Suzy's Holiday Service.

In the weeks following our heroine's introduction to Mr. Boulton's photographic experiments, She had often found Herself standing in front of him head hung low; not for just the weekly session - which was now entered in his appointment diary in red in Miss Stewart's elegant rounded hand for the rest of the term- but also on the odd occasion when She felt a need for some guiding hand upon Her. When, all too frequently thoughts of Her headmaster sneaked into Her impish mind She could not help but flaunt Her ignoring of the uniform regulations to the first elderly male teacher She encountered. Invariably this would result in Her presenting Herself before him, for at the very least six upon the bare, unless Miss Stewart happened also to be free, and if this were the case; Her punishment would be much the longer but a good deal more exciting. In truth She found Herself thinking of him with a good deal more regularity than She should, She might even be becoming rather impassioned for him...
As a result of this Suzy had taken advantage of the male sex's weakness where girls like Her were concerned to plot some extracurricular enjoyment for Herself and Mr. Boulton. Her best friend Emma Jenkins' father was a man it seemed of loose morals and lecherous intent; when She went to Emma's house for an evening of whispered confidences and gentle caresses - which She was often wont to do - Emma's father was only too interested in Her. Normally the attentions of any reasonably virile male were something Suzy was happy to accept and did so as a compliment, however Mr. Jenkins made Her feel cheap and violated when his eyes ripped the clothes from Her graceful form, and Suzy was anything but cheap. The last time She had stayed over at Emma's; whilst showering after a particularly thorough and draining conversation with Her friend, Suzy had gone for a shower and to Her abject horror Mr Jenkins had "innocently" come in to use the toilet, but whilst there merely stayed to watch Her as She went about Her ablutions, Suzy being very intent upon Her personal hygiene regimen seemed not to notice. However being a little suspicious of the horrid man had firstly set Her phone's camera to record the room as She showered. Now with photographic evidence of his vile deeds She was in a position to blackmail the man for all he was worth. Being basically a good girl though She had merely used this to get Herself a job for the summer and a free luxury stay in one of the hotels his company managed for a friend. Maybe next term She might consider deleting the film.
The last day of term: To his delight Mr Boulton had received a day earlier a special delivery letter from a parent; "in gratitude for the improvement in my daughter Emma's behaviour since starting at Your school, I would be honoured if You might care to stay at The Carlton for a few weeks over the summer at my expense. A room will be kept available for You, just tell the reception staff who you are and enjoy your stay. Lawrence Jenkins." It had been a long time since Daniel had been able to afford any holiday on his salary especially not at somewhere like the Carlton in London. He was looking forward to seeing the sights, maybe the theatre or the opera, certainly museums. He had far too much to do though before he left, so much so he didn't even consider that he would have time enough to pack his suitcase without some assistance. As such the task had fallen to the always obliging Miss Stewart, She too though was busy and was of the opinion She needed help as well. It was for this reason that Suzy had been summoned to Mr Boulton's rooms - an honour She had not yet been afforded - to help Miss Stewart help Mr. Boulton pack for his city break. Suzy knocked on the old panelled oak door; a sweet familiar voice lilted; "Come in Suzy" and She entered, the door creaking slightly. The room was tidy and masculine with just the ghost of a cologne Suzy could not name. Miss Stewart was busy packing his suitcase and the girl asked; ”Do You need any help Miss?" She smiled and Suzy felt her eyes deliciously undressing Her, there was a breathless pause as though the pair of them without a word independently of one another considered what delights they could get up to here. "Suzy I need to get some other things for Mr. Boulton so if you could finish packing his shirts?" Once She had left the room Suzy opened Her rather battered satchel and took out some ropes of soft strong silk, various gags and other fascinating restraints and placed them at the bottom of the case and covered these with shirts, Her hand lingered on the soft cotton as She imagined the masculine frame that had been caressed by it...
Miss Stewart returned after some few minutes thumping about in the next room. She carried a familiar camera. "Mr Boulton will certainly want to get some pictures whilst he's up in the city seeing the attractions, don't You think Suzy...?" The girl was not one hundred per cent sure if She winked but certainly got the impression She had done... "Do You think he'll need anything else for his stay Suzy? I will miss him over the holidays though..." and Miss Stewart sighed just a little, Her gaze far away.
"No Miss Stewart I think he will be surprised with what he has..." Suzy said with the ghost of a smile on Her lips, and the Woman returned a puzzled look, Her eyes narrowed and She asked;” Do You have any plans for the summer Suzy?"
"Yes Miss I have some holiday job at a posh hotel..."
"Good for You Suzy, but I hope You're better behaved in employment than You are in education! One more thing; Mr Boulton has requested to see You before we break up, it may be a good time now, I know his schedule is clear for the next hour or two, though I may need to see him myself quite soon..." Suzy ran from the room, delight very obvious upon Her face, throwing
a; "Yes Miss" over Her shoulder behind Her.
By the time She reached his study door Suzy was panting heavily and flushed with the effort of Her run, not even pausing though to catch Her breath She knocked; excitement fizzing through Her. "Come" he said and Suzy flushed deeper as She wondered which way he'd meant that! As She entered he was sat behind his imposing wooden desk with his trousers undone and something in his hand. His face was quite red and his breathing quick, in front of him on the desk there was a card folder; the contents of which he'd evidently been considering. "Aaah, my dear little Suzy, I wanted to say good bye before You left for the summer, and to offer You a deal. Have a look in the file, it's some prints I developed of our fist enchantment. You may take some if You wish. The price though will be one stroke each. Ah, ah, ah do not look so consternated; before You complain I know You're in credit, so You can choose eight for free." She walked around to sit on his desk in front of him as She looked through the pictures, "Oh sir they are very naughty! I like the ones of me bent over with Miss Stewart; I would like copies of those and the one of you behind me that Miss Stewart took."
"Good choices Suzy, that last is my favourite too. So that's six, then You're still two in credit. Unless You think You're capable of behaving next year and won't need them, wouldn't You like another couple or to belabour my fundament twice?"
"No I think I will leave them for next term Sir if that is ok?" He looked a little sad but said; "Of course, I thought You might say that. Do You have plans for the summer dearest girl?"
"Yes Sir I have a job as a chamber maid at a posh London hotel Sir."
"Oh, I hope You prosper there. Emma Jenkins' father has actually booked a little city break for me in London at a hotel too, he gets some discount or something and seems impressed by Emma's improvement this year. I'm looking forward to seeing the sights and some decadence for a change." He smiled "I think that's all I had to say other than to wish my favourite girl a good summer, anything You'd like to ask of me though Suzy?"
"Thank you Sir I will try and be a good maid, maybe we might bump in to each other in London Sir!"
"Stop teasing You silly girl" but there was a definite smile and for a moment he was lost to his thoughts. "Now young lady I don't expect to see You again for the rest of the term, do You understand?" As She hopped gracefully from his desk he swatted Her gently across the backside "run along now dearest Suzy."
"Ohhh Sir! I like it when you do that Sir."
"Well You'll have to wait all summer till the next time, won't You?" he said unable to keep a cheeky smile from his face. "Now though You really must go, I simply have too much to do, be assured though I shall think of You often over the summer Suzy dear."
"And I you" She said under Her breath as She left and blushed prettily knowing that the both of them would be doing much more than mere thinking...

To most guests at the New London Carlton the hotel is merely a reasonably luxurious little place in Maida Vale with pleasing suites all of which had at least two bedrooms. To the more discerning and privileged guest who might be prepared to pay twice what the asking price for each suite was however, it was a good deal more... To these people each suite came with a full time maid, whose attire whilst undeniably striking was perhaps not the most practical of uniforms. It was this role that Suzy had secured for Herself so that She could be Daniel's beck and call girl for weeks across the summer. She'd been planning for ages and now just at the cusp of the fulfilment of Her dreams She was shaking with excitement at the prospect of convincing him just how strong Her ardour was for him.
Daniel was busy sorting his affairs for the first week of the summer, true to his word he did think of Her; often in fact and it was this that resulted in his taking so long to do so. For; all too regularly when his thoughts were full of Her his hand became full of himself and he wasted much time in manipulating himself, recuperating from this and considering the photos that he had taken...
Suzy though had much to do that first week, even despite the hold She had over Lawrence Jenkins She did need to undergo the induction and training process. The first part of this was a fitting for Her uniform - normally this would be considered hotel property but at the end of Her stay Lawrence would be convinced to let Her keep it - the little tailor who measured Her for the short black satin dress took such pride in his job he had to make a very hands full on measurement of Her twice before he was satisfied and left to get it run up by his machine girls. There were always plenty of black seamed stockings, suspender belts and pairs of white frilled panties in stock though so She was given a supply of these with the warning that any replacements would be docked from Her wages. After this Samuel the concierge and Cindy the chief House maid gave Her a brief instruction in cleaning, dusting, serving drinks whilst bending low and general maidly duties. She was surprised how much of this required Her to bend over excessively in a manner that a manual handling coach would be horrified by, but Samuel was impressed with Her as soon as he had seen Her and as such She was deemed trained and ready by the late afternoon of her very first day.
Rather to Her disappointment though Her first guest was not Mr. Boulton, but an intoxicating Canadian girl with fiery hair and enchanting eyes, who could be both generously kind and very cruel. Suzy was enraptured with Her, but on the one night that She was permitted to sl**p in Her own little bed and not with the guest Her dreams were full of him and Her explorations of Her ecstatically aching body to thoughts of him resulted in deliciously f***eful achievements.
The closer Daniel got to completion of all his paperwork the more excited he grew and was starting to think of all the places he would go and see. It had been years since he’d been in London, there was always after all so much that needed attending to at his little school.
He definitely wanted to go and see Hogarth’s “A Rake’s Progress” again at the John Soane museum as well as the Imperial war Museum. In the evenings he checked what was playing at the theatres and was having a genuinely fine time making lists of all he wanted to do. He couldn’t really see himself taking more than a week away from the old place, but for that week he fully intended to enjoy himself to his physical and mental limits. By the time he picked up the suitcase which Miss Stewart had so diligently packed for him it had stood ready for over a week, he was surprised how heavy and bulky it was as well as by the unaccustomed metallic clinks it made if shaken. He had though supreme confidence in Her ability to know just what he would have needed and in what number, She’d probably just packed a few of his books…
To get his little holiday off to a decent start he purchased an open first class return - not the sort of thing he would usually do at all (50% more for an antimacassar and a few inches more leg room.) – a croissant and a coffee and sat down to await his train. The weather was bright but there just enough breeze to keep the temperature comfortable and he was feeling very much in holiday mood before he had even boarded his train. The first class area at the train’s middle was unoccupied which was fine though he might have liked a conversation partner, after stowing his case over head – which took more effort than he’d expected it might – he settled down to watch the changing countryside flow by passed the window. Soon enough though, the warmth of the day, the subtle rhythm of their progress and the lack of anything more stimulating than the speed blurred picture through the window all conspired to propel him in to a light snooze. An indulgent smile soon spread across his face and there was a definite swelling of his loins.
A female guard walked slowly through the carriage, but since his ticket was on the little side table She had no reason to wake him, she was though taken by the image he presented; the almost effete face atop what appeared to be a hard angular body seemed so ill matched and yet so becoming. She approached; holding her breath the flat soled mannish shoes she wore as part of her uniform made no sound and she came close enough to reach out and stroke him once through the tweed of his trousers. He shifted a little, laughed slightly and let out a quiet single word that was almost a sigh; “Suuuuuzzeeee” and the smile on his face broadened. Not wanting him to soil himself the guard did not touch him again, but simply stood for long minutes drinking in the sight of him. Before continuing on down the train but smiling now where she hadn’t been before.
When the speeding train finally pulled into the cavernous arching station at Paddington, despite his snooze he looked dishevelled and tired. When he’d left that morning the breeze had cooled him, whilst on the train the air conditioning maintained a comfortable temperature but as he stepped down from it carrying his heavy clinking suitcase the heat of the city assailed him and he started to sweat profusely. He probably should have eaten more but was in no mood to. Normally he would have walked it wasn’t far and walking in the city one always chanced upon a new or interesting happening or place but it was too hot and his case too heavy so he found his way to the Bakerloo line to travel the two stops north west to the hotel.
On principal Daniel liked public transport, he had never learnt to drive; considering that if he took a car onto already too congested roads it would just make things a tiny bit harder for all the other drivers, so he was happy to take the tube; transport for the people not just the person. Upon this day however his experience of the underground was not pleasant; too many people in too small a space, all the mass of them minutely increasing the already sweltering temperature. Sartre once said; "Hell is other people", that day Daniel extended this to; "Hell is other people, on the underground". On finally surfacing at Maida Vale station he was stressed, tried, sweating through his shirt and felt grubby, so much so he was almost distressed enough to find a taxi for the last four or five hundred yards or so, but the air was definitely cooler on the surface than it had been below and walk he slowly did.
When he finally arrived at the hotel he was stunned that it was so impressive, he had really expected nothing more than a glorified bed and breakfast but it seemed Mr Jenkins was being extraordinarily generous allowing him to stay for an undefined length of time here. On finally entering the glass double doors to air conditioned peace Daniel’s calm was restored instantly and he knew instinctively that his stay would be memorable and exciting. At the reception desk a pretty young girl with more buttons on Her blouse undone that might have been seemly was trying to ignore an androgynous young man was making a valiant attempt to placate a beautiful young redheaded woman with a subtle accent. “I am so sorry Miss, we cannot possibly extend Your stay, the room You had has already been booked and we have no others available. I apologise unreservedly but there really is nothing else I can do.” Spitting a curse that a Woman like Her really shouldn’t know She turned on Her delicate heel lugging Her bags with almost no effort, She stormed passed Daniel out into the street. As She passed him the wilting look She gave him was one of anger but tempered perhaps just a little by attraction, he felt Her gaze almost as though it were a touch that stroked down his flat stomach to his loins and he shuddered involuntarily.
Girding himself though, he ambled to the desk and spoke to the pretty girl; “Good day fair maid, my name is Boulton I believe I have a room reservation, possibly under the name Jenkins.” She looked up at him and smiled; “Oh no Sir I’m sorry we don’t have a room for you…”
“Oh how strange Mr Jenkins was quite specific, might I call him?”
“No need Mr. Boulton, had you but let me finish I was about to say; we don’t have a room because we have a suite, the best we have in fact.”
“Oh! He didn’t mention that, are You quite sure? I don’t really need more than a room...”
“Yes Sir, quite sure, you’re correct he was very specific. The suite and all its, umm facilities…” here She turned to the androgynous boy and gave a subtle wink and an amused smile “… are at your fullest convenience. I hope you enjoy your stay Sir.” Handing him a key card; “if you’d just like to go and wait by the elevators Sir the porter will be here momentarily to take you up.” He didn’t have to wait for long till a smartly dressed young man collected his bag and led him into the large elevator and took him up to the very topmost floor. The suite was huge! As soon as he was inside he noticed the ghost of a spicy perfume which seemed recently familiar but he was by now too tired to think about it. The next thing he noticed was a large vase of flowers; roses white, cream and a subtle pink. There was a note next to the vase and crossing to it he opened the little envelope and read in Miss Stewart’s rounded hand; “Missing You already Mr. Boulton, think of me and enjoy yourself... Evelyn."
How nice of Her, he must remember to get Miss Stewart a gift while he was here. With the porter gone and silence in what he still was surprised was a suite he explored a little; there was a large open living area - with a table and six chairs, a large television, a music system and everything else he might want, vastly more than he could need - a bathroom, a small well-appointed kitchen, a double bedroom and a twin, but there was also a door that appeared to be locked. He wasn’t going to worry about that until he’d relaxed though. Moving to the bathroom he ran a warm, bubbly soothing soak and shed his sweat soaked clothes dropping them on the floor carelessly. When it was deep enough he slipped beneath the surface and sighed contentedly, soon he was all but dozing only half conscious his thoughts returned to passed pleasures and his right hand drifted to grasp himself... The maid opened the door of the bathroom with a stack of towels which covered her face and walked over to the airing cupboard, bending over She showed Her frilly knickers – in the correct and accepted manner taught during Her training -as She started to stack the linens. The sounds of Her clicking stiletto heels roused Daniel from his reverie and there was blushing and thrashing about and a certain amount of splashing which soaked much of Her uniform. He quickly grabbed a flannel to hide his excitement and what he had been doing, though it struggled to conceal the evidence. Spluttering a little he asked; "Good lord Miss!! Whatever do You think You're doing, don't You knock!?!"
“Sorry Sir, I did not know you had arrived yet, nobody told me, I'm Suzy...” He knew that voice; it filled his dreams and was the thing that could make him happiest… On hearing those all too familiar dulcet tones he leapt to his feet, splashing Her further and completely forgetting his nakedness. His jaw dropped and for five full seconds whilst he considered Her befrilled fundament his mouth was agape. "Miss Randel is that You!?!?!" She turned around blushing at his nakedness "Yes Sir, what a coincidence Sir you’re staying at the hotel I am at and this is the suite that I have been appointed to work in...” Utterly stunned he dropped the flannel which did such an inadequate job of covering him. "Heavens!" he said and all he could do was blink at Her several times like a demented owl. Finally upon recovering somewhat he asked; "And You're happy to wear that uniform Suzy...?"
“Yes Sir, do you think it suits me Sir?
“Oh, very much!" Finally realizing his state he blushed across most of his body, and covering himself as best he could with his hands asked; "Could You possibly pass me a towel please dear girl?" She turned around and bent over as She’d been taught; giving him the best view of her white frillled knickers then handed him a big soft bath towel. He gracelessly clambered from the bath and wrapped it about his lower portions. "Thank You, well I must say this is very much a turn up for the books, did Mr. Jenkins pull some strings to get You this job?"
“I am not sure Sir” She said with a half wink. He looked puzzled; "well its certainly surprising and a delight to see You", now he recalled what She had said about bumping into one another he slowly put all the pieces together; "You planned this didn't You, You wicked girl...?"
“Maybe Sir…” He was flustered and wanted a little time to think; "would You mind waiting for me in the lounge area Suzy? I’ll only be a moment, and You could change out of those wet things."
“Yes Sir I have a dry uniform to change into...” She left, leaving him stunned but shaking with desire and excitement to change into Her dry black satin spare uniform in the little bedroom behind the locked door. Then She took the wet one down to the hotel laundry and had arrived back in their suite before he had left the bathroom, She stood still, feet together Her hands clasped prettily in front of Her three steps from the bathroom door, so that She would be the first thing he saw when it was opened.
It took some time for Daniel to collect his wits, as he toweled himself dry with one of the dangerously fluffy towels the hotel had provided. He donned the white bathrobe which hung on the back of the door and taking a last deep breath he opened it to face once more the girl who filled so much of his thought. There she stood glorious in Her impractical, fantastical uniform a warm smile upon Her face on seeing him. He couldn’t help but stare, there She stood; obedient, compliant waiting for him, he very much liked what he saw, "Suzy oh Suzy, this is all so much, I'm a little scared that this is just all some cruel joke, but it can't be because You're here.”
“Yes Sir, would you like me to choose some clothes for you to wear? I think you would look very handsome in a black suit with a white silk shirt.”
“Are we going out?”
“No we eat in the suite Sir, I have ordered the waiter from room service to phone you to see what you would like to eat.”
“I see” he said smiling “And I’m glad our lessons on etiquette stuck and You know we should dress for dinner. Over the meal though You will have to explain the rules and regulations about all this.” As he swept his arms around, to encompass the suite.
“Yes, I will tell you all that I have been told to do for you Sir…”
“I'm not sure I like that, I’d much prefer to think You're here willingly.”
“I love to spend time with you at school so I thought that it would be nice to have more time together Sir.”
“Suzy, I think this is the first time I’ve ever wanted to encourage a school girl crush...” and again he smiled broadly. “When do we eat, I take it You will be joining me...?”
“Yes I will, maybe we could have some wine as well Sir…?”
“I don’t drink but of course You are very welcome; I suggest we adjourn to dress then, will twenty minutes suffice for You?” They exchanged nods and a warm smile and parted, it didn’t take him twenty minutes to dress, nor did it Her but they waited till this time had passed before meeting again in the lounge. He had as She had hoped, donned a black suit, white silk shirt and black bow tie, She arrived in a short green satin ball gown with Her hair up in a bun. Beneath this was; a black satin bra, waspie, tie sided satin panties and elegant black seamed stockings with stiletto shoes and long black satin opera gloves. What a sight She was! “"Oh Suzy, You put my fumbling attempts at elegance to shame, You look positively adorable...” Though as a proper young Lady, She should not have been looking she was aware of a distinct swelling at his loins… The phone had rung which Suzy diligently rushed to answer and She had placed a thorough order for food for the two of them and very soon after the room service waiter arrived pushing a trolley of several bottles and plates covered with antiquated silver domes. He placed all this on the table and left without a word, Daniel drew back a chair waited for Suzy to sit and gently helped Her forward to be seated, then took the place opposite Her. “Would you pour me a nice glass of wine Sir, please?”
“Of course I’m sure You chose well and that it suits the meal” inexpertly he opened the cork, though managed not to spill any, the measure he poured was large, was it just inexperience with wine or was he trying to get Her tipsy...? “Thanks Sir a nice large glass, cheers Sir” and She smiled raising Her glass to him. “Slainte is that what You say? Just elderflower presse for me,
to an exciting holiday…” and they clinked their glasses. “What did You order for us? I hope you recalled I’m a weedy vegetarian.”
“Yes Sir! I ordered salmon for me and I remembered to get the veggie option for you” She said as She slid Her stiletto off under the table to run Her nylon sheathed foot up his leg. “I'm not dreadfully hung... Oh my!!” he responded surprised at Her effrontery and cleared his throat a little flushed but opened his legs beneath the table. “You've never expressed any interest in hotel work in Your careers lessons Suzy, why now?”
“I thought that it would be an interesting job, Sir.” As She wiggled Her toes merrily in his crotch, he exhaled audibly; “OOooooh!!! I see and have You enjoyed Yourself so far?” Beneath the table he began to loosen his belt.
“Yes Sir, this wine is quite strong I am feeling naughty now…”
Raising an eyebrow; “shouldn't we at least finish our meal? This is a very good omelet after all and I would like to hear about what I can expect during my stay. Neither Mr. Jenkins, the receptionists or the porter fully explained the situation.”
“Yes I would like to finish my salmon, I have been told to play out any fantasy you have during your stay, have you any erotic thing in particular that you have always wanted to try Sir?”
“Oh my! So You're not merely a delightful adornment or part of the cleaning staff...?”
“No sir. My fantasy has always been to be bound to a bed fully clothed and then slowly stripped, would you like that to do that to me Mr. Boulton?”
“Well it certainly sounds like a spectacle! So; just to be clear if I were say, to ask You now to crawl under the table and fellate me You would?”
“Oh yes Sir! That’s something I'm very good at, and more than willing to treat you to Sir!”
“It doesn't surprise me, but I merely used it as an example, but You have Your own room here, the one I couldn't open earlier, yes?”
“Yes Sir, I have a lot of sexy costumes and things to entertain you in there…”
“I see... If for instance though I asked You to share my bed, is that allowed...?” He asked trying and failing to suppress a smile. “Oh yes it is Sir, I have been told to.”
“And if You did, it would be willingly...?”
“Yes I have always had a fantasy about it at school Sir…” She could no longer meet his gaze and was blushing noticeably. “Why are You only telling me this now?” He asked with a wink.
“I thought I might get into trouble if I mentioned it Sir.”
“No perhaps You’re right, we wouldn't have wanted the governors finding out would we?” To which he gave a brief snort of laughter. “Right then, I suggest we finish this fine meal then I shall go and finish unpacking - though I’m not really sure just what Miss Stewart saw fit to pack - and then we will see what the evening holds, okay with You Suzy...?”
“Yes sir, would you like me to change back into my uniform?”
“Which ever You're most comfortable in dear girl.”
“The uniform is what I feel sexiest in, though the dress is short and sexy too Sir.”
“Put the uniform back on, I can’t deny I find You very becoming in it.”
They finished their meal and Suzy disappeared into Her modest little room and Daniel to the master bedroom. She removed Her frock quickly and almost urgently donned Her uniform once again, as She struggled with the zip she became aware of quiet chuckling from his room, and then some loud exaggerated tutting. When he spoke though his voice was quite stern; “Suzy please would You come in here for a moment?"
“What is it Mr. Boulton?” She hurried to his room where his case was open upon the bed, at its bottom unnoticed for so long were the ropes, gags and other more secure leather restraints She had snuck into it beneath Miss Stewart’s nose, along with a neatly penned card which read; “from a naughty school girl”. Indicating them he asked; “I take it You're responsible for this young lady?"
“Yes Sir I hope you do not mind but I once played a game with my friend Emma after school and it made me feel very sexy!”
“I think You should lie on the bed then Suzy. Your presumption is unfortunately going to get You punished. Lie face down and reach Your arms up toward the bed posts.” Without a second’s hesitation She moved to do so. With Her arms outstretched She shuddered almost imperceptibly with the thrill of it. “Shivering girl? This isn't something You're supposed to enjoy" He took a length of rope from the case, and secured it to the bed post first about Her left wrist then walked around the bottom of the bed to do the same with Your right. Once She was thus secured he sat on the bed beside Her and wormed his hand beneath Her belly into Her knickers and started to manipulate Her. “This is to relax You, You'll need to be relaxed...”
“Mmmmm Sir you’re very good with your fingers, I like the feeling of being helpless” he continued the subtle work of his digits; “Oooh sir that is my hot spot…” He carried on thus happily for some while reveling in how damp he could make Her, wanting to make her knickers as wet as he could. His other hand snuck into the rear of them and stroked and cupped the roundness of Her buttocks, and fleetingly dove into the cleft between them. "Do You like that Suzy?"
“Ohh yes Sir you’re making your French maid feel very Ooh La La.”
“Good girl Suzy, I’m also enjoying this... Are You very wet?”
“Very, very.”
“Good girl” he removed his hand from beneath Her, allowing the wetness to soak into Her knickers, and concentrated both of his hands on Her buttocks for a few moments. When he was happy they were damp enough he removed them with one swift tug which surprised Her a little. “Open Your mouth Suzy.” She leant Her head to one side and opened Her mouth “Good girl Suzy” He balled up Her dampened knickers and pushed them gently into Her mouth. “Do You need me to tie these in Suzy? I’m going to beat You and I do not wish Your cries to be over heard.”
“Essss garg ‘ee, mmmmmm.” He removed Her shoes and stockings, with the intimates pushed into Her mouth he used one of the stockings to tie the knickers in place so She would be unable to spit them out. “Look at me Suzy.” Again She turned Her head to one side, seeing that he had removed his belt he stood with arms spread wide, his left hand showing its palm, the belt dangling from the right. “Indicate which You prefer Suzy, nod towards what You wish to punish You. If You choose the belt though, we will go out tonight and I shall treat You. Choose." With no pause for thought She nodded at the belt. “Good girl Suzy” he said smiling broadly and noted She had already clenched Her buttocks. “I can't deny I’m pleased You did do some extra packing for me Suzy, so You're only due six. I know You're a good girl Suzy and You can take that. Ready?” She nodded once, resigned. “Good girl” he moved around the bed to stand beside it, just level with Her buttocks “One” the belt was brought smartly down across Her with a satisfying crack. “MMmmph ir ‘ings.” He waited a good minute “Two” again the belt fell across Her, no harder but it stung a little more as it covered the same flesh. “Aaarch!” tears were forming at the corners of Her eyes, but there was a dew between Her legs… “Three” there was a little more effort this time, it stung more than the first two, but she made no sound this time merely wiggling Her backside a little. “Don't tempt me Suzy; four” this was just as hard as the third, “Mmmmph, ‘iss is ‘earse tha’ th’ cay’…”
“Only two more, it'll be okay Suzy; five” this was just a little harder, the report was much louder though. Her glorious buttocks recoiled a little into the air. “Last one Suzy; six” he changed his attack; the last stroke was not intended for Her arse, it was an awkward strike and as such did not land with full f***e; it was backhanded, aimed beneath Her at her nether lips, the wet slap it made was very enticing. “Uhhhhhh ‘at ‘urt!” He dropped the belt and knelt at the foot of the the bed, between Her legs. His left hand snaked under her and slowly stroked, whilst he salved the marks on Her buttocks with gentle kisses and his tongue. “Mmmmmmmmm.” He tried to get his tongue into Her but it wasn’t quite possible with Her face down, instead he continued to stroke Her and rolled his tongue and pushed it slowly into her anal pucker. Realizing his problem though She arched Her back and bent Her knees to present Herself to him as best She could. He continued salving Her wounds and stroking Her and stretched down as far as he could till just the tip of his tongue joined his hand. It was a strain on his neck though, so he returned his tongue to Her rear, his hand though became more ardent in its manipulation of Her, it seemed he intended to stroke and tongue Her till She achieved…
When She had; shuddering and moaning into the gag he smiled, spanked Her lightly once then moved to Her head to remove the gag. “Did You like that Suzy? Was I as good as Emma? Now that You can speak again; what would You like as Your treat for being brave enough to take the belt? I was going to suggest; going to a show, hiring a box and letting You kneel in front of and fellate me in the interval, But You may choose something if that doesn't appeal.”
“Yes you were Mr. Boulton, please Sir I have never been to the opera…”
“And I only once; then tonight we shall go to the opera darling girl.” He replied, smiling indulgently. “Suzy, I’m going to research this a little, but I think You still need to bound, will You be able to stay quiet or will You need gagging again?” He untied the rope securing Her arms and rolled Her over so that She now faced the ceiling. “No Sir I will be quiet.”
“Good girl, please move up the bed a little till Your head rests against the bed head. Then put Your arms through the gaps in the slats and place Your fore arms parallel to one another behind them.”
“Yes Sir, like this?” She wriggled upward and placed Her arms as he’d asked.
“Good girl, exactly like that.” He tied Her arms behind the bed head smiling down at Her as he did so. Afterward he found another length of rope which he passed under the bed and secured Her to the mattress around Her midriff. “Can You kick Your legs up Suzy so I can secure them to the bedhead too or shall I help You do so?” Gracefully She arched to bring Her legs up, the toes just touching the wall behind Her. “Good girl, it please me You're so limber; You obviously put some effort into P.E.” Smiling, he grabbed a pair of leather cuffs, secured Her ankles together and with a short rope bound the cuffs to the bedhead. “Lift Your head a little please Suzy.” Bending to pick up something from the floor, but it was well below Her vision and thus unseen by Her. She lifted Her head slightly and he moved to Her with the item he’d snagged from the floor; Her knickers dampened by both Her secretions and Her mouth and slipped them over Her head to deny Her vision. He moved away and a moment later She felt his weight sitting on the bed below Her, and heard the startup sounds of his laptop and quick key strikes. The sounds of the key strikes slowed, as though he now used only one hand for typing. She felt the coarse palm of his other hand cupping Her right buttock and the welts upon it. “I love feeling your hand on my bum Sir.”
“You're meant to, it may not stay there it's probably going to wander a little though... Right it seems, we could go and experience "Carmen" a love a story about a sensuous gypsy girl or "La Boheme" which is about bohemian types in Paris' Latin Quarter. Do You have a preference?” He asked as his hand wriggled its way into the cleft of Her buttocks. “Ohh Sir… I have always wanted to see Carmen.”
“Good that's decided then” he smiled though She could not see; “I’ll book a box now. Later we will go out and You'll get Your treat...”
“Thank you Mr. Boulton I will dress in a very sexy ball gown for you.”
“No, thank You Suzy, we still have some time before we must change and leave though, is there anything You'd like to do...?” As his hand started moving slowly up and down the cleft of Her quite delectable bottom.
She was blushing when She said; “Yes in this position I would like you inside me, Sir…”
“Suzy, I’m more than happy to oblige You, but if I do so now Your treat later might not be as exciting...”
“Okay Sir, I'll wait till later for that, what else could you do now?”
“Well, my tongue might not be as expert as Emma's but I would very much like to apply it to You...”
“I am sure you must be an expert Mr. Boulton, yes please!”
“Thank You Suzy.” His weight was removed from the bed, as he carefully placed the laptop safely on the side table, it returned again almost instantaneously though. He knelt below Her readying himself to pay Her proper homage. He spent a delightful hour with his tongue lapping at her core, or in applying light strokes of a short length of rope across Her buttocks or up Her cleft. But his last actions before releasing Her so that they could dress were slow and languorous to salve and relax Her, with a final light slap across Her nether lips. He released Her from Her bonds and said; “Get up now Suzy, we must dress quickly I’ll call us a taxi now. I’m looking forward to Your treat...”
She skipped lightly to Her room after stretching the tightness from her muscles, to have a shower. Then with careful but quick consideration She chose and donned a black satin bra with a matching six strap satin suspender belt, black French knickers, black fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings, black patent leather stilettos and a long green satin ball gown finally putting on long black satin opera gloves and a black masquerade half mask with a feather. And in Her sublime dulcet voice called out; “ready Mr. Boulton...” As She sashayed into the lounge. “Oh my! Suzy you’re the epitome of elegance!” He wore the suit he had worn at dinner; black with a white silk shirt and black bow tie. “We must be quick though or we'll miss the start!”
In the taxi he gave Her one of his softest old scrappy jumpers which he’d folded for use as a cushion. "Royal Opera House Please" and soon they were speeding on their way. His hand though found its way to Her lap where it slowly stroked the satin of Her dress, just barely communicating his touch though the material to Her loins. “How are You feeling Suzy?”
“I’m so excited a box at the Royal Opera house, wow! By the way sir I have put a vibrating egg in my pussy, here is the remote control…” And She handed him a little box of slick black plastic with a sliding switch. “You bad girl Suzy!!!” and he instantaneously pushed the control to maximum. “No Sir, not too fast!!! Mmmmm.”
“Oh no, You must pay for Your presumption Suzy!” His hand, so gentle before was now just a heavy weight pressing down into Her, but he did ease back the control though just the slightest amount. “OOOOOOHHHHHHHH NNNOOOOO YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!”
“You bad girl Suzy, bad, bad girl!! See how You distract the driver! If we crash it's Your fault.”
His hand; formerly still now moved back and forwards just a little way but maintained the same level of pressure, again he eased back the control fractionally. “What are You Suzy?”
“A dirty naughty girl Sir” he pulled back the control to half power, but increased the movement and pressure of his hand. “And what should happen to naughty girls Suzy?”
“Are they spanked Sir?”
“At the very least” he removed his hand and turned off the controller. “I had asked for a cushion to be provided in the box, but now You are denied it, because of Your presumption. Lay across my lap now Suzy, we must be nearly there and I shall spank You until we arrive.”
“Yes Sir” She said as She lifted up Her dress and lay across his lap.
Though stilled the egg was still within Her as She lay across his lap, his ardor was very evident pressing into Her belly like an iron bar. In deference to the strokes of the belt She’d received earlier his slaps were not as hard as they could be, but he was good to his word and they continued till they arrived. He had lowered the window a little and the people they passed heard the fleeting sounds of Her mewling and the reports of his palms upon Her. She still lay across him as they arrived, the liveried doorman who opened the taxi door was delighted to catch Her so, only when he was sure the doorman had seen all She had on show did Daniel say; “We're here Suzy, You'd best make Yourself presentable I think ...” Flushed and red faced She lowered Her dress and climbed off his lap to take his arm.
With Her on his arm, and the egg buzzing at its lowest setting within Her, the controller in his pocket they were e****ted inside by the doorman and then a pretty Latin female usher took them to their box. He reveled in the reaction and jealousy of the crowd to his being Her e****t for the evening; many of the men and some of the Women openly ogled Her and he felt prouder still. He whispered something to the charming usher and palmed Her a folded £50 note. “I hope You enjoy this Suzy, Your toy will remain on throughout the first act. As soon as it is finished and the lights come up You are to kneel in front of me and take Your treat, do You understand?”
“Yes Sir! It’s such a regal theatre, and I am so looking forward to it!” He smiled broadly “Good girl.”
From their box - not the royal but the next best - which would have been roomy for four but just for the two of them seemed almost decadent, they could see almost the whole house. The constant subtle stimulation of the egg within Her intensified when the music became impassioned and swelled, at which points he also covered Her loins with the weight and pressure of his hand.
The spectacle was marvelous, ornate costumes, beautiful performers and he noted Her eyes sparkle with delight at the majesty of the performance.
The first act finished and the lights came up there was a buzz of conversation from the audience, several of whom turned to drink in Her beauty.
“I really loved this so far Mr. Boulton” She said huskily as She slid out of Her seat to kneel in front of him. “My darling girl” he was smiling broadly and stroking Her hair, as he unbuttoned his fly and increased the control to its maximum. She fingered his swollen manhood with Her satin gloves then softly licked the tip with Her tongue, one circle then She licked along the shaft and felt it stiffen as She slid it between Her lips and took the whole length in Her mouth. “OHHHHHhhhhhh,”He leant as far backward in his seat as he could, eyes closed, a look pure of contentment on his face. Anyone who may have been looking at them could not have failed to realize what was going on… He grasped Her head in both his hands and pulled Her on to him, resisting a little She took Her glass of champagne and poured some over his hardness and sucked it off as he mouth fucked Her. “OHHHH SUZZzzzyyy that's heavenly, don't stop please don't stop...” After long and f***eful suction he came in my mouth, She take a sip of the fizzy wine and swallowed it all, "Did you enjoy that Sir?”
“Oh Suzy yes I did, so very much...” With Her still on Her knees in front of him the curtain behind them twitched open to reveal the pretty Latin usher, she carried a glass of iced gin and tonic with a slice of lemon on a silver tray "Your order Sir" she said, smiling down at Suzy. “I brought You a drink Suzy, You earned it.” He said smiling happily down at Her too. The usher asked; “Will that be all sir?” he was still looking down at Her smiling “Will it Suzy?”
“Till later. Maybe we could see her after the show Sir?”
“Yes, yes maybe we could. You may get up now Suzy, enjoy Your drink.” after She handed Suzy the G and T and he have tucked himself away. he and the usher disappeared behind the curtain, Suzy heard a quick whispered conversation but could make out no detail. Soon though he reappeared obviously glad to be back in Her company. Sitting down again beside Her, he stilled the egg within Her and just stroked Her knee lazily. After Her drink She began to feel warm and sl**py his caresses though managed to keep Her awake and She did get to see the end of the show, both of them had had a wonderful time.
When next She woke they were back at the hotel. She could remember getting into the taxi but nothing afterward. Her arms were tied high above Her head but She still wore Her evening attire as well as a blindfold. “Good, I'm glad You're awake now Suzy, before You say anything, I should warn You we're not alone.”
“Ola Miss Suzy, I'm pleased to meet You. “ It was a young female Hispanic voice.
“OHHH Mr. Boulton that drink was very strong, I must have passed out, are we back at the hotel now? I like being restrained by you so much Sir, it is very kinky...” Suzy said Her smile broad.
“Yes dear girl we are at the hotel, I’m sorry I am responsible for the drink and the little something extra that was put in it, but I wanted this last part of the day to be a surprise. This is Cayetana, You met Her briefly earlier, she is going to help me with the last part of Your treat.”
“Hello Cayetana, it’s an intense pleasure to meet you.”
“Cayetana, please put the video camera in the corner and set it recording.” Suzy felt the hem of Her dress lifted the slightest amount, but it could not be the wind for She could feel no breeze. Daniel had removed his shoes and socks and had instructed Cayetana – the usher from the opera – to do the same so that Suzy would not know when they approached Her. He silently moved behind the bound girl whispering in Her ear; “You'll note I still haven't removed Your egg” and it buzzed into life at about one third power. “MMMMM yes Sir that’s nice, I am getting so excited now!”
“Concentrate on my voice Suzy, I will tell You what punishments and pleasures we have in store for You. First Cayetana will be removing Your knickers.” There was no sound as the Spanish girl approached but Suzy could just detect the ghost of her perfume as she stood in front of Her. Despite what he had said though Cayetana’s hands found their way unannounced to Suzy breasts which she began to expertly massage. “Kiss me Cay please MMMMMM, your lips are so soft…” The olive skinned girl leant in and just the tip of her tongue danced with Suzy’s as her hands became more aggressive at Her breasts. Suzy felt a presence behind Her and Daniel reached his hand around Her to lay its weight over Her mound and slowly begin to rub. Suzy darted Her tongue deep into Cayetanna’s mouth and Her panties started to moisten at the stimulation he provided. He leant into Her, his chest and loins connecting with Her back and buttocks, he was very hard within his clothes, and he socketed his length into the cleft of Her fundament rubbing up and down, and with his free hand stroked Her hair. “OOHHH Mr. Boulton you’re so hard again MMMMMMMM YES!!!!!!!!!!!” *He increased the control of the egg to about two thirds and was surprised how much he can feel it vibrate beneath his hand, as he whispered; “Who do You want Suzy, me or her...?”
“Both sir!!!!!”
Whispered again; “Greedy girl, bad greedy girl. Just one of us might have been inclined to be kind, both of us I fear will not...” And he pushed the control to maximum as the hand on Her mound pulled Her back onto him in Her bottom cleft. “Ok Sir if you would like me all to yourself I would prefer it and you feel so hard sir!!!!!!!!”
“No girl You made Your choice, You get us both and we will not be kind…” Cayetana removed her hands from Suzy’s breasts; after one last painful squeeze, fell to her knees and ripped away the knickers; not caring if they tore or not. Daniel removed his hand from Her mound and without subtly roughly f***ed his hands under Her dress, into Her bra to pinch Her nipples hard as he nipped at Her left ear lobe with his teeth. “Och OHHH Sir I love you twisting my nipples!”
“Then that's what You'll get.” The pressure of his fingers tightened on Her nipples and he twisted them viciously. “Open Your mouth” Cayetana said. Without hesitation Suzy did so; wide. She balled up the knickers and f***ed them into Suzy’s mouth so far She choked a little, and with her other hand She slapped Suzy hard across Her mound, “Ouch! Mphhhhh.” Giving Her nipples a last vicious pinch, Daniel dropped to his knees and started to roll Suzy’s dress as far up Her stomach as he could thus exposing Her now naked buttocks and lady’s part. She felt his breath hot on the side of Her right buttock and was shocked as he bit down into the delicate pale flesh of it, released his jaws and then began to suck hard. To mark Her with his love bite. As he continued to suck f***efully Cayetana turned her attention to Suzy’s mound which she slapped lightly repeatedly over and over again. Suzy mumbled something and moaned but the words meant nothing behind Her gag. The Spanish girl seemed to be enjoying slapping Her and showed no interest in stopping, Daniel continued to suck at Her arse breaking the capillaries and bruising; wanting to leave a mark that would remain for some while. Abused so, bitten and slapped Suzy started to feel faint…
Finally relinquishing his mouth's hold on Her buttock he rose to stand behind Her so close, but not quiet touching to whisper in Her ear; "regretting Your greed yet Suzy?" He stilled the egg and more audibly said; “stop slapping Cay and remove the toy from Her greedy little cunt. So now You are denied any stimulation... “ He stepped back and all was silence “Yes I am Sir, sorry” as Cay pulled the little string attached to the egg and it slid out of Suzy’s wet pussy with a delightful little “pop”.
Suzy felt helpless with Her arms aching above Her head wearing Her bra, opera gloves, suspender belt and stockings and with Her dress rolled into a vest, everything remained quiet and still for probably five minutes. The only sound was a barely discernable hum from the little video camera, another five minutes passed, and still nothing. “Sir?” and then more urgently; “Sir? Where have You gone? I am getting thirsty now as well Sir…”
With an explosion of movement but no sound to announce it a tongue - presumably Cayetana’s - started lapping at Her nether lips just as something hard butted at Her anal pucker and two arms - logically his - reached around to fondle Her breasts. His voice in Her ear was just a whisper; “now You're going to get it...”
“MMMM” and She jumped at the sudden longed for stimulation as She felt Cayetana's tongue deep inside Her and Sir's hardness She was almost overcome by feelings of desire. Again just a whisper in Her ear; “Ready Suzy? I don't want to hurt You...” She nodded Her head waiting for it. The girl was still very much intent upon Her and his hands stilled massage Her breasts, but with a now surprising gentleness he eased his way into the pucker between Her buttocks, slowly but deeply thrusting. Another whisper; “do You like that Suzy, are You happy?”
“At last!” She thought to Herself I have wanted Mr. Boulton to fuck me for so long now!” She nodded Her head and clenched Her buttocks around him but drew apart Her legs so that the tongue would find easier access to Her. Unbeknownst to Suzy, Cayetana had removed her clothes too and shifted her position a little so that she knelt with one leg either side of Suzy’s. Her tongue still busy she started to rub her sex up and down Suzy’s stockinged leg, leaving a wet trail on the silk. The sound of the Spanish girl's wet lips as they frotted against Her was quite unusual; almost a buzz, she certainly seemed to be enjoying it too since her efforts with her tongue increased. It seemed Daniel too was enjoying himself since he whispered over and over "yes, oh yes, thank You Suzy, yes."
“I think that Sir will be cumming soon I can feel it!”
“Too right Suzy, too rigghttt...” as he said this he exploded within Her and his hands went from massaging to grabbing tightly, Cay clamped her thighs around Suzy’s leg and stopped tonguing to nip the labial lips just once with her teeth, and released a long drawn out moan... She felt Cay's juices running down Her leg and Sir's cum seeping out of Her. He slumped against Her, panting heavily in Her ear trying valiantly to maintain his hardness within Her so to push Her over the edge of Her own achievement. She moved forward so he slid out of Her with a sucking sound then She turned around quickly and wrapped Her legs around him as his cock slid into Her pussy. She made him thrust deep into Her, violently bucking against him as She felt a shattering orgasm building within Her. “Quick as You can Suzy, may not have much left in me...” he panted, Cay now recovered moved behind Her and started tonguing Suzy’s arse. “OOOOHHHHH MMMMMMMM” and She came! With Daniel deep within Her and with a tongue licking deep in her backside shaking spastically as She exploded. “Good girl Suzy, my good girl, my little maid...” He said panting heavily.
Staggering a little he extracted himself and moved to his bedroom, returning very quickly he now carried a collar from the suitcase. Approaching Her he bent to put it on and as he did so said one word; "mine" and slapped Her once, hard across Her left cheek. Her body recoiled from the slap and standing facing Her, he kissed Her hard on the mouth their tongues dancing. “My Suzy, Thank You.”
“Thank you Sir!”

The next day Suzy was still bruised and ached, he too was rather exhausted so they spent the whole of it together in the master bed, both naked except for Her collar which She wore with a fierce pride. There were caresses and kisses but nothing else, they just basked in the company of the other. Room service was called to bring the papers and some magazines, and later some light refreshment, each time the room service porter was instructed to bring his delivery into the bedroom, but Suzy made no attempt to cover Herself or the collar. The next day they went together to see the John Soane museum, She still wore the collar beneath a bright scarf. Whilst admiring the “Rake’s Progress” in the cramped little gallery he stood behind Her hard as he was at the opera and through their clothes again slotted himself into the cleft of Her arse and though moving only the slightest amount only managed to keep back his crisis by the skin of his teeth.
Whilst visiting the Natural History museum, in the cavernous whale hall he surprised Her to the extent She cried out with a delighted “Ohhhhhh” as he pushed the control of the egg to maximum with no warning at all. One of the stewards rushed over concerned to see if She were alright, flushed and red faced She managed to convince him that She was.
For the rest of his three week (He had only assumed he would be staying ten nights, two weeks at maximum and Evelyn felt his absence acutely. With Suzy’s help though; since She knew Miss Stewart’s vital statistics much better than he, brought Her a dove grey silk negligee as thanks which She adored and would always remind Her of Daniel … ) stay Suzy shared his bed rather than sl**ping in Her own smaller one. They did not make love every night; both were happy just to hold the other, or indeed to engage in rougher vigorous couplings which could not properly be called loving.
Twice more they invited Cayetana to the suite, so that all of them could experience being the one who was bound, Daniel would send her copies of all of these three films as well as providing them to Suzy. He even went so far as to offer the Spanish girl a position at the school without consulting anyone but, she was happy at the opera house though would in the future visit there once in a while over the holidays.
When they left neither one had any doubt that Suzy was very much “his” and both would be entirely contented with that. It was certainly a memorable holiday.

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