My girlfriends b*****r and his date

When I was about 18, i was going out with a 17 year old girl. She was a cutie and horny as fuck. We would go out, and d then when we came home I would park a few houses down the block and we would eat each other and fuck like rabbits til we were both exhausted. she worked at a job that required her to be in work early on Saturday, so we always finished before 11 so she could get some sl**p. One night when I dropped her off, her younger b*****r Tom drove into the driveway while I was walking out to my car. he had a date and they were obviously trashed. She had her top off and he was driving erratic. As they got out of the car he walked her to the backyard. The house lights were all off. She walked like a real d***k. he got out of his side of the car and as he walked around to where iI was I noticed he was naked from the waist down. I got wood and followed them around back.Their dad worked at the factory and he was a dayshift guy and left for work at 5.
Tom knew nobody in the house was going to bother them. They never even saw me. I followed them back to the covered porch and stood next to the house where it was dark. They laid on a padded bench and she went down on him. he was playing with her tits. I could see the moonlight on her pussy lips. she was sloppy wet with either cum or excitement. I didn't care which and wanted to get some of that. As she was boboing up and down on Tom's cock I saw him looking like he was passed out. She said comon tom, you promised. I leaned over and fingered her pussy and she said that's more like it. and as I fingered her she got off her knees and spread her legs wide. I drove two fingers in and she was sucking him like a vacuum cleaner. she was gogin wild on him and must have thought it was his fingers in her. I kept playing with her and fingered her to an orgasm. she stopped sucking him and laid her head on his belly and leaned forward more. I was so horny I leaned over and stuck my cock in her pussy to the hilt. he moaned and said oh yeah. I was leaning over and Tom's cock was still hard and i licked it. Seeing no reaction I swallowed it to the pubes and began sucking him and fucking her like I was deprived of sex for 3 months. I kept sucking his cock and moving his foreskin up and down so fast I knew I wasn't going to last. I was feeling her begin to gyrate against me and she was still moaning while her eyes were closed. I felt a shot of cum going into my throat and swallowed fast. She was hunching back against me and we were moving together real good. I knew it was gonna be over in a second so i pulled out and drove it into her ass and shot it deep in her ass as she dove forward. I think she had never had it in the back door before. She finally relaxed a bit and as I shot it deep in her she was moaning aloud again and Tom was still firing off the last of several rounds of come. I swalloed it all and continued to suck until he said ok thats beginning to hurt. I quit and he rolled over and she dropped to the patio and turned around to suck my cock. I dont know who she thought just fucked her but she was good. I let her finish sucking me clean and then left. When I stopped by that night We left quickly. Peggy said her b*****r and his girlfriend were d***k last night and obviously fell asl**p after sex. she was sl**ping and so was tom naked on the back porch when Mom came out to water the plants. She was so pissed off that she squirted them with the hose. she said the funny thing is she couldn't find her undies. I guess I didn't get busted and I figured I better stash them undies elsewhere before peggy sees them in my glove box.
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1 year ago
Oh, what fun!
1 year ago
Love it please write more !
1 year ago
good one
1 year ago
Love it. Great story
1 year ago
Nice work!!
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
Good Story, Thanks