halloween at eh omega pi frat house with my wife

My wife had a young friend hat had been invited to a frat party. We realized it was a Halloween party and we took up the offer to join him.
Jerry got sick that afternoon, but since we were going to join him there and drive separate, we already had our invites in hand.
Peg was excited and said we can meet some more young guys and Jerry won't be hovering and jealous like he was at the pig roast.
We got there around 9:30 and since it was supposed to start at 8:30, we knew it would be in swing already. We had smoked a joint before getting there and the odor was lingering on us. as it was this helped us to get in cause the sergeant at arms was into weed and he checked our invite and said gimme a joint and I wont need to see any I.D.
We gave him 2 and walked in. Peg was dressed like a witch. I was a ninja.
She looked hot and her makeup was professional looking.
She wore a dress that was torn along her knees and hung unevenly. We agreed she not wear undies. She went to the jungle juice and was given a huge 20 oz red solo cup full. I got one and we walked toward the dining room where 2 girls were sucking each others tits. Many of the guys were d***k and hooting and hollering. She stood between 2 gorgeous young guys and as she moved in one of them looked her in the eyes and she leaned forward and kissed him. His buddy was stunned and he reached over to her boob and copped a feel. She didn't resist and so the k** felt her up again, while his friend was swapping tongue with her.
I watched as they were getting carried away. She stopped them both and asked if there was somewhere a little more quiet. Pat the blond k** said lets go to the breezeway. all four of us walked out and I acted like I had been feeling her from the other side. I waited for the 2 of them to get moving again and I went at her pussy with 2 fingers and lifted her dress to expose her pussy and ass. The red head, (Brent) was a bit shocked but recovered well and he asked if he could get in on her pussy. I said sure I am in no hurry. I lit a joint and passed it to peg and she hit it as Pat took a few tokes as well. During this time Brent pulled his cock out and was stroking it between her lips and along her clit. It was a rather nice thick long cock and as pat toked on the joint Peg dropped down and sucked his cock. I took mine out and Pat followed suit and she was stroking us both as she sucked Brent. Pat was pretty thick too, but a bit longer, and she soon began sucking pat and storking brent. I took advantage of the situation and felt pats cock and then she began sucking on me as I felt brent too. She then leaned over and slipped brents cock up and down her pussy ;ips as his precum dripped to add lubricant to her slit. Brnet was just getting ready to slip it in when pat bent over and sucked his cock. Pat was good, but Peggy wanted fucking, so I slipped down and sucked pat as she took brent into her pussy. Brent was busy fucking her and as we watched them fuck Pat shot a load into my mouth and I sucked it down. Peggy and brent continued for a good 10 minutes when Pat was rock hard again and he said keep me hard while I wait for them to finish. I suacked for a while and saw Pat reach arund and stick his finger in Brents ass. It was so hot to see him aiding his buddy in coming, that I was soon jacking my cock real close to them. Brent came and slid out so he could get his cock sucked clean by me and as he entered my mouth, Pat slid into Peggy. They got into a good motion and I slid a finger into peggy as Pat began to unload. She came and continued to cum until Pat pulled out and I then replaced his cock with mine and Brent sucked on me. The 2 boys finished off in her one more time and then we left to go home and recall all of the fun we had just had.

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9 months ago
Another hot one! Peggy must be one hot cookie!