thanksgiving eve bar night with my milf

peg wanted to go out on Wednesday after work. The bar across the street from her workplace caters to the younger crowd. She and the girls decided to go there after work. I gave her my blessings and told her to go for it if she got lucky. Most of the girls straggled away little by little until she was the last one remaining. Guys were buying them drinks all night long. She is in her mid 30's, but looks much younger. She caught the attention of one young man who bought her a shot of Redbull and cherry vodka (cherry bomb). She drank one with him and he asked if he could buy her another. She said yes and he smiled and got another round. He appeared to be low 20's. The music was very loud and as they talked they had to lean in towards each others ear. She was listening to him ask her if she wanted another shot, and as she nodded her head he kissed her ear. She felt sparks and reached under the table and squeezed his thigh very high up. That got a big grin from him. She glanced at the time as he went to buy another round, and noticed it was nearing closing time. She figured she better make her move or leave and come home. She downed another shot with him and then she kissed him on the lips and thanked him. This got him a little bolder and he squeezed her thigh under the table. She pulled his hand to her crotch and kissed him again. He asked if she had a place to go. She said yes, but her husband was probably sl**ping and they would have to be quiet. He confessed he was still living at home. He asked if it was safe and she said she always brought guys home. He grinned and agreed. She said she didn't have a car. he said he didn't either cause his ride left hours earlier.
She asked if he wanted to get a cab. They jumped a cab and made out like young lovers all the way back. I was sl**ping when they arrived. She told him to get a few beers and meet her in the basement hot tub. He did and she came to check on me and told me what was happening. She also stripped to a robe only and went out to greet her new lover. Josh was his name and he was a cute young man. he wasn't much taller than her when they stood barefoot next to the hot tub. she let her robe fall open and as he got busy feeling her breasts and pussy. she removed his belt and dropped his slacks to the floor. she then dropped to her knees and pulled his underwear down revealing a nice 7 inch cock that was dripping pre-cum very heavily. He was uncut, and the head was peeking thru. She grabbed his cock and went down on him and sucked on it for a few minutes before releasing it and standing back up where he kissed her and held her close feeling her naked ass. She said lets get into the tub. They removed any remaining clothes and stepped into the hot tub. he kissed her and she leaned back guiding his cock into her pussy. They fucked and she was cumming in a short time. she loves a nice fat cock in the 7 inch range it is her favorite. She came a few times when he bucked into her and held her very tight as he shot a load of cum deep into her pussy. They both lay back exhausted and she felt his limp cock and fondled it until it began growing again. she asked if he wanted to go up to the f****y room where they could lay on the hide-a-bed and enjoy a good fucking. he asked bout me again and she said he is a sound sl**per. He agreed and they came up to the f****y room. She said she was going to get a fresh robe since the other one got soaked by the tub. He agreed and went to the f****y room to wait for her. She came to the bedroom where i was asking all kinds of questions. She straddled my face so I could eat his cum and explained what was going on. our f****y room has a 3/4 length wall that allows you to see into it from the stairwell. So I found a comfortable view and watched as he ate her pussy and she sucked his cock and then they were screwing again. I was enjoying it and after a few hours I decided to go back to bed. They fell asl**p together in the f****y room naked on top of the covers. I awoke at 8 and figured...what the hell. I made coffee and breakfast and when he woke up, he was in a panic. I walked in with coffee and asked how he enjoyed himself last night. he stammered a bit and I finally told him it was OK. we have an arrangement. he sighed a relief and took my coffee. he was a bit uncomfortable as he was still naked and she was on top of the covers. I got him a robe and we talked for quite a while. he admitted to being 20 and shouldn't have been in the bar, but nobody checks on nights like that. Jen finally awoke and kissed him deeply. he was still a bit uncomfortable. I sat next to her and felt her naked ass. She scooted toward me and i fingered her pussy. she was soon cumming and josh had a hard on that was difficult to hide. she went down on him. he kept looking at me and i finally succumbed to jacking off while watching them. she scooted on top of him and they fucked as I got my rocks off. After he came in her she rolled off and motioned for me to eat her freshly fucked pussy. I got down and enjoyed his cum and her pussy juices and before long I noticed she was sucking him hard again. Josh spent the rest of the afternoon with us until he had to return home. He had us give him a ride back at 4 and we exchanged numbers so they could get together again.
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yes I did
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Hubby the felcher did an excellent job of cleaning up her sloppy fuck hole.............sweet