memories of the locker room.

As I recall, my times in the locker room were somewhat embarrassing at first.
I was a rather skinny k** and had a slightly underdeveloped cock and small balls.
I stayed as far from the main crowd as possible, but enjoyed stealing glances at the many larger cocks. I remember thinking I can't get hard, as it would put attention on me and they would make fun of me.
I was standing next to my locker getting my body dried when all of a sudden this k** I barely knew sat down on the bench in plain vies next to me. He lifted his leg and was drying his toes. By doing this his cock and balls were laying on the bench in p[lain sight. I couldn't help but look at his balls and think how big they were and then I saw his cock began to roll slightly to one side as it grew and then to the other side as it began to get semi hard. I was mesmerized and couldn't stop staring. Rayburn whispered to me......You like it? I shook off the staring and looked at him and realized he saw me staring at his gorgeous cock. I think it was the 9th grade and Rayburn was fairly new to this school. He said I know you but you don't know me. you live next door to my cousin Debbie. I looked at him again and was wondering why he was staring at my cock. I then realized I too was semi hard. I covered up quickly and got dressed as fast as possible. he got dressed and followed me out the door. He grabbed my shoulder and said can you come to my house after school? I shrugged and said I don't know I have to call my mom. He said ok. I will stop by your last class and we can make a phone call then. he shook my hand and I felt an electricity go through my hand. Rayburn showed up after class and we walked to the phone across the street. I called and asked Mom if it was OK. She said yes but to be home by 6 for dinner and not to be late.
We jumped on his bus and rode to his house. Rayburn had a key and opened the door. I asked why he had a key. He said his mom and dad both worked and wouldn't be home til around 6. He dropped his books on the table and said i got something you might like. We went to his basement and he grabbed some magazines from above his dads bar and we sat at the couch and he passed me one that was open to a coupl;e of high school aged k**s totally naked. He said his Dad had some nudisxt magazines and they showed naked peopl of all ages and both guys and girls. We were looking at the pages and sitting real close together when he said look at this one. It was a k** our age and he had a little more hair then me but his cock was fairly thick. Rayburn said I wonder how big his cock gets when he gets hard. I didn't say anything and thern he said how big is your cock when its hard. I said I didn't know cause i never measured it. He said his gets to just a bit under 7 inches hard. I wondered how big that was and then he said ya wanna measure yours. I said how are we gonna do that? he said you get it hard by looking at these magazines and then we can measure it. I said I dont know. He said watch me first and then you can do it. I watched as he stroked to some neat pics of guys and girls but noticed he looked at more guys than girls. then he whipped out a different magazine showing boys sucking boys. I got an instant hardon and so did he. He was stroking it real hard and then he stopped and put the ruler up to his dick and said look at it and see how big it is. as I was looking he kept moving the ruler and then I said I cant read it cause you keep moving. He said well then you hold it still. so I grabbed the ruler and placed it up to his lower belly and laid it across his cock to the end. It was still moving a bit so I held the ruler to his cock. I felt that electricity again and almost shot a load . He leaned his head back and said man does that fell good. I looked at the ruler and it was just a bit over 7 inches. I told him and he said ok now let me measure you. I sat back and was rock hard. as he placed the ruler I was thinking i am gonna blow a load right now. He touched the underside of my cock and held the ruller nice and firm and then I felt him grab the head and ruler together and said it looks like it is 5 1/2 inches. then he moved his thumb along the head and i shot a load out all over my legs and his hand. I was embarrassed until he leaned forward and licked it off and said he was sorry about making the mess. I was so shocked and felt so great that I didn't realize we never did this before and i lowered my head and sucked his cock and he shot a load in my mouth. we sucked each other off 4 more times before I had to leave. I got hom and mom said I hope you didn't have a snack before you came home. I lied and said no Mom I didn't.
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1 month ago
Nothing like being young and having lots of stamina! Nice story!
1 year ago
boy you ate alot of cum before dinner.
1 year ago
Wow, so hot to imagine this scene ! Just cumming :-)
1 year ago
great memories :-)
1 year ago
1 year ago
Holy shit that's hot, nicely done!
1 year ago
Sweet. Got more?
1 year ago
good old days :)
1 year ago
Great anyway!
1 year ago
This wasnt my actual first time but it was my first time with Ray