my highschool friends lil b*****r

When I was in high school. I bought a car when i turned 15 and worked on it to get it in good shape til i was able to drive.
My friend Denny had a younger b*****r , Ray. Ray was a year younger and was adorably cute. Denny and I were friends, but In high school, I didn't have any buddies that knew me sexually at our school. Most of my encounters to that time were involving summer neighbors from my grandparents cottage or some of the grand k**s that visited their grandparents in my neighborhood. I had a few neighborhood friends, but they were all 2 years younger than me.
Ray was always hanging around and it pissed his b*****r off. I on the other hand encouraged Ray and told Denny to cool it with his b*****r. when ever we went somewhere that would be good to bring Ray along, I would ask Denny if he wanted to bring his little b*****r. His mom heard once and she would pressure him to take us, saying he doesn't mind. so Ray would often be a part of the group. we decided to go to the amusement park in the next state once and Denny wasn't too happy when I told his mom we would take Ray also. I had been saving a lot of money so it would be a good time. the day came to leave and Denny was sick. I told Ray I was still gonna go and if his Mom didn't mind he could come too. she thought about it and said well if you are still gonna go and Denny is sick there is no reason Ray can't go. So we left at 8 am and we drove 2 hours to get there. We parked the car and walked up to the line for our tickets. Ray was a little short of cash, so I paid for it and he was real happy, and kept thanking me. We rode all the roller coasters and spent the day eating anything we wanted and when it was very late, I told Ray I was really tired and wanted to get a room and sl**p until morning. He said he had to call his mom. he talked to her and then i got on the phone. I told her I tried driving home but was not going to keep my eyes open for the entire ride. I told her since it was my fault I would pay for the room. she agreed and I stopped at the first motel and tried to get a room. Being u******e presented a problem. I tried 3 more hotels and finally one of the clerks said here is an address that will allow you to get a room. I drove there and it wasn't the best motel but it was a motel. Ray and I walked into the room and we had no bags, so I suggested we take a shower and then go to bed. it was large double bed, but it was clean. Ray went into the shower first. I stripped down and walked in and asked if he would mind me taking one with him. He said come on in. I stepped in and looked at his cock. it was gimongous. he had to be 8 inches and thicker than mine by 2X. I kept staring and Ray finally said I see you like it. I realized i was busted and then looked at his eyes. he was staring at my cock too. I looked down and realized my cock was rock hard and poking towards his belly. He said would you wash my back, I'll wash yours. I said sure. I grabbed the bar of soap and was scrubbing his shoulders and back and then he said do my whole back side. I rubbed down his butt and was grabbing and squeezing his butt cheeks and holding them firmly. He said that feels good. I said OK. my turn. ray washed my back and was squeezing my cheeks firmly too and then I felt his finger rubbing my asshole. I was finding that real nice and erotic. he shoved a finger in to the first knuckle and i was leaning back to his shoulder and he leaned over and kissed me. I said does Denny know you are like this. He said hell no. Denny thought he saw him in bed with his other buddy doing something erotic one night and he made a big scene. so he has been very discreet about it with him. I asked how he knew it would be OK to try something with me. He said i was watching you checking out guys packages all day like me. I knew you were at least bi. when you said lets get a room, I knew we were gonna have some fun. He kissed me and we finished off in the shower and got into bed where we lay in a 69. I was sucking as much of his cock into my mouth and he was swallowing my cock to the pubes. I finally got almost all of him in my throat and he shot off. I swallowed it and then he went to town on me and I shot off into his mouth. After we recuperated he asked if he could try fucking my ass. I told him Id love it, but thought we needed some lube. he said he got some in the last hotel bathroom coin machine and pulled it out. it was a small catchup type of packet and he squirted some on his cock and rubbed it all over his cock and then my ass hole around it and in it. I was so turned on that I really think he could have had me with out a lube. he pounded me good for a good 10 minutes when he came in buckets. I was loving it. then he slid off me and lubed my cock and mounted me. I was lying on my back as he slid down my cock and we fucked each other 2 more times that night before we fell asl**p. We slept till 11 ans then we got on the road and stopped at a diner for breakfast. he called his mom and she said I thought you two eloped or something. Ray told me that and I was really taken aback wondering what she knew. I asked if she knew anything, and he said mom knew for over a year and she was k**ding but I thought she may have been a bit serious. When we got home she stared me in the eyes and said so how was he....damn I wasn't sure how she meant it but I figured you asked for it. I said he was better than I expected. she grinned and hugged me and thanked me for taking him. We became good friends and Denny moved on to another buddy.

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1 year ago
great story. i love how you had no trouble taking the kids 8 inches in your ass.
1 year ago
Hot and horny :-)
1 year ago
1 year ago
Nice new buddy! Luv this story.
1 year ago
more please
1 year ago
great story kind that people hope there is a part 2 to it,lil more detail would be great though
1 year ago
love the story ;)