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for M'Lady, part the ninth

Helena was awake; she lay contentedly in the softness of the bed. The carriage which had been her travelling home for so long now was comfortable enough to sl**p in for one or even two nights, but no more than that. She considered herself fortuitous that perhaps she alone amongst all the Women of the day was able to constantly discover anew the delight of crisp linen: Ana and her class who knew this luxury everyday were thus immured to it and the other classes if they slept in a bed at all certainly did not have fresh sheets each night, possibly not ever. It was only she who was in the unique position to find this new delight again and again; how lucky she was. She should have felt complete contentment with her lot, but at the very back of her mind something niggled. For the most part she could ignore it, but was sometimes unable to deny that she missed Gregor very much. As a new ripple of melancholia washed over her, she remembered that on the other side of the wall behind her was a man; who she suddenly realised she favoured…
Mortimer too woke slowly; the muscles of his thighs were tight after so long having been stretched out to the corners of the bed, he could not feel his arms at all they were entirely numbed having been lain upon for so long. But what he was most immediately aware of was the heavy presence of the stalk within him. Once before it had seemed so large in his consciousness it had prevented his sl**p. Last night though he had not slept, so much as fallen into an exhausted slumber. Truth be told; he cursed the dawn for waking him; he wanted to return again to his dream. It was then he became aware of some tightness across the skin of his chest as well as the presence of something upon it. Nor could he seem to open his left eye due to something covering the lid of it. Craning his neck as far forward as he could he gazed as the Cyclops must down the length of himself and there he saw that the tribute his eager member had made the dream woman lay across him still. In some places it had dried and hence the tightness of his skin but there were still two large pools of it; one of which would run down his side and stain the counterpane if he moved too much. She was real and had been here, at least not very lately! He must go and find her. Though he struggled (And did indeed finally manage to open his other eye.) violently against the cords that held him , he could do nothing but lay back and wait for Jakes to come and release him. How would the butler react to finding him – and now the bed linen – splattered thus though?
The minutes dragged long for Mortimer, he wanted to be up and able to stretch, but it seemed early yet. In the vague hazy way of his class he was aware that the servants must get up ahead of the gentlefolk but he was not sure by just how much. Then the thought occurred to him; that was he not a servant too now? He could not account for why but he found this intensely amusing and despite himself started top laugh aloud. So it was that Jakes found him; besmeared with what could only be his essence (though Molly had been ardent that despite her teasing she had left him still denied.) and laughing heartily at who knew what? Indeed; he laughed so hard that he did not notice the butler had entered, carrying with him a basin which managed carefully as though it contained water which might spill, along with an anonymous bundle.
“Sir, how came you to be thus, did Molly lie to me and let you arrive?” Even shocked as he was by the interruption the captain could not stop laughing. In fact the angry look upon the butler’s face he found entirely hilarious too, and thus he laughed all the harder. “Stop it now Sir and answer me quick; how are you thus presented, who was it who pleasured you?” Jakes asked his voice raised not a little. With difficulty Mortimer stifled his guffaws, which gave him time enough to think of an answer that would not betray anyone concerned.
“Forgive me John, and nor has Molly lied to you, tease me she most certainly did and even gave me a saucy kiss upon my most intimate pert, but; it is not her who is responsible. I am though a man of some passion and believe myself as virile as any other man, to be so long denied and yet stimulated so wickedly and with such continuation meant that my dreams last night were of such lustfulness it seems I was provoked to this. For which I hasten to add I am most humbly sorry.” To this at first Jakes seemed incredulous, Redmayne could see the struggle to fit the facts as they appeared to the result writ large across the butler’s face: He trusted Molly, there was no-one else who would enter the room and the captain was indeed a most manly man. Slowly though Mortimer saw the face morph from incredulity through doubt to finally rest upon admiration. “Sir, then you are quite a man and were I wearing one and my hands not full I would doff my hat to thee. I think though it’d be best if we do not let M’Lady know about this, I don’t think it would end well for either one of us. Do you agree so Sir?”
“Thank you John, yes this is perhaps some intelligence that the Lady should not be alerted to I think, I am very grateful to you.”
“Good, then I shall clean you up and release you in but a moment, I am though to shave you again, Milady bid me do so. Perhaps it would be easier if you remained secured so whilst I do, would that be alright by you Sir?” Fearing the damage that the razor could do to him he saw the wisdom in this and nodded for Jakes to proceed. The butler placed the basin carefully upon the dresser and as he did so Mortimer saw that steam rose from it. The bundle was placed beside it and uncovered to reveal a brush and soap along with clothes which must be the day’s attire. On one very private, silent level Mortimer was a little disappointed; though he would not admit it yet to anyone other than himself the concept of his nakedness in front of the fully dressed women the day before had been a delicious flavouring to his already aroused state. Soon enough, though it had only recently managed an escape from the bondage of denial and had been languorously and contentedly limp since; his member started again to rise. Jakes saw this and chuckling said:
“Oh no Sir, don’t you get no ideas like that, I’m not contrariwise though I can admit you’ve impressed me with your virility. Me and Molly is lovers and I likes the women as much as any man. I’ll be careful though; it’s often enough I did so for the Colonel. If I do knick you at all it won’t show when I’m done, you just keep still now though sir. “
The sound of the brush working the soap to lather in the cup had a pleasant rhythm and for some reason Mortimer’s thoughts turned again to the dream, no; now no longer a dream, to the mysterious woman of last night. The radiance of her hair and the wicked smile she had given him just before he fell into slumber. He could not help a big dopey smile coming to his lips and was so lost in the pleasant memory that before he was even aware the task had been started, it was over. Once the butler was done, he put away the brush and razor he took a damp cloth and saw to it that all the evidence of the night before was washed from Mortimer’s body and face. Though he did not think it would help very much he also dabbed the counterpane, hopefully it was pale enough that any remaining stain would not be too obvious. Finally with not a little tenderness he untied the captain’s ankles so that he was again able to relax the muscles in his legs. A little too quickly he swung them off the bed and sat up so that Jakes could untie his arms, but he did so forgetting momentarily the great smooth intruder within himself. As he sat the weight of himself pushed it further in and he gasped, a sound that he could not decide was entirely one of pain, or one of enjoyment… not quite yet trusting his legs though he remained thus and Jakes coming to sit beside him, carefully untied the cord that bound his arms behind him. They fell to his sides heavy and as though not his own, it was some while before there was any feeling in them and he could manage any dextrous act with his fingers. How though he longed to grasp himself and again make tribute to the new woman.
It did not occur to him at all just how quickly she had ousted Ana as the focus of his ardour…

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