My workmate in the parking lot

I was 18 when I started working in the shop and got put on afternoons shortly after training. the guys on days were all older men, but many of the night shift guys were only a few years older than I. I remember one night a group of guys went out to the cars and most of them were going to bars, but since i wasn't old enough I wasn't. Sheldon was a nerdy kind of guy and said If you want a beer, I have a few in my cooler in the car. He said just don't tell anyone else.
We walked to his car and I popped drank a few with him and as i started a third, he said I gotta piss. he didn't even walk away, he just turned slightly and pissed on the side of his car. I could see his cock in the moonlight and noticed it was fairly long and thick while not even being hard. As he finsihed peeing, he stroked the foreskin over the head of his dick and i then realized he wasn't circumcised. I had not seen more than one and never saw one that big before. He pulled the foreskin back and forth real casual and just kept talking about whatever it was we were discussing. I then noticed it was longer and a bit harder and ehe said aren't you goning to go too. I took the hint and pulled my cock out and was a bit surprised cause i was almost fully hard. he said I thoung you might have a big dick. I noticed you were staring at mine....Go ahead and feel it, you know you want to. I reached out and felt his cock and rubbed it all over and then put down my beer and rubbed his nuts with my other hand. He pulled his jeans down to his knees and then we were both feeling each other. Before i knew what to do or say next, Sheldon dropped to his knees and was sucking my cock. he was all over it and his mouth was swirling back and forth like a washing machine up and down and clockwise and coulterclockwise and then he reached up and shoved a finger into my ass. I was gripping his cock and wanted to suck him too and then he slid his finger up much farther and hit my prostate and i felt a jolt and shot cum into his mouth. he swallowed and kept on doing the washing machine manuever until I was bone dry. He licked me all over and then stood and kissed me. I was like putty in his hands. Then he said come on and suck me too. I bent over and began sucking his foreskin and then pulled the skin back and his head was amazingly large. I was in awe. I never saw a penis head that large before and when he pushed my head down I went down as far as I could without choking. I came back up and said fuck me please. he bent me over the hood of the car and fucked me for a good three minutes before he exploded in my ass. I was shooting cum on the grille and felt so good. After that we got interupted by a car and hid between them and then dressed and went home. I saw him the next day and when we got alone he said he wanted me to go home with him that night. I knew better since I had school in the morning and told him to wait for the weekend. He got drafted and we never saw each other after that.
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6 months ago
Man that's a hot story! Loved it. Thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
thanks for all the comments. I have posted a few new ones you may like
1 year ago
nice story, fresh and spontaneous. I liked it! Tnx for sharing
1 year ago
Thanks for sharing your great memories
1 year ago
sad ending to a good thing
1 year ago
nice job
1 year ago
1 year ago
Nice...i liked that!