my babysitter took my virginity

When I was 13. I had been very sick with a k**ney infection and had to stay in bed after i got out of the hospital. My dad took my b*****rs to one of the ir football tournaments and mom had to stay home with me. She got a call to go help her mom and found a babysitter for me. Jerry lived down the street and was 16. He came over and mom left. Jerry knew he would have to spend the next 2 nights watching me. I was supposed to stay in bed except for bathroom, and once a day I could go to the dining room to eat. Jerry was good to me and he allowed me to eat in the kitchen for lunch and dinner. He fed me breakfast in bed and treated me like his little king. One day at breakfast, he sat on the edge of the bed which wasn't unusual, but on this occasion he spilled my bowl of cereal all over me. He cleaned up the mess and told me to go to the bathroom and he would run a bath for me. I begged for a shower, but he said mom said no showers cause i was unsteady. I talked him into it and said you could help me out by holding me up and he agreed. As he got the shower ready and threw the bedclothes in the washer, he came back and helped me to the bathroom and got the shower adjusted. When he helped me out of my pajamas, I had a boner. He laughed and said well at least your cock is healthy. I laughed too, and he said let me help you wash. He was washing my back and when I turned around, it was obvious that my butt being rubbed by him gave me a huge erection. I guess he was surprised at my size when he saw it fully erect, and he said wow you're bigger than me. He was staring at me and i got a real good feeling in my stomach as he took the washcloth and began rubbing all around my neck and chest. My nipples were real sensitive and as he scrubbed them back and forth, I shot a huge rope of cum and another and kept firing. four or five hit him on the arm and chest as he didn't know I was going to cum. my knees buckled and I grabbed him for balance and pulled him into the tub. He was soaked and i apologized. he said don't sweat it k**. I guess I should have gotten in the shower naked with you in the beginning. He stripped and his body was so buff. I loved to look at his muscles up close. He said I guess since i need to support you, you should wash me. I took the soap and scrubbed his back with my bare hands. He was in front of me holding my bum as he reached back behind him. This brought my cock up near his ass. he kept bumping it and it was obvious it was not longer an accident. I was loving it and reached around front to scrub his nipples. he pulled me closer and his had leaned back toward my shoulders. I leaned forward and it felt natural to lean over and kiss himas i rubbed his nipples. he then rubbed his ass to my cock and pulled me closer as he wiggled his ass against my cock. I slid it in between his cheeks and he was rubbing it up and down. I conntinued to kiss his neck and cheek and he turned his head and said oh man you are driving me nuts. I dropped one hand to my cock and was sliding it up and down his ass crack and felt it slip in between his ceeks to his bunghole. I knew this was naughty and he let go of my bum and spread his cheeks as he slid back to allow me to enter his tight red rosey hole. I pulled his chest back and pushed my hips forward as i slid in about an inche. Jerry jerked and moaned a bit and then I tried to slide in further. It was dificult cause i need more leverage, I reached around front to his cock and pulled him back as i drive forward deeper and slid right in to my pubes. I was never so turned on as I was then. I fired off several more ropes of cum into his bowels and he was moaning real loud. I felt his cock jerking in my hand as I leaned over kissing his shoulders and watched his cock jumping as he fired off 7 long thick rooes of cum onto the wall. I slid my hand up his cock to the head and got a good amount on my hand and pulled his cum to my mouth and licked it as he turned his head and kissed me on the mouth. I was so turned on that I didnt realize I was still hard and still buroied deep in his ass. I drove in and out a few more times and noticed his cock went stiff again. I kissed him deep and slid my tongue past his. he went nuts and was eating my tongue like it was a pice of jerky. I was so aroused now that I gripped his cock and jerked it back and forth as I slid in and out. I felt his cock jerking again and i shot more come deep in his ass as i sldi in and out. I saw more long thick ropes of cum shoot all over the bathroom walls and he lost his balance and I held him up. he was now relying on me to hold him as i too began to loose my balance and we both fell to the floor of the tub. He turned around and kissed me as I rubbed is cock and balls. His balls were super sensitive and he pulled my hand away. We continued kissing and then he helped meup to my feet. We rinsed and eh helped me out of the tub and dried me. he then sat me down on the toilet as he dried himself. Then he kissed me again and said lets go to your bedroom. You need some reat. I said you do too. He grinned and said you're right about that. We laid down and while still damp and clean we hugged each other and kissed some more. he then left my mouth and kissed my nipp;es and I was soon hard as he chased his tongue all over my nipples. Then he dropped to my cock and took it in my mouth. He said I never thought I would be getting any sex this weekend. I grinned and said me neither. I felt his tongue washing my balls and was now more erect than ever. He said are you going to let me fuck your ass now too?I said I never thought about it. I said ok I guess. It looked like you were enjoying it a lot. he soon licked my ass and was fingering my roese bud as i flinched and jerked. I never had a finger up there before and it was very sensitive but erotic too. I felt him slide a second finger in and pushed back against him. he moaned as I drove back saying you look like your ready. I said uh huh. and then he slid his cock back and forth on my ass crack and spit on his cock. He slipped the head in and I could fel it was very tight. He said push back like you are trying to fart. I did and it slid in deeper and as it hit my prostate I was on fire and my cock was bigger than it ever was before. Jerry was real tender and he let me get used to it before he slid in all the way to his nutsack. I felt his balls against my legs and he was now driving it back and forth and making my prostaqte jump with electric shocks. I never knew how pleasurable it could feel. Jerry was doing it in a nice rhythm and not too slow or fast but as he drove in my cock would jump. He was holding my cock at the base and said I am going to come soon, are youe ready to cum? I said yes. He began stroking my cock real fast and set his pace the same as he continued to pleasure me front and back. I felt my cock twitch and said I am coming. He sped up and began firing a warm load of cum into my ass and it felt so good. I was so turned on. I enjoyed shooting all that cum all over my bed but then realized we never put a sheet back on it. I felt him withdraw and was going to yell not to let it spill on the matress and then realized he had the towel under my ass to catch it. he must have dumped a cup of cum in me. He tenderly wiped my ass of cum and then he licked me clean and then rolled me over to clean my cock and the matress. He then sucked my cock clean. i saw him get up and said don't clean your cock so I can suck it clean. he came back with another clean towel and we got into a 69 and began making love to each others cock. I had had several different guys in bed with me but we never approached each others ass since we all thought was what made you gay. I was in heaven with Jerry. We continued to make love in one way or another for the remainder of the weekend. i was in such a good mood when mom got home, She mentioned maybe having Jerry sit for you was a good thing. I said we got along real good and we played all kinds of games. She said I am so glad. You acted so depressed before I left. Now look at you. I would have thought you found a girlfriend.
I continued my sexual escapades with Jerry for 3 years until he got engaged. We had sex one more time after he married my next door neighbor. That was the day she gave birth to their little girl. he stopped over and we drove to a field near his house to have sex under the stars. He was a good friend and never took advantage of me.
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19 days ago
Beautiful Story.xxxxxxxxxxxx
5 months ago
Beautiful story of a beautiful love experience!
6 months ago
Great story.....could totally picture it fucking dick is hard!!!
7 months ago
Hot story!
9 months ago
9 months ago
Now that's a good friend! HOT story my friend!
9 months ago
great story... wow
10 months ago
great story dude! I can relate to gay sex growing up but I kind of knew I was gay when I was only 8 years old. Even though I have been married 3 times I continue having gay sex, it's the only way I feel sexually satisfied. My wife knows I love sucking cock but she don't want to hear about it.
10 months ago
10 months ago
Great story Dusty! I just got on because I had a little time to kill and figured I'd catch up on the new stories. I love babysitter stories, so I clicked to read yours not realizing it was also gay male. I started reading and since the story was so short I figured what the hell I'd finish it. The more I read the harder I got and by the end I was cumming like crazy. It woke up a whole new area to me and now am really curious. Thanks for the hot story and going to read more of your work.
10 months ago
good story