At the pub (in de kroeg TRANSLATED)

Hi, my name is Tashina. I grew up in a small village and ive always been wondering, if this was all there is. Luckily for me, i found out it wasn’t. This is my story.
Currently Im in a relationship with Mr. J. We met at the bar in a nearby village. (they didnt have any fun bars at my own). After quite some drinks i went outside for a smoke. The average age of the ppl there was between 45 and 65 yrs. That’s why i was verry pleased to see 2 guys smoking outside to. They might be 30, (i was 21 at that point), but it was a nice view. One of them was Mr J. the other was a tall guy, both dressed in black. Not the goth style, but more idc/toughboy/army style. (combat shoes, leather jacket etc). Of course i saw them, but i was leaning against the door as if i didnt, grabbing a sigaret and looking for the lighter. “want a light?” asked the tall guy. Faking being suprised i look his way. Ofcourse! Thanks. With a big smile and keeping his eyes on me for just to long, he light my sigaret. I’m just about to turn away when Mr J. asks me my name. I awnser him and he tells me his name is Mr j, but he jokes i can call him J. The tall guy is Mr Z.
Since i was bored anyways we both walked back in. We d***k a few more beers when the barowner asked us kindly to leave his place, because it was closingtime. This bar was more a shed than a bar, since this village is almost as small as the village i live in. It was stationed in the middle of nowhere. We smoked one more sigaret outside when the last d***k got thrown out of the bar. The barowner wishes us a good eve and shuts the door. A bit later we see him leave the bar in his car. Conversations go from good to better, while i get a bottle of vodka out of my bag. (a girl never leaves her house unprepared ;). We sit down against the building with the bottle of vodka. One of us must have sit against the door, since the door opens. In our current vibe, we agreed it was a great idea to enter the bar again and take place on the bar stools. Lovely, a quiet pub all to ourselves!
While talking and drinking i noticed that J puts his hand on my knee. I didnt care and sipped nonchalant of my glass. On purpose i continue the story with Z. i notice he moves more and more towards me with his chair. Once the topic was about sex, (ofc) they talk about it as if its the best invention since mankind. (ok i agree). Anyways, i let them know it has been a while for me. They looked at me shocked. Almost blushing i look at my fingers nervously tapping the glass. Why did i say that..i thought to myself. In the corners of my eye i see them look at eachother and wink. The hand of J, still on my knee, slided slowly towards the inside of my leg. I was wearing a skirt with a panty, high heels, and tight closing shirt with just to much boob shown. I felt myself turning red. what if Z saw this? Btw, shouldnt i get to know J a little bit more first? A lot of questions went trough my head but i didnt get time to think about it.
Before i knew i felt 2 warm lips in my neck. It was Z kissing me softly. “guys PLS..” i coulnt finish my scentence cause Z kissed me on my mouth and pushes his tongue between my lips. In the mean time the hand of J went up and pinches my upper inside of my leg teasing. I noticed my breath stopped for a sec, when it continues getting more heavy. While i alowed this all to happen, Z dragged me on the bar and put me on my back. I struggled for a bit and said: “cmon pls dont!”. The guys laughed and J ripped my panty from my leg to my g-string. I screamed. GUYS! But my scream isnt heared since Z pulls my boobs out of my shirt and start kissing from my neck to my boobs. The boob not touched by his tongue gets touched by his rough hands.
In the mean time i feel J pulling my g-string and exposing my shaven pussy. He pulls my legs on the side so he has a good view of it all. At that moment i feel to hot to do anything about it. He jumpes on the bar to. He spreads my pussy and I feel his hot breath between my legs, while his finger teases my clitoris.
In the mean time Z has put off his shirt and i see his great body. Fuck those porn movies. This is for real! He opens his belt and pulls out his dick. Im not so much of a dicklover, but this one was AWESOME. Big, long, and verry hard. I grabbed him at his loose belt and pull him towards me. I lick my lips and slowly push his hard stick into my mouth. With my tongpiercing i started to stroke his dickhead wile jerking off the part not in my mouth . slowly i put his dick deeper and deeper inside my mouth, increasing and decreasing speed. I hear him moaning, and i cant hold it in myself, cause J has found the way to my clit and starts to lick and suck it full of passion. Every time he notices my breath getting more heavy, he stops and continues even more fierce. Then he puts his finger in my pussy without any warning. AUCH! DAMN! I was already wet but im not used to get a finger in my tight pussy just like that. It barely fits sometimes. while im still sucking Z, J is taking his dick out of his pants wile still licking me. Damn thats one nice dick he has there!
Z pulls hit dick out of my mot hand sais to me: ‘are u ready..?” i look at him and ask ”ehm for what?”. I feel my head turning red again. “im gonna fuck u, and im gonna fuck u hard, lil girl! Weather u like it or not!” Like it? i would almost beg him to, but the size of his dick makes me a lil scared. “you wont hurt me will u?” i ask. “ofcourse not, maybe just a little at first” he winks. J stops licking and takes over the place of Z. “Suck me like u sucked Z” J sais. Without doubt i take his dick in my mouth. Damn it tastes great. Cause of my focus on the BJ, i didnt see Z got between my legs. He pulls my legs wider and pressed against the opening of my pussy with his dick. “Fuck! Ur tight” he sais. While he sais the words i feel more pressure on my puss and feel his way to big dick slide inside me. Out of terror i bite softly in the dick of J. AUCH!. Before i feel the sharp pain of his big dick crushing my pussy, he pulls him in even further and starts to go in and out. Great feelings make place for the pain. In and out, IN.. and out.. in.. and out… he takes it out fully and pushes it in again all the way. At every pound he does i feel my pussy glowing more and more and my clit swells up. The bar is getting covered with my cuntliquid. J noticed it and said to me: ”u dirty lil whore! U mess up the bar! U should be punished!” like i wanted to make up i started sucking thet dick of J even harder, but he pulls it out of my mouth. He slapps my breasts with his dick. “no u lil whore, i got a better idea! Z, turn her on all fours”.
Drouzy of hornyness i let the muscular Z turn me on my belly. “hands and knees u whore!” he yells. At this point i dont care what he calls me anymore. And im bein fucked like a whore aren’t i? obediant i sit on hands an knees. Z glides under me and puts his dick in me again. Damn is feels so good. Every time i think he cant get any deeper, his dick hits a deeper spot in my cunt. In the mean time J has his finger in the pool of pussyjuice and puts it in my pussy without warning. AHH! Omg it felt so weird, cause i never had something in my butt before. He pushes it in deep and sais: “you wanna get my dick in already, or should i warm u up first?” Just the finger was such a shock already, so i asked him if he wanted to warm me up, whatever that may mean. While im enjoiing the double penetration , i feel J taking out his finger and feel something verry cold and way bigger shuffing in. Totally Shocked i look behind me and i see him putting in the bottle of vodka. While depereatly trying to get used to the cold bottle, he puts it in even further till he gets to the bigger part. “here it comes, dont be alarmed” he sais. With sliding in and out the bottle he pulls in the bottle further and further. It really hurts but it feels great at the same time.
He reaches in hij pants on the floor and gets a little botle out of it. “this looks like something for u, it helps warming up” sais J. without asking he sprays it over my clit, pussy and ass. Immediately i feel it glowing and het dick of Z seem to become bigger and reaching for my G-spot. “What the hell is this?” i ask with eyes wide open. “pleasuregel, specially made for people like you, it makes the whole experience 3 times as vivid. I dont believe shit of this stuff so u can try it out for me.” It all is starting to get blurry, and all i feel is so more intense, so lovely and bad at the same time.. i didnt notice J putting his dick inside me, but when he does it feels like all orgasms i’ve ever had, emerge to one big feeling of extacy. The feeling of my clit, the big dick of Z still pounding me and the dick of J of course. I barely notice things around me and that the strechting of my arse makes it bleed a little. I dont give a fuck, cause it feels FANTASTIC! I start breathing heavy and moaning, louder and louder untill i feel something fromt he inside of me. Ik feels like it SPRAYS out of me and i feel wet drupps on my face and over my belly. It goes out of me pulsating and it feels like it never gonna stop anymore. I dont want it to, cause this is the best orgasm ive ever had. This is the first time i squirt, even though i didnt knew it at that point.
At the same time Z and J start to moan to while they push there dicks deeper and deeper in me. I feel a warm moist feeling inside of me at both holes. After fucking a bit more both guys pull out there dicks and i feel there cum dripping out of me. Breathing heavily they lay down on the bar next to me. This was the best experience of my life. “next Saturday again?” is ask laughing.
Every time my f****y asks me how i got to know Mr J, im not honest about that most of the times ;)

Ps: this story has been translated from dutch. So its possible the tekst isn’t the best English, ever still i hope u enjoy. I did to.

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5 months ago
Sexy start of Your relationship!
I really hope to read more from
your erotic experiences here

Sweet kisses: ***** Poet PETER
5 months ago
Automated censoring of some taboo words
American influence as violence is fine
but one can not have some siblings as
they want to ban any possibility of
making love with close relatives!

I protested many times at the admins
that they apply this to any language
I checked it in French German ad Polish

One way to fool the program is to spell
differently as in fam1ly sle3p r4pe ;)
Why one can't sleep is a rare riddle

BTW, great story - I could help you
in editing if you like to write more
Kisses from old Amsterdams logo X X X
Let's friend here! ***** Poet PETER
1 year ago
sletje pur sang supposed !
X marc
2 years ago
damn i love it
2 years ago
Naughty naughty....good story
2 years ago
the * means censorship... Words like grape also will be shown with *, so you read g****
Same with sisters and brothers, or kids...
Also dutch words that have english "forbidden"words in them are censored, so "oprapen" will show as "op****n"!
2 years ago
Very very sexy story more please
2 years ago
ehm idk why but the first 2 ***= drunk, last one is family.
2 years ago
Great sweetie ~ more please ~~~ rrroar, now you made me horny, gotta read again & wank :)))