Suzy Saves the Day (And the company.)

“Miss Swanscombe, please come in here a moment. There is something i must discuss with You.” Suzy entered the office, I could not but help smile to see Her, She was after all utterly ravishing. “Ah, thank You Suzy. You can't have failed to notice that recently sales have been dropping and our future in the industry is looking rather rocky... However i have hopefully secured a financial backer, You know Mr. Matsunaga, he has visited us here once or twice i'm also quite certain You noticed he is quite taken with You...? i'm certainly not going to pressure You into this, but if we please Enzo it will secure the jobs of all the workf***e here, not just You and i. He has requested that he be permitted to witness Your as he puts it "chastisement" for Your continued perceived insults to him.”
Suzy’s beautiful face remained impassive, but there was the briefest flicker in Her eyes of surprise, and perhaps a little delight. “i'm not really sure exactly what he means or intends but i think we can assume it will be at the very least humiliating and maybe even painful. i'm not going to order You to submit to this, indeed i'm not sure i'm happy to see You punished, fond as i am of You. However the fact remains we need a financial backer and he is willing. What do You say Little Suzy? Of course there will be a significant bonus for You if You agree. Please think carefully on it and let me know when You have reached a decision, please also take Your time in deciding; i do not want to rush You. But if You agree please know that i have the utmost respect for You and can't deny that the idea is one which i find exciting too. If You do agree to this though we would get the most professional person to do it, someone who would be confident and completely unlikely to injure You inadvertently. Even if i think i infer from his request that he prefers that i administer to You, i don't think You'd want that, after all. i want to re-iterate though that You really do not have to do this, we will weather the storm on our own i'm sure, Enzo's help would just make things less turbulent.”
“Thank you sir, I am fully behind this company and I will do anything to save it, please tell
Mr Matsunaga that I will do anything he asks.” I was secretly elated that She had agreed. “Good thank You Suzy, i am very proud of You. Now, about the person who will be err administering to You. Shall i have a search on the internet for a professional or...?”
Her glance was downward and she could not meet my eyes; “May be you could do it sir?”
“Well, i can't deny that i am certainly intrigued and of course that way we wouldn't have to spend any money, if You're sure?”
“Yes the company needs to save money.” She still looked down and Her voice was quieter than I am used to. “Thank You again Little Suzy, i think i will enjoy this. i can't deny i have long admired You and often thought how very attractive You are. Now You may take the rest of the day off, please buy Yourself something to enhance Your already great beauty.” From my wallet i fished a wad of notes which was actually a good proportion of my remaining wealth and handed them to Her with a wink. “Enzo will be here tomorrow and You and i shall entertain him...”
“Thank you sir, I will go to What Katie Did and buy some nice lingerie, do you know them and might you have any suggestions?”
“i've heard of What Katie Did, they specialise in retro stuff right? i think i once saw a stand of theirs at a big military vehicle show, though saying that's probably labelled me as a bit of dullard.” i smiled self mockingly. “That's them sir.”
“You're kind and however tempting it might be to consider pictures of scantily clad Women for a while, i have work to do. i am sure whatever You decide will be quite glorious, but You might send me details when You've decided? After all this is over though perhaps i could set up an account for You there as reward and proof of my gratitude?”
She tilted Her head slightly and looked contemplative; “I have a new camisole and camiknickers that would go well with a new suspender belt from Katie, oh and a diamond choker.”
“Oh, yes that sounds lovely. i'm sure Matsunaga would love that. You run along now though You've got shopping to do, i though do not think i will get much work done in Your absence.” I said smiling.
“By the way Sir, should I wear my suit or a dress?”
“Hmm, i'd like to say whichever You'd prefer, i do want You to feel as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately he was very vague on exactly what would happen; maybe a dress would make for ease of access though? Thank You again Suzy, You really deserve a treat for Your willingness to help out.”
“Yes, I will wear a green satin dress with a petticoat, I hope Enzo will be pleased with me.”
“i do not see how he could fail to be. It's not too late to back out though, You're really sure about all this?”
“Yes sir, I feel it is my duty to the company.” She was blushing a little and said so hesitantly, but Her eyes sparkled with excitement. “Thank You again Suzy, it means a good deal to me.
You run along and go buy everything; i can't deny i'm looking forward to this a very great deal.” This time it was me who blushed. “Till the morrow then, Suzy.” She turned on Her delicate heels and left Her achingly beautiful rump swinging just a little was all I could think of the rest of the afternoon. I didn’t get any more work done.
When She arrived at the office the next day Enzo and i were already there. He half sat on the front of my desk with me standing next to him, his hands clasped in front of him the left over the right the attentive might note that the last joint of his left little finger was missing. He wore a light white cotton shirt and one was just able to see that both his arms were decorated with tattoos but the material obscured the design. On the desk was a brushed aluminium case with black leather corners secured with large steel rivets. i stood next to him, as Suzy entered we were talking in hushed tones.
"Enzo my friend this is Suzy, i can only apologise for all the insults She has done you in the past." He nodded once slowly before appraising the picture She made, though his face was inscrutable in the way that only the Japanese can be there was a slight movement of his hands as if something beneath them had stirred. Suzy sat in the chair in front of us both She crossed Her legs and slowly hitched up Her skirt over the knee showing a little of the seamed stocking top.
Both Enzo and i stayed motionless just staring, drinking in the sight of Her. i was quite, quite speechless with desire and admiration, Enzo though remained implacable though there was a slight shift in the position of his hands again. He spoke; "she understands that she must remain silent throughout? Any speech from her I will take as another insult, there is a gag in my case but I would prefer not to need to use it." To which i replied “Nod if You understand Suzy." She nodded and said “I will do anything to help the company now.”
Enzo shouted; "QUIET!!! That is the first and only infringement She may make, or my offer of aid will be withdrawn!" He turned away from Her; "Daniel, are You confident She will not need the gag?" A little stunned at his outburst i stammered "No Enzo that will not be necessary i am confident She will behave henceforward, stand up Suzy. If You wish to ask or say something You are to blink twice, then i will ask Enzo for permission for You to do so." Slowly and with emphasis; "Do You understand?" Her eyes wide She nodded once and blinked twice. "Enzo, may She speak?"
“Yes, i am satisfied that She has understood; say your piece girl. “
“Yes sir I will do as asked and keep quiet, or you can gag me I do not mind sir.” She said quietly, Her voice trembling. Enzo his voice hushed and breathy replied; "No I would prefer you not to use it, though I am concerned that you did not stand when your boss told you to, I am surprised that he has put so much faith in you." With which She leapt to Her feet.
“Daniel, You may begin." i rapidly crossed the three paces between Her and i and took Her shoulders in my hands seemingly to ensure She was standing straight, but as i did so i leant in and whispered, my breath hot on the sensitive skin of Her ear; "Suzy, i adore You, i always have and i curse my cowardice for never having told You so, if he were not here i would lift You up throw You across the desk and ravish You here and now till You begged me to stop." i stepped back, "Suzy, take Your skirt at the sides gently in Your beautiful hands and raise it slowly, our guest wants to see what You are wearing beneath.” She lifted Her skirt slowly to reveal silken camiknickers and the suspender belt, i sighed, utterly entranced. Enzo nodded once which seemed to be as animated as he became.
i turned and opened the case, trying not to stand in the way so that She might see that inside there were several apertures cut from dark grey foam which kept the contents from moving when it was carried. There were several items but the only ones She can make out from Her vantage were ropes, these were scarlet and light, they looked soft and might be made from silk. Taking one of the lengths of rope i turned and said; "lift the skirt fully and hold it in place." Crossing to Her i looped the rope across Her belly a couple of inches below the fullness of Her breasts and tied a neat bow so that it kept the skirt raised and revealed Her nether garments without Her needing to hold it. Furtively, with my mass between Enzo and Her i fleetingly cupped Her mound to feel the dampness at Her delta. "Is that sufficiently aesthetic Enzo?"
"Yes, you are no shibari master but I see you have some natural talent, now girl lie down on your side facing us." She did as he said, Her lips pouting beautifully. i turned and returned to the case, retrieving another length of rope form it. Enzo instructed; “Open your blouse Suzy." As She did so i knelt at Her legs, running my hand up Her calf, delighting in the feel of muscle and the smoothness of Her skin through the silk of the stocking. Her nipples were so hard inside Her satin bra Enzo could not fail to see them pushing at the flimsy material. Reverently i lifted Her ankles and looped the rope about them. i pulled the ends through Her legs and turned each end a couple of times neatly about them, then the ends were pulled through the gap from behind and another neat bow secured it and them tightly at the front.
"Impress me Suzy; remove your bra without removing your blouse or camisole if you can." Enzo said matter-of-factly as I stood to retrieve another length of rope. Reaching into the dress She deftly slid Her hand up Her back to undo the clasp and having retrieved the bra dropped it to the floor with a coquettish little smile. i again knelt by Her legs, still entranced by the feel of them whilst running my hands up and down. i repeated the same procedure i had used on Her ankles on Her knees, the sight was quite beautiful; four turns of parallel soft scarlet rope and a pretty bow about both Suzy’s knees and ankles. His face still blank Enzo said "Good girl, that will get you a reward, do you want it now or later?"
“I will save them for layer please, thank you. I am enjoying the feel of having my legs tied together now.”
“Tut, tut, girl you didn't request to speak did you? Which sadly means your reward is not to lose the help I offered to the company, shame I really rather think you would have enjoyed it too. But, that’s no matter. Another challenge for you; now that your legs are tied see if you can manage to stand without using your arms." After considering momentarily She wriggled Herself over to the wall and slid Her back up it to stand with Her legs bound. The ghost of a smile graced his face, "Hop forward a couple of paces, and cross your arms behind your back. I realise that that is an unnatural position to you in the west, but you’ll get used to it." Tottering a little on Her heels She hopped forward three times and clumsily tried to cross Her arms behind. i returned again to the case, when i turned back the rope i carried was slightly longer than the previous two pieces. Now She was away from the wall i crossed the space between us and stepped around behind Her.
Since i was behind Her he could not see me gently cup Her gluteals, i sighed and breathed hot and quick on the back of Her neck. Unthinking She said; “rub your hand across my satin covered buttocks please sir.” Alarmed I whispered; “Quiet Suzy!" but Enzo had already heard and stood up. "When are you going to learn girl?" He seemed angry and crossed the two paces to Her. His face was only an inch from Hers. "Daniel, I am losing patience with this girl. If you want my support she must now pay a forfeit, do you understand girl? And I warn you if you open your mouth I leave now and neither one of you sees me or my money again." Even as he spoke though my palms were making small, subtle circles over Her buttocks. "ANSWER ME GIRL; DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Confused and genuinely scared She managed to stammer; “yes sir I am very sorry...please let me make it up to you.”
Enzo was now deathly quiet; "And you spoke again, you really are rather unintelligent aren't you? This is your last chance Daniel, no more infractions or I leave, I do not understand why you hold this girl in such high esteem. Finish Your next tie and we will punish her." Carefully i laid the middle of the rope along Her parallel forearms, and looped one end twice about Her left wrist and right forearm and the other twice about Her right wrist and left forearm. Her crossed arms were now secure behind Her, the position looked uncomfortable and Her shoulders must have hurt. Taking the loose ends upward i dropped them over Her shoulders. And moved in front of Her gently lowering the camisole to lift out Her perfect breasts. The end over Her left shoulder i caught in my right hand and vice versa, so that the rope crossed between Her breasts. i passed the ends behind Her and looped it twice before tying another neat bow just above the rope that was raising Her skirt.
“Daniel remove Her choker, that I will keep as a memento." i did so and returned it to him, he placed it in the pocket of his trousers. He nodded curtly once and i reached into the case again lifting from it a collar with a D ring through which ran a chain at the ends of which were two wicked looking clamps. Moving behind Her again i buckled on the collar it was maroon leather and the inside had green velvet for cushioning. When it was tight i moved to Her front and lifting Her left breast clipped the clamp to the nipple. The pain must have been intense and sharp and She winced but stayed quite. Lifting the other breast i again clamped the nipple, the chain though was short t and as such it pulled Her breasts upwards a little, the nipples supporting all their weight. Enzo instructed; "Hop over to the desk silly girl, and lean across it. Your far too kindly boss is going to belabour your admittedly pretty rump with his hands whilst you pleasure me with your mouth. And Daniel" he raised his glance to me "if i think you’re going easy on Her I walk, do you understand?" i nodded very rapidly.
Suzy’s face was reddening and slightly screwed up against the pain; Though She hopped over to the desk which jiggled Her breasts and She winced and leant over it with Her satin skimmed bottom in the air and Her breasts resting on the desk waiting silently for the punishment. Enzo took his time extracting himself from his trousers, he nodded for me to start spanking Her. At first i did try to lay them on lightly but he raised a quizzical eyebrow and my strikes became harder. Once he had removed himself from within his trousers he was already fully tumescent but of only average length. Without ceremony he speared himself deep into the cavern of Her mouth. It seemed though She would be doing all the work; he stood as still as a mountain his eyes feasting on the sight of Her mouth enveloping his length, he did though smile just a little and his eyes became far away.
Though i was not entirely convinced his attention was elsewhere it was my left - weaker - hand that now swatted at Her, my right i slid surreptitiously beneath to rub Her through the gusset of Her knickers.
Enzo had a good deal of control; even despite Her best and most accomplished efforts to bring him to a climax he resisted for a good fifteen minutes, by which time my hand was red and stinging and i was sweating profusely. i had though managed to continue my subtle stimulation of Her and despite the heat and pain Her knickers were now soaked through. Enzo's face was contorted with the effort of resisting Her undeniable and gorgeous charms but eventually he exploded in Her throat with a great gasp. He pulled out quickly and wiped himself dry on a scruff of Suzy’s gorgeous blonde hair, tucking himself away again he said “I am going to eat, I think I saw a sushi place down the street, Would You join me Daniel? “
“Sorry Enzo, yes there is one but i’m going to eat a snack here, there’s much that needs my attention; I’ve been a bit distracted this morning.” I reply with a knowing smile. His face is blank again and I’m not sure he got the joke, “Fine, fine I’ll be an hour at most, do what you must, but the girl stays silent and exactly as she is till then. I can trust you not to touch her can’t I?“ i nod and say; “Oh i’ll be much too busy, see You soon.” He left and i sat at my desk trying to ignore the Woman I so very much wanted to comfort and pleasure, but did not dare. Turning on my P.C., I tried to do something, anything even if it were just a game of patience, but I was unable to concentrate whilst I felt Her glance upon me. I turned to Her, there were tears on Her cheeks, our eyes met and She blinked twice. My heart melting i nodded smiling warmly. Her voice faltering and quiet She asked; “Sir, Did Enzo put the finance in place? Or does he want more…?”
“Oh, good lord no, I think Enzo is far from ready to offer his aid yet, i fear there is much more that my Little Suzy must do to please him, before he arrives though i must discuss some things with You, if You will allow me?”
“Yes sir.”
“Thank You, do You realise what Enzo is?” While we were talking quickly and furtively i cupped Her breasts in my hands to relieve the weight on Her nipples from the clamps. ”Thank you sir, so who is he?”
“He is a friend, an old one and a businessman, but though i have long suspected it i wasn't sure until yesterday. The tattoos which he has which were just visible through his shirt and his finger; he is Yakuza which makes him a very, very dangerous man. i do not think he would harm either You or i due to the friendship i have with him, but the fact remains, though i am unsure how prevalent the syndicates are in the U.K. if we insult him it could go badly for us. If You would like i will request that we stop this now, i do not want to endanger You in any way. Should You want to continue though might i request of him we use the gag so as to ensure You do not speak out of turn?”
“Yes sir I think the gag would be very good idea. I hope I can please him enough to save the company.”
“Thank You Suzy darling. He will not be here for about half an hour - he's nothing if not punctual - i'm afraid and i do not think it would be clever to remove any of the restraints that You already wear, is there anything i can do to make You a little more comfortable though? “
“No I am fine thank you sir.”
“i will get coffee then and a croissant, would You like anything assuming of course You'd permit me to feed You...?” I got up and left and locked the door behind me, returning within five minutes with a tray from Costa Coffee. I enjoyed the feelings of closeness, connection and tenderness which tearing the croissant into manageable bites to pop into Her beautiful mouth and giving Her little sips of the cappuccino allowed me. (Unbeknownst to Her i would save the paper cup with Her lipstick upon it as a memento of this intense glorious day. Shamefully it would become a receptacle for my seed when I would be unable to control my desire for Her in the future.) “ Thank you sir I was very thirsty.”
For the next ten minutes we stayed thus in silence with me lost in the sensations of slowly stroking Her hair. My eyes closed and i smiled contentedly with a noticeable bulge at my crotch. Enzo entered again without knocking, evidently it was now raining; he carried an umbrella as though it were a sword. His face remained as plain and emotionless as it - almost- always was. i rose on seeing him; "Welcome back Enzo, i trust that we may continue with the Girl's punishment?"
“I cannot help but be a little disappointed in your high regard for this girl Daniel, though we have long been friends and I wish that to continue. Despite Her failings earlier and her entirely unfathomable wilfulness she does at least present an aesthetic spectacle of which I approve, and your rope work was impressive for a beginner. We may continue but I warn you I shall not brook another mistake." i reply: "Now that you are finished with Her pretty if petulant mouth, might i suggest it be gagged? i think this would only increase her aesthetic?" After a moment's thought he nodded curtly once and i opened the case and removed a bright ball gag the colour of which exactly matched the ropes. Moving to Her with a smile which i hoped showed my utter devotion to Her i winked, neither of which he saw. i buckled the gag in place. Enzo said; "I must smoke, we will begin on my return." He opened the French doors onto the balcony and removed a powder blue Sobranie cigarette from its pastel packet. While his back was turned and he considered the view across the city i slipped my hand down the front of Her knickers and stimulated the flesh at Her delta. Whispering; "Remember; if You blink twice i will request that You be permitted to speak." With a delight I did not think I’d ever before known I felt Her bud throbbing rhythmically beneath my hand.
i was lost to the joy just touching Her brought, so much so it was only the sound of the doors opening again which alerted me to Enzo's return. i quickly removed my hand, just swiftly enough so that he did not see. As he turned to Her to continue his commands i brought my slightly damp hand to my mouth and revelled in the taste of Her. "Stand, girl. You must thank my generosity that I am still here and that you are still able to try and win my favour for your company. Stand up, turn around and bend as though you were going to touch your toes." She turned around hopped forward twice and bent down as far as She could without falling over; he now had a full view of Her bottom in camiknickers as did i and i could not repress a long drawn out sigh of pleasure. Enzo turned to look at me, his face blank. "You like Her don't You Daniel?" i hung my head and mumbled "Yes, more than You can ever know."
“Well then you may watch." He took the three steps he needed to reach Her and roughly without ceremony hooked his finger into the gusset of Her knickers and yanked them down. They fell as far as the rope about Her knees would allow, untying his belt his expensive trousers fell, he wore no underwear and still had his long coat on. Grasping Her hips he entered Her firmly. His thrusts were business-like and deep, She though could just as easily have been his hand or a hole in a wall. He plundered Her most intimate part purely for his own pleasure, he was not gentle or caring only wanting to take what it was he needed. Though on some level i was appalled at the manner in which he used Her i could not remove my wide eyed stare and found myself often licking my parched lips as he continued. With each thrust She looked as though She would topple and Her breasts bounced towards Her face, his grip upon Her hips though was firm and thus he kept Her standing.
Finally with a gasp he pulled Her back hard against himself, the report as Her thighs met his was loud and served to rouse me from my reverie. He arrived at his peak deep inside of Her panting.
When his breath had slowed he pulled out and commanded; "Girl; stay as you are, do not move." Flexing his knees to lower himself he grasped the material of Her knickers and cleaned his member with them. Once this was done he stepped back and hoisted his trousers again. "Your turn now Daniel, but you only get to use your tongue." i fell to my knees, my entire world now encompassed by the glorious reddened, tortured flesh of Her nether mouth, slowly i crawled toward Her, stunned that i was permitted so great a joy. Halting still uncertain i deserved the opportunity my mouth covered Her puckering orifice and i almost fainted from the joy of it. So that i did not fall my arms circled Her legs and found handfuls of glorious breast to play with as i reverently lapped at the core of Her.
i lapped contentedly, reverently at Her intoxicated by the taste of Her, my tongue gloried in the wetness. My eyes were closed and my whole existence was the warm, humid crevice between Her thighs. "Stop now, I didn't want her to enjoy herself that rather misses the point of a punishment.“ With a very audible groan of disappointment i rocked backward onto my heels.
Her nether mouth gaped, pulsating a little; eager for something, anything else to fill it once more. i knelt behind Her utterly transfixed. "Stand up straight girl you may stretch yourself as well as you able for a few seconds." Now that She was stood up again, Enzo walked around Her several times, carefully trying to read Her face and when at Her rear noted the amount of fluid that seeped from Her. "Get up daniel, you enjoyed that didn't you?" i nodded vigorously. "You though girl, you must lie down, on your belly and then squirm your way over to me touching the toe of each of my shoes with your forehead, by doing so you will acknowledge me your master." She lay on Her front and tried to wriggle over to him and lifted Her head to touch each of his toes as gently as it appeared She could. “Good girl." i was bewitched by the jiggling of Her gluteals and the way the knickers caught under Her legs on the carpet as She squirmed.
“Not long now girl, nearly done then You could ask Your boss what will be done with or to You." He nodded at me again and i walked over to the case once more retrieving what appeared to be a huge steel fishing hook. It was though easily a foot long and there were scarlet ribbons through the eye and a ball of perhaps an inch in diameter instead of a point. i knelt beside Her, reverently but inexpertly plaiting the ribbons into Her pony tail when they were secure i pulled as gently as i could downwards toward the crack of Her glorious rump. This curved Her spine backward, and when there was just enough leeway i pulled the ball into the pucker of Her bottom and She gasped; it was cold and her tightness resisted its intrusion. She was hooked upon it with Her back curled upwards, to avoid pulling out Her hair She needed to lean as far back as She could. Enzo looked pleased, or at least he had a small smile at the corner of his mouth. He took a digital camera from his coat pocket and proceeded to snap Her from every possible angle. When he was happy with the pictures he said; "Thank you Daniel, she eventually managed to please me. The money will be in the company account tomorrow morning." And with that he left.(It would be several years before I ever saw or even heard from him again.)
As soon as the door closed behind him I said; "Thank You Suzy, for everything You have done not only for the company but for me personally and while Your mouth is still full and You cannot protest i want to say just three more words... i love You. Do You want me to remove the gag or any of the restraints? Blink once for yes and twice for no.” She blinked twice and my face shone radiant with a smile just for her, i looked deep into Her eyes before lifting Her effortlessly. i carried Her over to the desk and lay Her stomach down across it and knelt behind Her once again; my tongue finding its rightful home. "Groan when You want me to stop Darling Suzy." She did, She groaned and groaned again and again but I did not stop; my tongue was cramping and my knees protested at being so long bent. I knew though that the aches in my muscles were as nothing to Hers and i lapped and lapped to salve Her pain away. She screamed through the gag, turning Her face to me Her cheeks were wet with tears again that this time i took to be of Joy and not a pain.
Finally i stopped; “Do You want the gag removed?” my eyes locked on Hers and She blinked once. I leapt to my feet and around the desk and with shaking hands undid the buckles that would allow Her to speak again. She did not though speak, just uttered a long, agonised groan formed of pain, intense pleasure and joy. “ I love You Sir, take me Sir, take me please, don’t untie me just plow me till you do not have the strength left to stand. I beg You Sir, please, please…” and then she lay still; panting heavily. How could I refuse? i walked slowly back around the desk looking down at the sweat darkened material of Her dress as i fumbled to loosen my belt and drop my boxer shorts. Then, slowly with as much reverence as i could muster i entered Her and thrust with no panic or rush back and forth into Her, with each in stroke i breathed; “Thank You, Thank You.” i had never been as happy and doubted i ever would be again; i hadn’t even locked the door…

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