sharing of the milf in our pool

We had planned a big 4th of July party again and as the evening wore down. Most everyone was either trashed and wanting to go home or they left to go make love, but we still had about 5 people remaining in our yard and pool. My wife Peggy was in our pool with three of the high school graduates from our neighborhood. her b*****r Tom was helping me clean up and his buddy Chris was one of the fresher arrivals. I had not been introduced to Chris as yet, but Tom said he would take care of that after we cleaned up and put things away. tom and I finished cleaning the house inside and had prepared the 3 rooms and the f****y room for some late night guests. We went out to the pool and caught the tail end of Peggy being fucked by one of the 3 high school grads as 2 of the others held her legs and head up. I guess she had been fucked by the other 2 already and my appearance was screwing things up. I tried to relax everyone by telling Tom I was going to go to bed, But shortly after I went inside the 3 guys left, leaving Tom, his s****r and Chris as the last remnants of our party. The fire-pit was going and Tom loves to sit and drink around our pit. he tried to call a few girls and was striking out. Chris was now in the pool with Peggy and I was going to bed. Chris and Peggy spend a few hours in the pool and when they came in Tom was passed out by the fire and it was almost gone dead. Peggy and Chris went to the f****y room and she proceeded to fuck him as she said later for the 4th or 5th time. She said he was like the energizer bunny and for a little guy he was quite well hung. I woke up about 6 am and it was still dark, but the light was just beginning to show. I went to the f****y room and saw Chris and Peggy naked on the pullout sl**ping bed. I looked down at them and saw his cock was almost soft. it was just chubbed up enough to look interesting. I knelt down and was checking his cock out as Peggy woke up. she whispered in my ear to be quiet and as I slid out of the way she began to suck his cock and she got into a 69 with him although he was still sl**ping. she got him aroused and his cock was now hard. She told me in a low whisper to check out this cock on such a little guy. She said suck it. he will think its her. So I sucked it in and was going down real deep and he put his hands on my head and jerked a few times as he shot several long ropes of cum into my throat. I wanted to taste it but he was holding me down. as he slowed down, he released my head and i slid off in time to catch some of the cum still leaking from his cock and sucked it in to my mouth to savor. I felt Peggy pull my head up and she kissed me and we swapped the cum that remained in my mouth. she felt my cock and I was rock her. she whispered to slide it across Chris's lips. I was so turned on that i figured why not. so she lifted her pussy from his face and slid my cock across his pips a few times. I know I felt his tongue and I thought he was awake. Peggy said to go back to bed and she would join me in a few hours. I went. I was awoken by a pussy across my face as she straddled my face with a cum filled freshly fucked pussy. As I was eating her pussy I felt a pair of lips on my cock and was enjoying a blow job. I thought it was the wrong angle for Peggy, but i didn't care who it was. I heard some whispering and then I felt a hand on my cock and a finger in my ass as the hand jacked and made me cum with the finger in my ass. It felt good. I finished eating her and she said so what did you think. We kissed and laid down and she said he just left but he wanted to suck me before he left. She said he was awake but didn't want me to know, and he also didn't want me to know it was him sucking me and feeling and jacking my cock. We discussed all the details of the night and she told me how each of the 3 guys from the neighborhood fucked her. she said that Tom (her b*****r) also fucked her right after the k**s left and that got Chris started. Chris wanted privacy and told tom to watch for me. She said that little man with the big dick can sure fuck. she then told me he hadn't had a piece of ass in 4 years. He was incarcerated and this was his first day out. he thanked her and said he would call her again.
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7 months ago
Great story!!!.....I want to fuck Peggy too...when she is full of young cum!!!!
1 year ago
another fantasy to be fullfilled
1 year ago
chris was back several times while I was out of town, but she measured his cock and said it was 10 inches when rock hard.