new years eve aftermath

My wife and I were invited to a party by her girlfriend for New Years eve.
About 1:30 she got a call from her sons to wish her a happy new year.
The Boys are 17 and 18 and are actually quite good k**s. My wife and I told her after she hung up that they were probably checking up on her so she didn't interrupt their party. she blew it off and we went on partying. her husband was out of town and she was glad we drove because she could now get blasted.
We left the party at about 1:30 and I was the designated driver. I got her and my wife in the car. both of them were well oiled, but Cathy was toast. My wife helped me carry her to the bedroom. We noticed the music was on quite loud and no one was up to greet us. Peggy got Cathy undressed and I went downstairs to turn the music off. I turned it off and found her 2 sons on a pullout bed in the bedroom downstairs, and went to turn off some more lights when I found in their master bedroom downstairs in the adjoining bathroom a young man who had gotten d***k and was now laying in the tub.
He was naked except for his socks. He had a pretty well developed hunk of meat even though it was soft. I turned the shower off. It was cold and the k** was probably freezing. His clothes had all been puked on. I took his socks off and managed to get him into the bed. He was snoring pretty loud. I put his clothes in the laundry and Peggy came down to see what was taking so long. she saw Cathy's boys in the bed and she pulled back their covers to see both of them were nude and one had his b*****r's cock in his hand covered in dry cum. She came in to tell me and asked why I was loading the laundry. I explained and we went in to look at the boy in bed. He appeared to be about 18. She was impressed by his cock. I asked if she wanted a taste. She told me about Cathy's boys and I knew she was moist now. I slipped her top off and slid her skirt off, she told me to make sure Cathy was asl**p. I went up the stairs and checked and saw she was laying in bed in her bra and panties and I closed the door. I went back downstairs and as i got to the bedroom door I saw Peggy naked and holding this k**s cock while sucking it. He was almost fully hard. she was sucking his nuts and fingering his asshole as she sucked him. I sat of the edge of the bad and she retold the sight of how the boys looked and then described their cocks and said the older boy was about 7 inches in her opinion even though he was soft, but the younger one looked like he was a bit bigger and a bit thicker. I was ready to blow and began stroking while keeping an ear and an eye out for everyone else. Peggy then straddled his big fat cock and was fucking him like crazy. I shot a load on a pair of shorts and wiped it off. She came after about 10 minutes of fucking him and to our surprise he came too. He never woke up, but he came so much that his cum was all over his belly and legs just from her slipping off him. I said you should clean him up. She said ok, but come and help. We both licked and sucked him til he was real clean. He continued to snore and never missed a beat. We left their house and got home to fuck our brains out.
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You and Peggy are a hot couple!