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sonnet viii

Your head could turn heads 'pon the stiffest of necks,
For it is the seat of such delights.
With grace and charm, it Fate bedecks,
And 'tis the place where beauty alights.
A timeless beauty that will not fade,
All tempered with charm and a generous soul.
And a mind that's as sharp as any blade,
Yet, do i do injustice to the whole?
For is the head not surpassed by the rear?
Too oft' i've been lost in its gentle lines.
And after long study, know it has no peer
It is the thing that all my joy defines.
Next to you all worldy wealth doth pale,
For i could not choose betwixt your head or tail.

Posted by dustybit 2 years ago
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1 year ago
What a surprise!! I am astounded to find someone like you on here!! xxx