lee's surprise for my milfs birthday

It was my wife's birthday and we invited several younger guys over for a pool party. all but one had been with her sexually on several occasions. The only one that wasn't was Lee's younger b*****r. Jerrod had just turned 17 and Lee asked if he could come over to enjoy himself. I agreed but told him that it would be a surprise for her for later. all the guys were given approximate arrival times. Dave and Kenny were the first and got in and out on the first 2 hours. They left by 3 oclock, and next was Beau and his friend marty. They had become accustomed to doing her tag team and enjoyed a double penetration. They were gone by 4:30. Joe and scott, both former baby sitters arrived and had dinner with us as they enjoyed rns with peggy. Joe and Scott were both former babysitters. They were both the long slim style and each of them enjoyed anal sex. Lee arrived with his younger b*****r Jerrod arrived in time to see her finish the two guys off and Jerrod was totally turned on to the point of joining in and shoving his cock in her face. As Joe and Scott left Lee stripped and I noticed he was less hairy than normal. I rubbed my hand up his bum and commented on his smooth ass. he pushed it back into my hand and said um you like that don't you. I said you bet I do. I then felt all along his thighs and cupped his balls to feel no hair anywhere and then I felt his asshole. It was clean too. I said damn boy I like. He said go ahead and give it a lick. you know you want to. I bent over and shoved my face between his cheeks and reached around and grabbed his gorgeous curved cock. I love that boys cock. It is bent severly down near the head and is about 7 inches with a nice plump head. I licked his balls and snus and slid my hand up and down his gorgeous cock it was dripping with precum. He loved to do her doggy style while I am lying beneath them and eating her pussy and licking his cock and he has often pulled back far enough that it popped out and fell into my mouth. I love it and expect he does too. He was enjoying himself and watching Jerrod getting a blow job and then Peggy kissed him and pulled him to her pussy so he cold fuck her. He was so excited he drove it in a few times and shot a load deep in her. I wanted to eat her, but as he rolled off, Lee dove into her and I decided to give Jerrods cock a lick to see how he reacted. He was grinning as he watched lee and I and then as I licked his head, he grabbed his semi hard cock and shoved it into my mouth. I went down on him and peggy said Oh yes suck his big cock. I was so turned on and now I know I wanted to eat her pussy . Lee came after about 5 minutes and she came and wrapped her legs around him and when they both released each other I went between her legs and ate her pussy full of several loads of fresh cum. I was loving it and she was cumming agin when I felt a face between my cheeks and looked back and was pleasantly surprised to see Jerrod eating my ass and licking my balls. Then I felt peggy roll over and realized lee was turning her over so Jerrod could fuck her. Jerrod slid his cock up and down her pussy getting it dripping wet with her pussy juices and everybodys cum and my saliva. as he drove it in I got beneath them and began eating her pussy and licking his cock hrad. He was moaning everytime I licked his cock head and then Lee slid between my legs and after rubbing his cock along my ass a few times he spit and rubbed it in and then drove the head in. I was in heaven and peggy was too. we all came within a few minutes of each other and rolled over to lay down and relax. We all fell asl**p and I woke up 2 hours later realizing it was best if we all spent the nigh. I left the 3 of them alone and closed the door. I kissed peggy and she said I love you so much. then I saw Jerrod stir and he leaned over to kiss her and I closed the door and went to bed.

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10 months ago
i want to do that so much
1 year ago
great story, sounds like a great time