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tebahpla tale

"Zounds" yelled Xander, whilst vainly utilising the steering rudder.
Questing 'pon one new mystery left killed journeyers in hurried graves...
Finally ending desperate costly boat adventures.

okay cheated a bit on "p" ...
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alphabet tale

just an amusing distraction inspired by; http://xhamster.com/user/nobarriers

a brave chevalier did enter ferrous gates. His insecurities - just kept low - made new opportunities precious. Quietly rising stairs, till ultimately; veiled woman xoanon yields zest.
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[Story] Suzy's Holiday Service.

In the weeks following our heroine's introduction to Mr. Boulton's photographic experiments, She had often found Herself standing in front of him head hung low; not for just the weekly session - which was now entered in his appointment diary in red in Miss Stewart's elegant rounded hand for the rest of the term- but also on the odd occasion when She felt a need for some guiding hand upon Her. When, all too frequently thoughts of Her headmaster sneaked into Her impish mind She could not help but flaunt Her ignoring of the uniform regulations to the first elderly male teacher She encounter... Continue»
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[Story] Suzy; Making the Count

Mr Boulton sat behind his heavy carved wooden desk pretending to be reading some typed notes within a buff folder. In truth though, he was considering the history of that very piece of furniture. It had stood in the centre of his cramped book lined office since he arrived and it had been old even then. The dark wood was nicked and marked in numerous places and polished to a high sheen – though he’d never known the cleaning staff to apply any polish or wax to it - by the actions of innumerable writings, interviews and castigations. He was wondering just how many young ladies had been stret... Continue»
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[Story] Interactive Doll

I was already hard; staring at a screen with the legend; "I'll be broadcasting very soon." That was not what though what had raised me, that was the nom de guerre in the banner at the top of the screen and the picture which had ensnared me here from the "Popular rooms" page. Which was of a face I readily admit I'd already lost my heart to completely.
M'Lady and I had been chatting for a long while, sometimes of the mundane, sometimes witticism or irrelevance, we had though wandered on occasion along less trodden paths too; dark, moist, sensuous and lascivious paths. M'Lady needed re... Continue»
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[Story] A Fall from Grace

Anne-Marie was dressed as neatly as she could be; just back from work she had decided to make her request whilst she still felt business-like and efficient. Now after having removed her jacket she stood in just a pale lemon silk blouse and the short pin stripe skirt which terminated a good three inches above her knee. Her hand shaking just a little she reached her right index finger - it's nail expertly French manicured - to press the door bell. There was a dull uninteresting electric chime and seconds later a male voice muffled by the door called; "Just a second". It was not a secon... Continue»
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sonnet xiv

I woke to find my thoughts full of you,
And knew you'd filled my head throughout the night.
For; during those hours I so tumescent grew,
That with ardour all my senses were alight.
You're svelte and supple as a willow,
And your beauty's enough to make me weep.
If I had your soft thigh as my pillow,
Ever you in my thoughts I then must keep.
Beauty of the sort to launch fleets of ships,
For which the great hero accepts his death.
Just to think of you, my heart; it skips,
And such thoughts as these, from me steal my breath.
I must be yours; to do with what you will,
For... Continue»
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[Story] A Cat's Tale

The sun was slowly setting behind the man lying beneath the scratchy little gorse bush as he perused the ground to the east through binoculars that had seen better days. The ground sheet upon which he lay – which made far too much noise if he moved, hence his stillness – old as it was had let water from the rain covered grass seep through in one or two places to dampen what was the only suit of clothes he had with him. He had been watching like this for the better part of a day and with no better way than lascivious thoughts of his new friend’s elegant body to fill his time; the organ at ... Continue»
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sonnet xiii

To see you sl**ping, moonlight highlighting your face.
Then to wake with you, all entwined,
Four pairs of limbs, and yours so full of grace,
Like pieces of a jigsaw perfectly aligned.
We lay a while, all our energies spent,
You rise; a butterfly breaking from her cocoon.
Smiles recall ecstasies to which we have been sent,
To your smile i frown, "must you go so soon?"
You turn and sunlight glistens from your skin,
Your eyes sparkle and the sweetest kiss is blown.
My eyes greedily climb up legs wondrous thin
I blink and find in the room i am alone.
Forgive me; i'm not usually so unco... Continue»
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sonnet xii

Now where is she who once was my dawn,
The one true reason i rose each day?
Time and distance removed; i am forlorn
Though my regard for her will ever stay.
And without the dawn there can be no sun,
Thus i am deprived of even light.
In her though, i thought i'd found my one,
For she was witty and pretty and bright.
To her i delivered up my heart,
and the lumpen form in which it resides.
For too long now we have been apart,
Whilst i've shed tears which ran to tides.
Though i am now much less of a man,
I should now forget; but there's no way i can.
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sonnet xi

Too oft, i've considered Her fundament;
Hypnotised by its beauteous swing.
Who into raptures would not be sent
By so rare, pert and sublime a thing?
i dream of Her decorous decolletage
And of the prize that it doth promise.
My ardour i can no way camouflage
When i think to there place a gentle kiss.
There can be nothing with a finer curve
Nor anything else that man could invent.
E'en could i sculpt i wouldn't have the nerve
To try such a rare form to represent.
To me She's all; water, food and oxygen
my fair Maid, callimammapygean.

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for M'Lady, part the ninth

Helena was awake; she lay contentedly in the softness of the bed. The carriage which had been her travelling home for so long now was comfortable enough to sl**p in for one or even two nights, but no more than that. She considered herself fortuitous that perhaps she alone amongst all the Women of the day was able to constantly discover anew the delight of crisp linen: Ana and her class who knew this luxury everyday were thus immured to it and the other classes if they slept in a bed at all certainly did not have fresh sheets each night, possibly not ever. It was only she who was in the un... Continue»
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For Michaela,

The following i post at the behest of someone, it's the latest turn in a game i run for some of my friends. It will almost certainly not be of much interest to anyone but should someone actually read it and be interested in playing let me know; i'm sure i could fit you in. i would though need to know an email address so i can send on all the relevant stuff...

October ‘64
Operation One; Investigate Sightings
After Austin’s previous encounter with the Long Dogs back in July, any patrols taken by the Police or Army in the North have one dose of post prophylactic rabies treatment. Howeve... Continue»
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sonnet x

When by Her tight ribbon i am secured,
And thus denied my own pleasure filled touch.
Long weeks of denial are happ'ly endured
For i thrill to know i'm within Her clutch.
From this bondage, i had wanted no end;
With it i know that M'Lady doth care.
For Her my self is laid totally bare,
And to Her my ev'ry part i extend.
Knowing that Her ribbon's incessant clasp
Means that on my flesh She stakes a claim.
Often i need hide a joyous gasp
For i know for me She has some aim.
i Hope that the boy who wears Her tight bow,
Might one day progress from boy to beau.
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sonnet ix

What man is there who would not surrender
To the vixen who now rules half my heart?
Though i know She's capable of the tender,
Hard handed and sharp is more Her part.
If i had to be laid across A knee,
Hers is the lap i'd always choose.
And 'spite the hurt how happy i'd be,
To wear like a medal the resultant bruise.
As with their ribbon myself i secure
i pray that one day the last bow She'll tie.
All pain and denial i'll happ'ly endure
If just once before them i might lie.
Her terrible beauty's at once serene;
My uniquely glorious vulpine Queen.

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sonnet viii

Your head could turn heads 'pon the stiffest of necks,
For it is the seat of such delights.
With grace and charm, it Fate bedecks,
And 'tis the place where beauty alights.
A timeless beauty that will not fade,
All tempered with charm and a generous soul.
And a mind that's as sharp as any blade,
Yet, do i do injustice to the whole?
For is the head not surpassed by the rear?
Too oft' i've been lost in its gentle lines.
And after long study, know it has no peer
It is the thing that all my joy defines.
Next to you all worldy wealth doth pale,
For i could not choose betwixt your head o... Continue»
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sonnet vii

Through my thoughts You sashay 'pon the hour,
Your fair rear, or sweet face the quarters marks.
And when my imaginning with you embarks
It can with such ease, whole days devour.
If Your blouse too light, up your back ascends
And reveals a pale beguiling crescent.
i could not conceive a sight more pleasant,
Or one which greater appeal to You lends.
For next to You, the very sun it dims.
'Tis for You alone, that i rise each dawn.
Slim, beauteous, delicate as a fawn,
Elegance finds its meaning in Your limbs.
In contemplation of Your subtle curves,
i find more joy than any man deserve... Continue»
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for M'Lady, part the eighth

The Lady Sinclair though of much sterner stuff than the majority of ladies of her era, did not relish another night sl**ping in her carriage. It was a necessity sometimes of course; her adventurous nature meant that her travels did not always adhere to well known routes and inns. It did not do though to be too often under canvas or on especially warm nights the stars, and since she knew that she always made a lasting impression when a houseguest she determined to stay at least the night in the house below. After all it seemed the entertainments on offer were quite delightful and to her own... Continue»
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sonnet vi

Without Them i was alone and lost,
No action had meaning or any reason.
'Twas as though my life was covered by a frost
But now spring's my heart's perpetual season.
For They're come again and taken ev'ry care;
Heart swells; such love to accomodate.
Their beribboned collar i shall happily wear
And unto Them i surrender my fate.
Delighted to be Their whims' subject
Though it might mean my pleasure's denied.
Without Them my life was fully abject,
It was mine to take, but 'twas as though i'd died.
And so; my love's pennant is at last unfurled,
With Goddesses above me, all's right with... Continue»
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my Malady; M'Lady

i must look bad and know i feel rough,
For i cannot sl**p and rarely eat.
But thoughts of it are sustenance enough,
Though still my energy it doth deplete.
My heart quickens and my breath comes short,
It weakens me and takes me to my bed.
My body with such pleasure it doth contort;
i would not mind if from it i were dead.
Fever dreams of illness fill my brain,
And if i think on it my knees grow weak.
From me all my energy it doth drain
And yet, a cure i do not wish to seek.
It caused my heart and other parts to swell;
From this malady i want not to be well.
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