side of his cock head more intently. He'd probably never seen another boys erect cock close up like that. I asked him, "does it feel good when you rub it like that"? He said, "yea, it feels pretty good... I do it all the time. It feels real good. Do you like to rub your penis too?" I said, "yea. Have you ever made sperms shoot out of it before?". I had learned this word from my older
b*****r, and that that was what made babies. He looked confused and said,
"no, what are sperms?" He continued holding his cock with
his left hand, rubbing the underside of the head in circles with his
open palm. I said "I've got a better way of doing it, and if you do it long enough you'll get this really super good feeling." He looked down as I gripped my cock with two of my index fingers, then began jacking off by pulling the fore skin over the head of my cock over and over on each stroke. 

My cock was still growing, and I couldn't fit my whole fist on it yet, but I had unusually big balls that slapped loud when I jacked off. I said, "do it like this" as I took his cock in my hand, and started jacking him off. His cock was exactly the same size as mine, but maybe a little fatter. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back and started to breath real deep. "That feels super good, let me try". He followed my lead and gripped his penis and
began to stroking up and down, pulling his ample fore skin over his mushroom head they way I was doing it. He caught on really fast, and seemed to like the way his hairless balls bounced
around to the beat. "OOOOOH," he moaned, "this feels pretty good!"

I asked him "do you ever shoot sperms out yet"? He said "what's that?" We
both continued to jacking off while facing each other. He didn't know what
that meant, but his increased pace indicated he was soon to find out. He
just kept starring at our beating cocks with wide intensity. I said, "it feels better and better, then you tighten all up and sperms
shoot out of your pee hole everywhere. It's clear and sticky, and sometimes white once and a while. It feels so good you won't believe it! That's the stuff that
makes babies". "Really", he said. I shook my head, "yea, just keep going, you'll know what I mean in just a minute".

Pre-cum was oozing from both of our cocks by now, and we were starting to twitch a little every other stroke. This signaled he was old enough that he could make sperm come out of his penis. Besides, he had hair on his cock, and I couldn't shoot sperms until I got hair on mine. I asked him if it felt good yet? He whispered "yes, I've never done it
this way before". I said I was getting pretty close, and "do you know what will happen pretty soon?"
He grunted, "what"?  "You will get real warm and start to feel really
really good. Your legs will stiffen up, so be careful not to stumble, then sperm will start to squirt out of your
penis".  "It will feel really super good", he asked? I said, "yea, just watch. I was already starting to struggle, standing
on my tip toes as my body began to grow rigid. I steadied myself against the stall wall as we all
worked toward our ejaculations. "You've never squirted sperms ever" I asked?  He
shook his head no. "What is sperm again?" "Like I said before, it's what babies
are made from. When your cock is hard like now, you put it into a girls hole between her legs and hump. That means
when you squirt sperms into a girls crotch crack. She has a hole between her legs where an erect penis will slide into, and
it's really neat" I said.

 Sweat was beginning to bead on our foreheads as our bodies began straining posturing awkwardly like
straining a****ls. Thin black hair was beginning to grow on his upper lip,
an indication of the onset of early manhood. "White or 'clear-like' stuff
will come out and spurt everywhere like pee, but much much better," I
said. "Just watch, and keep doing what I'm doing", as I guided him through his
first orgasm.

His fist and balls whipped faster and faster as his breath deepened. He
sensed something really important, as our little boy
bodies teetered to our approaching ecstasy. We jacked and jacked with
increasing uncontrolled rhythm, my new buddy drifted closer to nirvana as he began to
grunt. I think he now understood what I meant when I told him that 'it would feel really super good.

Just then, I noticed an older boy peering through the crack in the
door. I got really scared and slowed my fist and held my breath. I don't
know how long he'd been there watching, but we were making allot of noise breathing
heavy, whispering and moving around in the stall. Besides, it was a cement bathroom with a real pungent chlorine smell from the swimming pool, and the room real echoey. He was completely naked too, maybe two or three years older and several inches taller with red hair. Probably f******n, and had more hair around his penis. He stepped away and stood
with his cock hanging out at the urinal pretending to pee, not to
notice the action in our stall. He had a whopper of a cock; much fatter and
longer than both of ours, as he slowly began to rub it up and down. I said
"look at that guys big penis." My jack off buddy was now peeking through
the crack, his fist sliding a little slower over his cock. "That's a huge one" he said as we stroked away. The older boys
penis was inflating like an enormous sausage. He moved his hand to the side slightly for us to get a good look, trying not to let on her knew we were watching him in amazement. It
inched higher and higher, growing thicker and thicker until it stood up like it was attached to the wrong sized body! It looked like it
didn't fit on him, and now there were three guys with erect penises in the
same bathroom. He slowly began stroking his gigantic horse cock slowly, as his balls began to bouncing and swing back and forth.

My new buddy cracked the stall door open and showed him that we had erections too, as we continued
masturbating. "You can come in here and shoot your sperms with us if you want to," I said. "We're both getting pretty close to shooting ours, and I'v never seen a penis that large before." With
that, the older boy slid in. His cock was fat and full grown, as he began to
pound away like he was trying to catch up or something. His big balls
slapped with the same pace as mine.

I whispered, "does that feel good?" He grunted "yea, I do it everyday
here". "
 Wow, I hope I can grow my cock that big when I get older." My buddy
said "oh, you will. I just turned 15, and last year, I could only fit a couple fingers around it like yours. Now my whole fist fits around with
room to spare. It's nearly 9" inches long." That was as big as both of ours
combined, and real hairy. "Can I feel it?" my buddy asked. "Sure", the
older boy said. With that, he wrapped his entire fist around it in
amazement and jacked it up and down. "Yea," the older boy cooed, "just like
that". "You're cock is huge", my new sperm buddy replied. "I wish mine
grows that big too."

"This is his first time at squirting sperm," I said to the older boy as my
buddy shook his head yes. He was back to rubbing his own cock. "I found him
jacking off in front of everyone in the dressing room a few minutes ago," I
said. "Does it feel better jacking in front of other guys penises while
they watch you?" the older boy said. "He doesn't know how good it feels to
squirt sperm yet", I said. "Oh Boy, this will be fun", the older boy
said. By now clear pre-cum ozzed from his big penis. His pubic hair had a
musky smell. The stall now was beginning to get sweaty, as the three of us
worked our penises up and down. I smelt B.O, and asked the older boy to
lift up his arm so I could sniff his pits. It was really bad B.O. and all
hairy. This somehow made my cock throb even harder. I felt a twinge in my
balls, and the 'grown up' smell seemed to cause my sperm to build up even
harder. My new buddy sensed my reaction and and bent forward to get a
sniff. "Ohhh," he quietly moaned. It seemed like it had the same effect on
him too. It was like we were a****ls, all sweaty, jacking off together in
that toilet stall. I wiped my hand under his pits and sniffed it as I
stroked my cock.

We had all been beating now for about 8 minutes, as I felt the first
twinges of sperm beginning to build up in my balls. "Mine's almost here", I
announced as my legs tightened. My new buddy was now straining in an
awkward way as I sensed his approaching climax. "Come on now little buddy",
the older boy coached, his hairy fist disappearing over the head with each
stroke of his enormous penis. "Watch me shoot my sperm, and don't worry" he
assured him, "just let it happen". We were all jacking our cocks the same

 With that, the older boy began to quiver. "It's stating to come now,
..... it's...... it's ..... coming, .... it's...., UUG,..... UGG .......
His penis begin to spasm uncontrollably. Thick white ropes of semen shot
from his pounding fist.

 In his frenzy, an agonizing expression fell over face as he
ejaculated. His chest heaved, "OH, OH, OOOOH"! He was now on his tip toes,
trying to steady himself. With his body rigid and head whirling, my little
buddy's eyes widened as he looked on in amazement. "That is the sperm part
I was telling you about," I said. He twitched, then our orgasms
began. F... F... Feels really good huu?" as I pounded ......., first
squirt. He couldn't talk. Suddenly, a spray of clear glistening semen shot
from his little stiff prick like a hot jet onto my chest. "AAAHHHH!" he
gasped as his little body strained to keep jacking. The sight of my new
buddies utter disbelief of what was happening, made my sperms squirt even
harder. Our bodies began shuddering to our newly matured ability to
ejaculate semen from our penises.

My first stream shot out onto his beating fist, mixing with his first
sperms on his slickened penis. Contraction after contraction, sperm shot
from every direction. "MY SPERM IS COMING ........" I grunted, as more
clear squirts cleared both of our pounding fists. I could hardly believe we
were feeling the same 'good feeling' together. "OH SHIT!" he muttered, as
his fourth or fifth contraction whirled over his hairless shuddering body
. Little boy jets of glistening clear liquid semen and sperms, shot in
every direction, spattering onto the floor and walls, pooling with the
older boys thick white ropes. We didn't care about where it
squirted. Nothing mattered as we shuttered to our 'sperm-seizures'. "IT,
grunted as he strained to keep his smaller fist pounding. His facial
contortions made me shoot even harder.  I thought I only made that face. It
amazed me that we were ejaculating almost the exact same way.

My new buddy and I kept eye contact all the way through, as if our
straining faces communicated the pace of our ejaculations. It was so
intense for him, he might of been a little scared and needed my reassurance
that everything was OK, and to just keep squirting. He looked like he was
in agony. My face did too. I guess all boys faces look like that when they
jack their sperms off.

Clear cum glistened on our hands as gooey streams surrounded us. My new
buddy was leaning on the toilet by now, panting as his hand slowing to the
last few contractions. "OOOOOHHHH ......., that felt really good" he
said. The older boy was just finishing his last few squirts too as a hunk
of thick white sperm flung onto the stall wall. "Pretty soon your sperm
will thicken and turn white like mine," said the older boy.  "Your cock
will grow more hair, and will get allot bigger too" I said. "Whew," he
replied. "I've never felt my cock like that before in my life!"  "Guy's
cocks are really fun", my buddy said. "I can't wait to show my little
b*****r". "He's beginning to get hair on his cock too". "I bet he'll have
sperm pretty soon too that I can show him how to shoot!"

 A bleachy sweaty smell filled the stall. My last contraction had flung
onto my buddy's hairless ball sack and was now oozing off onto his
thigh. It even had some 'white' in it like my big b*****r's. I was getting
just old enough that my sperm was beginning to turn white. I was getting
hair under my arm pits too. This was a sign that I was becoming a man.

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2 years ago
A great way to learn...! I wished! Thanks
2 years ago
Great story!