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when I was 15 the internet was an up and coming thing but there were chat rooms and i went from hanging out in our web providers rooms to a chat room that had all kinds of perverted stuff. i jumped from room to room looking to find something interesting. I knew I was bi already and had some buddies that experimented with me, but when I found the room with teen boys, I got really heavy into hatting about sex and what we could do. some of the guys I met were into cyber sex. I went along cause it was kind of exciting, and then over a period of several months I realized many of the guys were older. some of the older guys were pigs but a few were god to me. I enjoyed talking to some of them cause they answered questions about sex for me and weren't always pushing for me to meet up with them. the local web provider had a local teens sight and there were some kewl k**s there, but most were adults trying to act like teens. I enjoyed some of them again but tried to stick with k**s.
one guy was always asking how i was doing in school and such and he found out I was on the swim team and since it was a local sight, he figured out who I was by asking me more and more about how I did at the previous nights meets and all and one day he showed up at the school and approached me to ask If I was tommy. I said yes why...(stupid me, I never gave a fake name on the chat room sight) we talked for a while and he finally told me who he was and asked that I not go nuts, but if I didnt want him around he would leave, just dont make a scene. I agreed and thought about it. he said we could meet at the burger shop across the street. I agreed...i was hungry
I called mom and said we were going to get a bite to eat meaning the guys on the team. she agreed and i went with mitch.
we ate and talked and he asked if I would consider letting him see me naked. I agreed after eh said hed give me 50$
we went to his car and i =said I didnt want to go into his car. he said where could we do it in private. he said into the burger joint bathroom. We went in and he went int the stall and i floowed him. I locked the door and dropped my drawers and he looked at mycock and balls and said he would iv em another 50 to feel them I agreede and after he got me rock hard he said another 100 to suck me. I was so horny now I would have let him fuck me. he sucked me and i got my 200 and left. We chated online for a while more andhe showed up at games and we went for a ride after a few visits. he gave me 200 everytime he sucked me off. I called it off saying i felt weird about it and he said ok and he was glad it lasted as lng as it did.,
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1 year ago
lot of money to suck off a boy, even if you are hot.
1 year ago
Yeah dirty little whore under age and in up to the elbows. Not cool for the old pervs snaring baby jizz and pipes its out of order
1 year ago
Nice story :P I wish I was sexy enough for people to want to watch me on cam :(
1 year ago
love your storie